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Eagle Pass, Texas – A lucky player turns a $3 slot machine spin into a $1.5 million win at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

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GTA VI Credible Leak ?

here is my ID badge that i use to get in and out of work. ( Name and picture is blurred for my protection.) date 2019-2020.
Everyone has been waiting, a credible leak for Grand Theft Auto 6. I will not be stating my name or anything, this is a personal throwaway account, But I do work at Rockstar Games. This next addition to the title will be keeping the tradition of roman numerals, ( GTA VI ) but I will often refer to it as GTA 6, to make things easier.
be sure to read everything, as I have taken the risk and time to leak a lot of vital information.
First off I’d like to state that all previous leaks about GTA 6 is a hoax. All of the leaks regarding GTA 6 taking place in any other area than Vice City, is a hoax.
I will be breaking down the characters, storyline, and more.
Grand Theft Auto VI is designed to be the most developed video game in history, and redefine open sand box games, letting the player fully immerse in the world and storyline.
In Grand Theft Auto 6 the game will take place in Vice City, but the previous storyline leaks etc, is all fake. The plot is completely different,. The game will host 3 protagonists, one being a middle aged white man named Johnathon Brooks, but is often referred to as John. John is going thru a mid-life crisis, and lives on the returning area called Starfish Island. John essentially is a life long career criminal, and exposes the player to a new crime element, fraud. John was born in Carcer City, and moved to Vice City at age 17, after running away from his foster parents, not much is known about his previous life before then, except he was in a very poor family.
John got into the fraud game in the early 2000’s, and he is 38 in game. he earned his money thru many fraudulent activities like credit card fraud, bank fraud, and did a few small bank jobs, and laundered his money with his own car wash business. He lives in a $1.8m mansion that he bought with his illicit gains, and the FIB are on to him. He borrows money from the local gang in Little Haiti, where fraud is very prevalent, and he starts getting back into his older habits to pay off the gang. The FIB notices this, and he ends up doing dirty work for the FIB, in order to keep his freedom.
The second character is Samuel “Shotta” Stevens, who is a member of the Haitian gang. He is a black, Haitian based character with more character development, than Franklin from GTA 5. He is 26 in game. The game also focuses more on crime, and the gang element. The player will experience the brutal reality of the gang life in Vice City, in the slums of Little Haiti, from loan sharking and repossessing the unreliable clients, to brokering the sales, that being kilos of cocaine, for the South American Cartel. Samuel lives in a Section 8 apartment, in the Little Haiti Neighborhood with his grandmother, Amy.
Samuel just wants to move out of the hood, but loves the gang lifestyle, and this gets him caughtup in the FIB drama with John. The FIB cuts him a deal also, if he can snitch out his gang, which the player can choose to cooperate, or refuse. This will change the storyline of Samuel dramatically.
If you choose Option A: Snitch on the gang, You will snitch on the gang and work with John, who will show you the ropes of Fraud, and you both will defraud the bank of Schlongberg Sachs, commit multiple heists, and become a protege of John. Or of course you can choose, Option B: Refuse. Refusing will make Samuel a target of the FIB, and this causes him to gain more respect from his gang. The respect system from San Andreas is back, but new and improved. Samuel will expand his gang operations from Little Haiti, all the way to the Vice Keys, and beyond.
The Third Character is a man named Xavier Gonzalez. Xavier is a latino man born in Vice City, he is 40 years old, and a cocaine kingpin. He lives in Downtown Vice City in his lavish $1.5m penthouse. Xavier is friends with John from the beginning of the story. Xavier is apart of the story no matter what option you choose, providing cocaine to John to sell, OR, Providing cocaine to both John AND Samuel, to sell together, and to strengthen the gangs funds. The gang system is similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s system, and also has elements of GTA San Andreas. Xavier is also tied in directly to the nightclub business as well, having stakes in the returning Malibu Club, now run by the Jimenez Family, a latino Mafia, who has ties directly to the South American Cartel.
Each Character has a different personality and lifestyle, and will be a exceptional experience for the player. Former characters from past GTA’s will be making appearances. Luis WILL be returning, being a manager of the Malibu Club, Stranger and Freaks missions are returning with a more in depth story for every one of them, and Michael De Santa and his wife, Amanda, will be returning also, living in a beach house, although their children will not make any appearances. The both do not play a VITAL part in the storyline, but will have stranger and freaks missions for any character, with all different outcomes. For example, passing by the state penitentiary, you may just recognize Lamar Davis, in a bluish grey jumpsuit, embellished with a pair of handcuffs wrapped around his wrists, demanding for a ride.
The map of GTA VI, will be bigger than GTA V and RDR2 combined, having several counties, having Vice City, based on Miami, the Vice Keys, based on the Florida Keys, The Everglades, based on the swampy Everglades in Florida. The game will also feature Orlando, which is named Corlado, and Tampa, named as Gulf Shore City, but downsized a bit. The game will feature sprawling countryside outside of Vice City and Corlado, with countryside towns, named Canisville, Centura, and Sentinel Point, along with towns along the Vice Keys. There is an Air Force Base, based of off Eglin Air Force Base, named Fort Sentinel. The Ocean is the Atlantic Ocean, with more shipwrecks to discover, plants and animals, and more. The game itself has as many animals as RDR2, and the player can hunt if they choose, although this is just a more of a minigame. Vigilante Missions will be back, along with Taxi Missions.
Character Customization will be better, from the belt on your waist, to the socks on your feet. Choose to your liking of luxury watches, rings, chains, earrings, featuring plain jane, to diamonds and rubies, emeralds, and more. Belts can be worn along with hightops, to lowtops and boots, and dress shoes. Pantlegs can be tucked into the footwear you choose, if the option is available. Tattoos will be back, along with hair customization. John is white so he can tan, or be sunburned, and the core system from RDR 2 is back aswell.
Tattoos will feature opacity and can also fade over time. You will be able to adjust the size of the tattoo. It will be able to be placed on over 10 different area of the body depending the size.
Since the core system is back, you will have to also bathe, to stay clean, otherwise you may notice changes in your cores.
You will have to eat to replenish cores, so you can cook in your safehouse, or go eat out in a restaurant, whether it be fast food or upscale. All characters can have relationships with women, similar to GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. You will be able to buy extra safehouses around the map, and the amount of vehicles will be the same amount that are in GTA Online, and more. Every vehicle will be returning, and first person mode will be more enhanced, with more realistic vehicle interiors to immerse the player into every aspect of the game. South America will not be apart of the game, only Vice City and surrounding Areas.
Skills from GTA V is also being integrated back, along with exercising, to boost strength. Agility is a new added skill, and Strength will affect how hard you punch, kick, or melee in general.
Special Abilities so far, will not be coming back. This may be tweaked before release, but if they return, it will not be a major part of the game.
Car Customization is more advanced, different leather trims can be changed colors, along with wood trims and marble trims. You can add satellite radio, which lets you listen to radio stations in Los Santos, and Liberty City, but so far there is only two stations from each of those cities. You can also listen to all the radio stations across the counties. Neon is back, new spoilers and liveries as well, Along with different colors of tint. Subwoofers will be a standard upgrade as well.
Los Santos Customs is gone, and Pay and Spray is back, along with Viceland Kustomz, and Sentinel Bike Shop. You can also modify certain parts at the car dealerships.
The drug dealing system from GTA: China Town Wars is also returning, but a bit revamped. This is where the post office system comes in, from RDR2. Pounds of Marijuana sourced from Los Santos delivered by mail, to a post office near you. From weed to tabs of LSD, all the way to meth, heroin, and cocaine, you can reap major profits.
Casinos will be returning as well, one being a resort, others being small-time casinos. You will be able to rent a room in the casino and resort. The casino is named as the Malibu Casino and Resort.
Gunplay is improved with new realistic sounds. Interiors are just as detailed as GTA V or RDR2, if not more, I’d say. The insurance system from GTA Online will be integrated into GTA VI’s story mode, so losing a vehicle will not happen.
There is an abundance of new and old activities, that being over 50 strangers and freaks missions, drug supplying, or drug running, similar to GTA TBOGT’s drug missions. You can hunt, as stated before, but is more of a minigame than a money maker. You can fish as well, as fishing is a very popular sport, in modern day Florida.
There will be four strip clubs scattered around the map, one of them named Vanilla Unicorn South East, which is owned by Trevor Phillips, who is planned to make a cameo, only to be featured in a cutscene so far.
Nightclubs as I stated before, will be a thing. There will be 3 nightclubs, where you can take part in a few activities, like dancing, where you can meet your date in game, or drinking and smoking. Expect SOLOMUN, and BLACK MADONNA to return. You will see in game appearances of them DJing in the nightclubs. No other DJ’s will return.
Bounty hunting will not be a thing, but dirty work for the FIB throughout the story will be similar. Pool and bowling is returning, along with player skills, exercise and working out also is a thing, as stated above earlier.
Convenience stores and gas stations will feature many products you can purchase. Snacks, that being Phat chips, (different flavors yield more health and core restoration) candy bars, ( EgoChaser, Meteorite, Zebra Bar, and more) drinks, (E Cola, Sprunk,) Alcohol, (Pisswasser, Champagne, Logger) Redwood cigarettes, and cigars. The stores will be setup similar to RDR2’s store system. You can rob the stores, and also start a protection racket, and extort them.
Pharmacys will be in the game, to purchase portable med kits, or you can rob the pharmacy for drugs and money.
The way you eat can also affect your character’s health, and weight. Similar to GTA San Andreas’s system.
Merryweather will return, but won’t have the same presence as it did in GTA V. Merryweather ends up not being able to operate on U.S. soil, and goes out of business as a hit is put on Don Percival, by one of the returning characters from GTA V.
An advanced parkour system is integrated as well, similar to GTA IV’s.
Gun stores will be prevalent as this is based off of Florida. The homeless man who found the diamonds, from GTA TBOGT will also make an appearance as a gun store owner, as he has proceeded to purchase and start a gun shop in the area of South Vice Beach.
The black market for weapons is featured in this game as well, similar to fences in RDR2. You can also craft bombs/projectiles if you have learned to.
Realism is a goal of this game, without being too overwhelming. Guns and weapons will need to be cleaned. If you shoot a gun, you will smell of gun powder, this may be noticed by civilians or police officers, and they will make comments about it. If you have not bathed, you may just get absurd insults slurred at you. If you have blood stained on you, and you smell of blood, people may give you weird looks, or may just make a call to the local Law Enforcement.
As for those who DM me or ask about Strangers and Freaks, or mysteries and riddles, the paranormal world will be featured in GTA VI. You may encounter serial killers, or creepy sightings in dreary areas. Strangers and freaks will all have its own unique storyline.
The weather system is IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY aswell. Hurricanes do take place, but only during certain parts of the storyline, and floods may occur in marshland areas and anywhere away from mainland.
Melee Combat system is based off of strength, and Agility, which is a new skill, as stated above, and is improved heavily. Hand combat is influenced by strength and agility. Based on how hard you hit the opponent, you may bruise them, and bruise yourself. The chainsaw is returning as well. The limbs and gore is back from RDR2
Dialogue System from GTA San Andreas and RDR2 is back, and improved, with different responses every time.
GPS and Navigation System will be improved, showing the quickest routes, from alleyways to the freeway. Every street will have a name, and the GPS voice from GTA IV is returning as well, get ready to hear “Turn Left in 500 yards, Bing Bong.” Planes will have autopilot, and you can fly to each city with plane tickets, or on your own.
Driving mechanics will be similar to GTA IV’s, but combined with the smoothness of GTA V’s mechanics. Damage to the vehicle will be more detailed then ever, featuring airbag damage as well. EVERY Vehicle will have its own selected weight, and handling, to improve the player’s experience.
Six star wanted level is back, with FIB being the 6th star. There is multiple law enforcement agencies. VCPD, GSCPD, CPD, SPPD, Highway Patrol, FIB, IAA, Viceland State Patrol, as well as the NOOSE. You will not be shot by cops for just staring at them.
Being arrested results in you serving time, similar to RDR 1’s Jail time mechanic, showing you all of your charges while you sit in a cell. The first time you get arrested it will show your character being booked, and you will have to take a mugshot and be fingerprinted. Depending on the county or city you’ve been arrested in, you will be known to local law enforcement and even law abiding citizens, depending on how severe your charges are.
Random events are more realistic than ever. depending on the wanted level you’ve attained, there is a system similar to the bounty system of RDR2. The more crimes you’ve commited that have gained attention of law enforcement, you have a chance of getting your hotel room getting kicked in by noose, your safe house getting staked out by undercover FIB, even being pulled over if you have commited a number of crimes in the same vehicle. You may witness muggings, or even be mugged yourself. You will encounter situations with homeless people to the rich and famous, with all different outcomes.
Real Estate as stated before, will be available to all three characters. Businesses will be available, illicit and legal, from businesses to launder cash for the gang, to illicit businesses like credit fraud rings, to counterfeit cash.
Safe houses will be available as well. A penthouse in Corlado, a modern mansion on Starfish Island, a beach house on Ocean Beach, a small quaint house in Canisville, a traditional house in Gulf Shore City, a vacation-style home in the Vice Keys, to small apartments in small towns like Centura or Sentinel Point. Each character will be able to purchase any of these properties, but it will be tied to just the one character that purchased it.
Hotels and Motels will also be available to rent rooms and bathe in, one being the Gulf Shore motel, a dingy motel room for cheap, perfect for someone wanting a cheap stay. The Malibu Casino and Resort near Vice Beach, a 5 star luxury stay, with a two-story penthouse with a jacuzzi the player can bathe in, with views of Vice Beach, and the nearby Ocean Beach. There is 4 hotels and 2 motels scattered across the map, each with unique interiors and different amenities.
Purchasing vehicles you can enter a dealership, or purchase online and have it delivered to a garage. Pegasus Concierge is returning. Certain stolen vehicles will have trackers, and will not be able to be modified, same as GTA V.
The stock market is also returning, BAWSAQ and VLSM ( Vice Land Stock Market ) and can reap heavy profits as well.
Time goes by: This game is set in 2017-2019. Times will change thruout, buildings will be completed as they were in RDR2, radio stations will not play all of the music in the tracklist at first. Instead it will play newer music thruout the storyline. You will still hear older and newer songs too after completion.
Character customization is not just clothing, tattoos, jewelry and hair customization. You can also purchase 3 different phone models. an iFruit phone, based on the iPhone Xr, a Badger phone, or a Whiz Wireless. You will also be able to purchase ringtones, as you were able to do in GTA IV. You can also purchase an iFruit watch, based on the apple watch, which you can take calls on, if you change your settings.
Depending on how rough you play, clothing can wear and tear. Examples: jumping out of a moving vehicle, falling off/on rocks, tripping on certain props.
As stated above, NPC’s will notice the clothing you wear, the way you look or smell, the car you drive, and the jewelry you wear, and will make comments on it.
Crouching will be back, the same as RDR2, and the cover system is nearly the exact same cover system as RDR2.
ALSO Expect a Special Edition, AND Collector’s Edition, similar to RDR2.
The game is set in the summer of 2017 to 2019 as the storyline proceeds. This game WILL BE PS5 Exclusive, for the first month. The in-game experience is like no other, PS5 also has a new controller design as well. It is projected to not release until later 2020, AFTER holiday season BUT MAY BE DELAYED. I have broken down the storyline, key elements of the game, and if anyone has anymore questions I will be happy to answer. I know so much about this game as I’ve been working on it since the start, and I’m not afraid to get in trouble, as this is a throwaway.
I will not be responding to negative comments, claiming this is fake, because I will not waste my time with non-believers, only true questions.
all content is confirmed unless it has been mentioned by me to not be officially confirmed already, and anything may be scrapped before release as cut content, but is unlikely
*PLEASE UPVOTE. I do not want my effort and the risks I am taking to go to waste. I want this to not get buried. *
if you have questions or WANT MORE? (screenshots or photos as proof, radio stations, confirmed tracklists or more) Send Me A Chat.
You may see songs from previous games, as Rockstar may have the licenses still, or has renewed them.
Satellite Radio: Liberty City
Beat 102.7- Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid
Beat 102.7 Logo-
Liberty Rock Radio- Hosted By Iggy Pop
LRR Logo-
Satellite Radio:
Radio Los Santos- Hosted By BigBoy
Radio Los Santos Logo-
Los Santos Rock Radio- Hosted By Kenny Loggins
Los Santos Rock Radio Logo-
NightRide FM Hosted By Kavinsky
NightRide FM Logo-
Corlado’s Hottest Jams 103.7 Hosted By Feliciá Williams and DJ Diamondz
CHJ 103.7 Logo-
V-Rock FM Hosted By Couzin Ed
V-Rock FM Logo-
Vice City’s Retro Mix , 104.7 Fm Hosted By Fernando Martinez
VCRM 104.7 FM Logo-
Vice City Classic Hip Hop Hosted By DJ slick slim
Vice City Classic Hip Hip Logo-
Viceland’s Country Radio (VLCR) Hosted By Derrick Jones
VLCR Logo-
GSC-EDM FM ( Gulf Shore City EDM Fm ) Hosted By Gulf Shore City FM.
The Sunrise Fm ( Reggae music ) Hosted By Marshall Peters
The Sunrise Fm Logo-
Vice Rap Radio ( VRR ) ( modern florida rap ) Hosted By DJ Josué Da Kidd
Vice Rap Radio Logo-
The Groove 109.2 Hosted By Vaughn Harper
The Groove 109.2 Logo-
Baila Ahora Radio (modern spanish station) Hosted By Amada Abrantes
Baila Ahora Radio Logo-
Interesante Musica Radio ( modern and old spanish music ) Hosted By Selená Martinez * Los Hermanos Rosario, La Dueña Del Swing * los reyes del merengue, El Baile del Beeper - Versión Merengue * Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un Carnaval * INDIA, Marc Anthony, Vivir Lo Nuestro * Felipe Muñiz, Marc Anthony, Deje de Amar * Ivy Queen, Dime * Monchy and Alexandra, Alexandra
Musica de Clásico FM ( Salsa ) Hosted By Pedro Simmóns
Flash FM ( 2000’s and 90’s pop) Hosted By DJ Toni
Flash FM Logo-
Ocean Beach Classics FM (80’s synth pop) Hosted By DJ Teri
OBC FM Logo-
The Wave 103 (Slow/Vocal Synthwave + Indie Synth) Hosted By Adam First, Trish Camden
The Wave 103 Logo-
Centura County Country Hits ( newer country ) Hosted By Rick Hanson
Centura County Country Hits Logo-
The Keys Rock Radio ( mix of rock) Hosted By Gerald Ritsky
The Keys Rock Radio Logo-
Viceland Lithium Radio ( Hardcore Rock, Heavy Metal ) ( VLLR ) Hosted By VLLR.
VLLR Logo-
Trap House Radio ( Trap Rap ) Hosted By DJ BlueBandz
Trap House Radio Logo-
Anarchy Radio 98.5 FM ( Alt Rock, Punk) Hosted By Jason Lavigne
Chatterbox Vice City Talk Radio
CTR Corlado Talk Radio
-host, Lazlow - Fernando Martinez
Viceland News Network VLNN
VLNN Logo-
Host- Vanessa Hopkins, Weazel News. - Updates on weather and Weazel News
Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical. Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical.
Along with the No phone, No photos policy, It will be very difficult to get OFFICIAL screenshots. Here is a official, accurate sketch of the GTA VI Minimap and cores design
Here is the sketch of the mini map on computer.
I will be uploading more sketches soon.
Here’s my Rockstar badge / ID. it is dirty, apologies. The rockstar logo, imprinted on the card itself, along with my photo, blurred out, my name below it, and the expiration date, years 2019-2020. this is only an ID to get into the building. since i have released a bit of proof, stop spreading misinformation
You can still trust my leak, but here is a legal disclaimer so I cannot be targeted.
Ignore this below.
-legal disclaimer. this is fictional and not proven, this post is not associated with taketwo or rockstar games in any way, shape, or form.
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Ghost Adventures Episodes in Chronological Order

Unfortunately there's no 100% agreed list of GA seasons and there never was one. Various platforms and Travel Channel affiliates provide contradictory episode listings. It was discussed numerous times over the years, recently we had yet another discussion on the matter. Somebody asked me on PM if I can share with them the chronological listing I've been using, so I've decided to post it here as well. Keep in mind this is not an "official" list, but it's a recommended one if you want to binge watch the whole show from beginning to end or if you're a new fan looking for specific episodes.
This is a list of Ghost Adventures episodes in order based on the original air date. I've been keeping it since I began watching the show during the first season and it mostly overlaps with the wikipedia listing, and a few other season lists. It includes every single episode, including all specials and compilation episodes. "Extra Pulses" are not added since there is no additional content compared to the original episodes. For the first 7 or so seasons this is how The Travel Channel listed their seasons before they nuked their site and started grouping them by production date and not air date. A few things of note:
Season 1
Start: October 17, 2008
End: December 5, 2008
Season 2
Start: June 5, 2009
End: July 24, 2009
  • Preston Castle
  • Castillo de San Marcos
  • La Purisima Mission
  • Magnolia Lane Plantation
  • Birdcage Theater
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Moon River Brewery
  • Ancient Ram Inn
Season 3
Start: October 30, 2009
End: January 22, 2010
  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum LIVE (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum LIVE: Post Mortem (Special Highlights Episode)
  • Pennhurst State School and Hospital
  • Poveglia Island
  • Ohio State Reformatory
  • Remington Arms Factory
  • Washoe Club and Chollar Mine
  • Linda Vista Hospital
  • Execution Rocks Lighthouse
  • Prospect Place
  • Clovis Wolfe Manor
  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum LIVE: The Cutdown (Special Behind the Scenes Episode)
  • Poveglia Island Special (Special Episode with 30 minutes of additional footage)
Season 4
Start: September 10, 2010
End: June 10, 2011
  • Best Evidence (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Scariest Moments (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Gettysburg
  • Rolling Hills Asylum
  • Return to Bobby Mackey's Music World
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium
  • Stanley Hotel
  • Hill View Manor
  • Vulture Mine
  • USS Hornet
  • La Palazza Mansion
  • Fort Chaffee
  • Amargosa Opera House
  • Old Fort Erie
  • Villisca Axe Murder House
  • Kell's Irish Pub
  • Pico House Hotel
  • Return to Goldfield Hotel
  • Bonnie Springs Ranch
  • Longfellow's Wayside Inn (Valentine's Day Special Episode)
  • Salem Witch House
  • Jerome Grand Hotel
  • Yorktown Hospital
  • Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
  • Sacramento Tunnels
  • Hales Bar Marina and Dam
  • Kentucky Slave House
  • Tooele Hospital
  • Loretta Lynn's Plantation House
Season 5
Start: September 23, 2011
End: December 16, 2011
  • Ashmore Estates
  • Mizpah Hotel
  • Old Town San Diego
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Lizzie Borden House
  • Letchworth Village
  • Return to Virginia City
  • Rocky Point Manor
  • Rose Hall
  • Old Charleston Jail
Season 6
Start: February 24, 2012
End: July 20, 2012
  • Horror Hotels and Deadliest Hospitals (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Wickedest Women, Houses of Terror and Bloodiest Battlefields (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Shanghai Tunnels
  • Peabody-Whitehead Mansion
  • Copper Queen Hotel and The Oliver House
  • The National Hotel
  • Return to Linda Vista Hospital
  • The Galka Family
  • The Riviera Hotel
  • Hellfire Caves (Special Episode)
  • Fort Horsted (Special Episode)
Season 7
Start: September 14, 2012
End: April 19, 2013
  • Central Unit Prison
  • Excalibur Nightclub
  • Point Sur Lighthouse
  • The Palmer House Hotel
  • Black Moon Manor
  • Sedamsville Rectory
  • Cripple Creek
  • Dead Men Walking (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Brookdale Lodge
  • Tor House
  • Union Station
  • Death By Wild West (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Crazy Town
  • Clinically Dead (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Killer Nightlife (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Do Not Disturb (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Home Sweet Hell (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Wyoming Frontier Prison
  • Sailors' Snug Harbor
  • Passport to Hell (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Dungeons and Demons (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Bewitched and Bothered (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Obsessions and Possessions (Compilation Special Episode)
  • New Orleans
  • Market Street Cinema
  • Armies of Darkness (Compilation Special Episode)
  • First Timers (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Goldfield Hotel Redemption
  • Glen Tavern Inn
  • King's Tavern
Season 8
Start: August 16, 2013
End: November 15, 2013
  • Pioneer Saloon
  • Black Swan Inn
  • Tuolumne Hospital
  • Missouri State Prison
  • Yost Theater and Ritz Hotel
  • Haunted Victorian Mansion
  • Up Close and Personal (Compilation Special Episode)
  • Exorcist House
  • Alcatraz
  • Mustang Ranch
  • Thornhaven Manor
  • Transylvania (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Battle of Perryville
Season 9
Start: February 15, 2013
End: July 12, 2013
  • Sharon Tate Ghost
  • The Myrtles Plantation
  • George Washington Ghost
  • Bannack Ghost Town
  • Fear Factory
  • Heritage Junction
  • Battle of Los Angeles
  • Netherworld: Paris Catacombs (Special Episode featuring only Zak, aired in the middle of the season)
  • St. James Hotel
  • Fox Hollow Farm
  • Haunted Savannah
  • Overland Hotel and Saloon
  • Old Licking County Jail
Season 10
Start: October 4, 2014
End: March 7, 2015
  • Queen Mary
  • Lemp Mansion and Brewery
  • Zozo Demon (Nick's last regular episode)
  • Island of the Dolls (in the og edit it was mentioned Nick couldn't make it for filming)
  • Ireland's Celtic Demons (Halloween Special Episode, Nick's last appearance as part of the GAC)
  • Bell Witch Caves (new intro, Jay and Bill introduced as permanent GAC investigators)
  • Sallie House
  • Nopeming Sanatorium
  • Apache Junction
  • Return to Tombstone
  • Demons in Seattle
  • Texas Horror Hotel
Season 11
Start: August 22, 2015
End: November 7, 2015
  • Edinburgh Manor
  • Old Montana State Prison
  • Manresa Castle
  • Old Lincoln County Hospital
  • Haunted Harvey House
  • Los Coches Adobe
  • Grand Canyon Caverns
  • Haunted Hollywood
  • Odd Fellows Asylum
  • Clown Motel and Goldfield High School
  • Deadwood: City of Ghosts (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Lava Hotel Springs Inn
Season 12
Start: January 30, 2016
End: August 6, 2016
  • Black Dahlia House
  • Secret Scientology Lab
  • Bracken Fern Manor
  • Return to the Riviera
  • Chinese Town of Locke
  • Star of India
  • Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant
  • Hell Hole Prison
  • The Domes
  • Nevada State Prison
  • Return to Winchester Mystery House
  • Stardust Ranch
  • The Haunted Museum
Season 13
Start: September 24, 2016
End: January 14, 2017
  • Colorado Gold Mine
  • Mackay Mansion
  • Palace Saloon
  • Reseda House of Evil
  • Dorothea Puente Murder House
  • Route 666 (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Hotel Metlen
  • St. Ann's Retreat
  • Twin Bridges Orphanage
  • Dumas Brothel
  • Zalud House
  • Dakota's Sanatorium of Death
  • De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery (Spliced Part 1 of the Route 666 Halloween Special)
  • Goatman's Bridge (Spliced Part 2 of the Route 666 Halloween Special)
Season 14
Start: March 25, 2017
End: July 15, 2017
  • Stone Lion Inn
  • Freak Show Murder House
  • Samaritan Cult House
  • Double Eagle Restaurant
  • Silent Movie Theater
  • Exorcism in Erie
  • Skinwalker Canyon
  • Upper Fruitland Curse
  • Witches in Magna
  • The Viper Room
  • Asylum 49
Season 15
Start: September 23, 2017
End: January 13, 2018
  • Golden Ghost Town
  • Ogden Possession
  • Haunting of Vicksburg: Mcraven Mansion (Special Episode)
  • Haunting of Vicksburg: Demons and Dolls (Special Episode)
  • Haunting of Vicksburg: Spirits Under Siege (Special Episode)
  • Haunting of Vicksburg: Champion Hill Battlefield (Special Episode)
  • Museum of Madness (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Annabelle's Curse (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Albion Normal School
  • Museum of the Mountain West
  • Pythian Castle
  • The Titanic Museum
  • Wolf Creek Inn
  • Eureka Mining Town
  • Sin City Exorcism
  • Phelps Dodge Hospital
  • The Slaughter House
Season 16
Start: March 24, 2018
End: July 14, 2018
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not
  • The Alley of Darkness
  • Kennedy Mine
  • Old Gila County Jail and Courthouse
  • Hotel Leger
  • Enchanted Forest
  • The Washoe Club Final Chapter
  • Lewis Flats School
  • Kay's Hollow
Season 17
Start: October 6, 2018
End: January 12, 2019
  • Graveyard of the Pacific: Astoria Underground (Special Episode)
  • Graveyard of the Pacific: Norblad Hostel (Special Episode)
  • Graveyard of the Pacific: Commander's House (Special Episode)
  • Graveyard of the Pacific: Cape Disappointment (Special Episode)
  • The Haunted Museum LIVE (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Idaho State Reform School
  • Westerfield House
  • Crisis in Oakdale
  • Tintic Mining District
  • Terror in Fontana
  • Riverside Plane Graveyard
  • Curse of the River Bend: Mineral Springs Hotel (Special Episode)
  • Curse of the River Bend: McPike Mansion (Special Episode)
Season 18
Start: February 23, 2019
End: July 20, 2019
  • Gates of Hell House
  • Palomino Club
  • Lutes Casino
  • Melrose Hotel
  • Binions Hotel and Casino
  • The Woodbury
  • Crescent Hotel
  • St. Ignatius Hospital
  • Mount Wilson Ranch
  • Panic in Amarillo
  • Union Hotel
  • Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital
  • A Haunting in Scottsdale
Season 19
Start: October 5, 2019
  • Serial Killer Spirits: H. H. Holmes Murder House (Special Episode)
  • Serial Killer Spirits: John Gacy Prison (Special Episode)
  • Serial Killer Spirits: Axe Killer Jail" (Special Episode)
  • Serial Killer Spirits: Ted Bundy Ritual House (Special Episode)
  • Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse (Halloween Special Episode)
  • Albion Castle
  • Cerro Gordo Ghost Town
  • Pasadena Ritual House
  • Horror in Biggs
  • Franklin Castle
  • Union Brewery of Death
  • Nightmare in Antelope
  • Goodwin Home Invasion
  • Haunted Hollow Forest
  • The Chinatown Poltergeist
  • Beneath the Bonanza
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One of my players notes that chronicle our sessions!

About 2 months worth of sessions happened before this particular player joined my game but she has been taking really great summary notes and recently sent them to me. Not all of the info is correct/names of people places spelled wrong but it’s really cool to see my players perception of what’s going on. She was absent for the last two sessions so she took notes based on word of mouth so some of those events aren’t necessarily in chronological order. It’s a long read and it might be hard to keep track of but I hope you enjoy it!
Session 1 (Oct 6th) Kit was the huntress of Queen Briand/Castle Holbrook—the queen adopted a young girl named Draya who doesn’t seem to age, even as the Queen sickens and becomes unresponsive. She’s been fleeing for a month from Castle Holbrook after witnessing horrible cult sacrifice led by Draya, pursued by hooded figures that seem immune to arrows. She’s met on the road by blue dragonborn (Saar), person dressed like a scarecrow (Skully), female aasimar in platemail (Marikiel), red tiefling in Emerald Sky Academy uniform (Neiros), tabaxi (Tazak), human bard (Robinson—I don’t think you ever met him, Chris) and a sad-looking horse (Saponlloe/Palloeson), plus a regal-looking man in merchant clothing (Gabriel) and his assorted guards. Kit blurts out the story to the group and asks them if they can help her get to Bell’s Ring for help from the wizards of the Academy. Gabriel knows Queen Briand and Draya, tells us they are coming to Bell’s Ring in about a month for a political retreat and meeting of allies. We camp on the road, notice a hooded figure with a gold fanged mask plus 9 others watching us. Their feet don’t touch the ground, and he can either see through Neiros’ invisibility or sense him by smell. Saponlloe pulls out an amulet that produces sunlight, which seems to burn them. They advance, we run to the town. Kit falls asleep in the back of their wagon, and we get to the city, where Gabriel shows a medallion to the guard for entrance and Kit is placed in the Stockade/barracks for her protection. Saponlloe reveals that he is a druid able to transform into a horse and stays with her because he feels his story is somehow connected to hers, even though he can’t remember much. The others go to the cathedral of Vertis and a library, and Robinson and Neiros stay at a different inn.
Session 2 (Oct 13th)
The Stockade is attacked during the night—the torches gutter out, the guards outside the door and right inside are slaughtered by something invisible/shadowy and the doors open on their own. A figure with a golden mask enters Kit’s locked room and recognizes Saponlloe but calls him Palloeson (“do you still feel the guilt of Reda/Retta?”), tells Kit “I won’t let you harm Draya!” and attacks, transporting the two of us to some sort of shadow realm for a round of combat. The other attackers overwhelm the guards, and even make some of the dead come back to life and fight. Tessa enters the Stockade midway through the battle and helps. After some combat, a winged demon figure with a sun emblem on his belt appears, admonishes Guilt/Corona Albright (gold mask) that this wasn’t part of the plan, and portals the two of them away to a view of a dark sky and a palisade wall, although we hold onto his mask. Marikiel is killed, Taz badly wounded and left at the cathedral to recover. Tessa tells us of her vision and her intent to join the party. Skully has a spotty memory of the letters “A_L_U_D_C_R_U_M” in some order or combination connected to his past. Saponlloe/Palloeson tells me of Reda, a young man/”Blessed One” whose murder he witnessed, and he remembers the name “Alucard” and some sort of blood moon in connection with the murder somehow with Skully’s clue. Saar collects Marikiel’s body and tells us of his plan to bring her back.
Session 3 (Oct 20th)
Saar knows of Sigmaris, a fabled city to the north where the dead can sometimes be brought back to life, and he plans to take Marikiel there. Tensions are heightened in the city, but we head to the bazaar to buy rations and warm clothes to head north. The tailor tells us of white-skinned elf living in the woods who could be a guide for us (Aedris). The gates are guarded, so Skully leads us out of the city through the sewers. We find Aedris in the woods; he tells us that his whole clan was slaughtered by someone named Rage leading the orcs/beastmen and he wants revenge in exchange for his help. We head to a nearby monastery for advice; leader tells us to try the White Drake Academy to the northwest. We travel 3 days with no interruptions, see a sign on the fourth day warning us of “greenskins” and pointing to Northshore (N), Morioh/Eagle’s Rest/White Drake Academy (W) and keep going west. We’re attacked by a group of goblins/orcs on the fifth day, and Taz is killed, but we get info from a survivor that they recognize the gold mask. Rage has one, and she now rules Baelsergo, the city of beasts to the north, and the Blood Drinkers (symbol on the orc clothing). So now we have RAGE (Aedris’ enemy), GUILT (Corona), and FEAR (Draya) connected with golden masks. We travel to the town of Morioh and sell some loot. Kit goes to the temple of Velen to search for answers, gets a vision of a dark sun from the statue at the altar. Skully and Palloeson have some more info on their amulets being keys to the Temple of the Sunwalker, somehow connected to the druids of the Dawnfire Archipelago and their enemies (evil bat druids), and the name Alucard Cruorem, who took something from the good druids. ALUCARD = Gabriel, who they were traveling with at the beginning!
Session 4 (Oct 27th)
( was only here for the last hour and a half or so, so I don’t know what happened in detail at the beginning of the session with the circus and such) We get to Eagles’ Rest. People from the party visit a circus where a woman named Belona throws herself on spikes and isn’t hurt by them. They somehow see her golden mask and decide to assassinate her because of her assumed connections to the other golden-masked figures. Something about her triggers Palloeson’s memory, and then he connects with a woman named Sara, who breeds horses, and spends time with her outside the city. Saar has reservations on killing Belona, but casts Detect Evil and is staggered by the sheer force of evil and tormented souls around her. A plan is made to silver the spikes she falls on and try to kill her. Saar sees the image of Vestis watching them in the crowd, a serial killer they killed earlier in the campaign—he puts on a golden mask and disappears. Aedris is the only one at the circus to observe, since Vestis won’t know him. Belona falls on the spikes and transforms into some immense terrible demon and murders most people in the tent, but Sara the horse breeder transforms into some sort of bright moon goddess and fights it, and they chase each other away over the hills. The party runs to the docks, steals a ship, and sails for the academy, bringing the bodies of Mary and Taz. We have to leave Tessa and Robinson behind. RAGE = Belona
Session 5 (Nov 3rd)
We sail to the peninsula with the Academy and Neiros goes off to talk to his grandmother. We know Vestis is a golden mask now, but we don’t know what corresponding emotion it is. Most of us head to the library for research, and Saar finds the Tomes of Understanding he’s been searching for. Skully finds info on the amulets and the druids of the Dawnfire Archipelago/Celestial Isles (Hircine people = eleves loyal to the god of the sun, drow = elves loyal to the god of the moon). Kit researches the next eclipse, and talks to a professor about the Celestial Isles, the druids of the Dawnfire Archipelago, and their Ritual of Ascension (meet a spirit animal in their dreams to become druids). He doesn’t know anything about the Temple of the Sunwalker or evil blood druids. We stay for a long time to let Saar and Scully read the first Tome, and Skully learns about his previous life that he can’t remember. Tessa catches up and shows us her new tattoos, which are part of the ones she had in her vision, and tells us just a bit about Galadia and her sword/her backstory. We overhear that Eagles’ Rest has requested help from the Academy against the Blood Drinkers. Palloeson communes with the Briar King and now has formidable power and a thorn-wrapped arm with a pool of blackness in his palm. We are teleported to Northshore, the closest teleport option to Sigmaris. Skully talks the lady blacksmith into silvering our weapons. We decide to camp outside after the inn owner is racist to Saar, but the orc force attacks in the night.
Session 6 (Nov 10th)
The soldiers of Northshore are heavily outnumbered; Saar, Aedris and Palloeson rush in to help, Kit follows at a distance. Skully sneaks in to get some of our weapons back and get civilians out. The three party members are knocked unconscious and taken away by a giant lizard to the NE as the townsfolk are rounded up and told to go about their business under new beastman rule. Kit runs back and tells the other of the kidnapping, they meet up with Skully, and they track them NE. The three are taken to Baelsergo and imprisoned, and the amulet is taken to Rage. Palloeson escapes, confronts Rage, and is killed. We pull off an escape plan for the rest, and get out into the woods, crossing rivers to throw off the scent.
Session 7 (Nov 17th)
We keep heading north to flee, and then realize that our plan to get to Sigmaris is foolish, especially since we no longer have the bodies of Mary and Taz. So we change course to Caspia to get Tessa where she needs to go. Skully tells us everything he learned from the Tome and that the mask and the amulet is somehow what made him a skeleton person. His name used to be Aethis, he knew Palloeson as a member of a druid council, Skully didn’t get in, and they trained and did bad things. He knew the people who are now the golden masks (Alucard = Gabriel Mercrow, FEAR = Draya Braves, GUILT = Corona Albright, RAGE = Belona, MISERY = Dresden Nabacroft, APATHY = Vestis). The area they were, the Hirstfall Islands, was hit with a plague and Gabriel’s family died, and he is mad because the islands were blockaded and he thinks that’s why they died--revenge?. We reach the Great Lake and see kobold settlements around it, build a boat, and set sail. We are stopped by Thoss the black dragon and talk our way past him, but then find out Vestis is following us. We call Thoss to help, Vestis fights him and both are badly hurt. Vestis flees and the party kills Thoss but Skully dies in the process.
Session 8 (Nov 24th)
We loot Thoss’ hoard and lay Skully and Palloeson to rest, but keep Skully’s skull and Palloeson’s briar arm and hair just in case. Vestis is back to following us and tells us that Gabriel is coming to get the amulet in 5 days, so we should just give it up. We decide to head for Caspia and head into a series of caves back towards Northshore (with some kobolds in tow), but are attacked by a roper and brains on legs. We win the fight and press on.
Session 9 (Dec 1st): first session when I am in VT and unable to play
The party makes it back to the town controlled by beasts, does some shopping, and meets with Alucard/Gabriel. They agree to give him the amulet if he shows them what he is planning with the three of them and then leaves us alone. Neiros and Saar get tattoos using the ashes of Palloeson and Skully. The group sets sail towards the Dawnfire Archipelago with Alucard. Draya torments Kit alon g the way until Tessa intercedes. Our boat is boarded by a slave trader, and we discover that Saar has been framed and is wanted for slave trading. We win the ensuing battle and take the leader’s boat, then sail to the Dawn Fire islands with Alucard’s group, fighting some elves who think we are the slavers (thus becoming the villains). The trip takes a week, and we eventually reach an island with a culture of elves. The grandmother of Erny’s new character (El o’El? Am I spelling this right?) thought it was the goddess Lunarra the whole time (whole culture deceived by Kil’Jaeden), and cannot believe they have been misled, so she sends him with us to undone what has been done.
Dec. 8th (2nd session away)
It takes three days to reach the tower from the island, a whole day for the party and Alucard’s group to climb to the top of the tower in the Dawnfire Archipelago and another day for part of the group to make their way back down into “the prison not meant to be seen”. Kit, Nieros, Tessa, stay at the top of the tower, and then go back down to hunt for some provisions. Aedris, inside the tower, finds a portal at the bottom and vanishes into the Feywild, taking the rest of the inside group with him. Gabriel and his group take the crown and bracers they were seeking and disappear, but these items were what held the prisoner in place, and he is freed. It turns out to be Kil’Jaeden, the Great Deceiver, and he is released upon the Feywild, his form that of a monstrous naga/yuan’ti. The toweportal sinks into the ground and disappears, leaving the rest of the group back at ground level fighting other snake-like creatures drawn by Kil’Jaeden’s release. We travel to Caspia by boat, with the trip taking 16 days total. The group planned to lie about being the owners of the slavery contract and have members of the crew pretend to be slaves, but thought better of it and told their guards the truth, probably saving their own lives. Tessa travels to the Hall of Contracts and writes a message to her father, who seems overjoyed to know she is back and tells her to wait for him at a fancy hotel suite. Tessa also discovers that the place she needs to visit for the next step of her journey is a tomb in the common district. The session ended with Kit, Tessa, Saar, Raymond (Travis’ new character), and Nieros in a posh hotel room in Caspia, waiting to meet Tessa’s father, and Erny’s character and Aedris off by themselves in the shopping district. They think that Tessa is in danger from her father and don’t want any part of it. (Kil’Jaeden has been out for 17 days. We know through Kit’s research at the Academy that the next eclipse, the vision of the dark sun that Tessa and Kit have both seen, is about a year away).
Dec. 15th In the back room of the Golden Sun, Tessa, Kit, Saar, Raymond, and Nieros decide to go out and do some shopping/explore the city while waiting for Tessa’s father to travel the seven days from Zweilkhad to Zanarkand to reach them. Tessa and Kit go to Latheos the clothing merchant for new, less-conspicuous outfits; loose white robes with hoods in fine material. Kit, as a paler-skinned human, stands out somewhat in Caspia, so she covers up and tries to avoid notice. Kit and Tessa also travel to the Sandy Shards weaponry shop, where Tessa translates for Kit and we buy crossbow bolts for the crossbow taken from Thoss’ hoard. Kit also spots an intricate longbow made from some flexible metallic material, which proves to be designed to take strain off of the drawer and allow for greater accuracy and damage (+1).Raymond the mercenary buys manacles, Kit buys some Caspian gold bead and jewelry, Aedris buys a new brush for Bazul, and we buy a bunch of health potions as a group from a red-skinned tiefling owner of the Fire & Fury. Shopping episode! The tiefling is teaching some children in Caspian, but Nieros and Tessa translate and we learn he is teaching a class on rudimentary elements of magic and the danger of pact bargains. Aedris is badly affected by the heat of Caspia, but borrows Raymond’s ice spear to cool himself down. He also brings most of the money looted from Thoss’ hoard to the Hall of Gold bank and creates an account/changes some into platinum for carrying ease. The group walks to the Housing District to find the statue that Tessa needs to see, but are approached by two women in gauzy purple and blue clothes asking for a good time. They hang on Aedris, Nieros, and Raymond. Raymond shoos them away, but they discovered a good portion of their gold missing. Nieros attempts to search for them, but they disappear into the crowd. When we reach the statue, it depicts a man pointing a sword missing its point to the west and slightly south (the statue of Stormscale was pointing out over the ocean to the north). Around the base of the statue a building has been put up, which appears to be some sort of small house and church meeting place. An old woman is inside, and she invites us in after Tessa explains she is on a pilgrimage as a follower of Bahamut. We head in to allow Tessa to read some historical scrolls and search the base of the statue. The scrolls have some obviously redacted/missing sections, and no mentions of Bahamut (Zanarkand is devout to Ifrit) but we learn this is a statue to Abdul Jakar, an ordinary man who led a rebellion, and he is buried in Bela Cruz. Nothing turns up on our search of the statue. Kit asks Tessa to teach her some useful Caspian phrases in our downtime, and she also finds a phrasebook in a local bookstore. The group deposits the rest of our funds into the bank in a joint account. Two members must be present to make transactions, and if no transactions are made after 5 years, they will presume the group is all dead and take the money. Nieros has a new fancy set of clothing designed. Saar and Nieros head to the Court of Ambassadors, a giant library, and Saar tries to find books on ritual magic, but instead they meet Ignis Fireseeker, the High Judge of Caspia, a huge, buff man with arrow tattoos around his eyes and a golden insignia on his belt. He tells them that the female pickpockets work for Betra’s Serpents, an immensely powerful master assassin conclave. Ignis tells them that there is a contract/bounty (50,000 g each) for them , but warns of the likelihood of death if they take it. There are rumors that the bar Caspian Nights is being used as a hideout, and their leader is The Fang. When they tell the rest of the group, Tessa reacts to the name Ignis. We name the group The Silver Dawn, and come up with nicknames, then timeskip to Tessa’ father arriving. We are escorted out of the hotel by 20 Juda-Fen (high ranking soldiers, white-skinned tieflings with gray blindfolds), then meet his caravans outside the city. Domina Highland is a tiefling with skin that is red, bordering on slighty purple, in a fancy overcoat and gold jewelry. He greets Tessa warmly, glad to see her back, and then we go as a group to meet the Emperor Tur’Koatl. The palace is immense, and the Emperor sits on a flame-shaped throne as we approach, bowing. We introduce ourselves, and he interacts with us as we do: tells Nieros that he knew of his grandmother, makes comments on Tiamat when Saar speaks, informs Kit that Caspia is at war with Ivalice, and calls Tessa “The Whore”, although Domina Highland tries to stop him. We tell him the details of Kil Jaeden’s release, and he seems pleased that Tessa told him before telling her father. He takes it as good news, and takes us on a tour around the city to greet his people. Raymond plays Kingdoms/Cappicho against the Emperor, a game that is like a combo of chess and checkers, and does quite well for a beginner. The Emperor chastises Tessa for assuming he didn’t already have the information when she attempts to explain/tell him of the danger, so she falls silent. Kit asks more about the war with Ivalice, and gets the same treatment: a bit more info (closed borders, no trade, stolen caravans), but then a reprimand. We get back to the caravans speak with Tessa’s father. She learns from him that Galadia was killed by the Serpents, hired by the Abysswaters because she spurned the marriage that had been arranged between Tessa and their son. They are the ones the sarted “The Whore”, but her mother and older sister played into it. He also tells us that he has spies in Ivalice, and Holbrook has allied itself with the two other major cities, which is strange, because they are usually sworn enemies. He also informs Kit that Queen Briand has recently passed and Draya is fully in charge. Kit passes over the information of her cult. Tessa tries to negotiate with her father over retrieving Thoss’ treasure, and we ask for the ship to be repaired/renamed
Note: if people are interested I can try to keep this going with updates. Also I’m not sure if my player who took these notes is a reddit user. If she is I will eventually give her credit for the note taking.
Edit: added Dec 15 session notes.
Edit: Add new session notes.
Dec. 22nd The group travels on the caravan towards Tessa’s home, but midway we pass a woman on the road and allow her to join the caravan (Esmeralda). We pass by a signpost with Belacruz scratched out. Several of us are startled as we notice that the caravan has suddenly shifted from three carts to two, people have shifted in looks/age, and we appear to be in some sort of timeshift. Some of the party members do not notice, or believe that everything is normal. A younger Emperor Ter’Koatl is onboard (approximately 10-15 years younger), and Tessa has become Abdul Jakar, the Chosen of Bahamut. Tessa warns Kit to not interrupt anything, but just to watch and listen to everything around us. We travel to Abdul Jakar’s village, where we are greeted warmly and a great feast is prepared. Tessa keeps up the charade of being Abdul. We are attacked at the feast by a large group of warforged. Abdul’s wife and child are slain, and just as a creature is about to kill the Emperor, Tessa/Abdul leaps in front of the blast and saves him. We suddenly pop back to our original reality, only Tessa has a new set of tattoos and is sobbing hysterically. Only some of the party are able to remember what happened. We reach the Highland home, and Tessa must greet her mother and sister, who are acidic and unwelcoming. Lissandra blames Tessa for her childish behavior and running away from home, forcing her to marry Stega’Agar of the Abysswater family and take on more family duties. Tessa apologizes, but Lissandra and her mother are unmoved. We are given rooms in the Highland’s household. The group splits up for the night, with Tessa, Kit, and Saar going to the Casino with Tessa’s father and the rest going to the library of the Highlands to do some research. The Casino group plays a few rounds of a blackjack-based game, on Domina Highland’s tab, until a strange woman comes over and offers us a bigger gamble. She pulls out a deck of cards, and tells us that if we can pull one certain card from the deck, she will pay us handsomely. Saar draws a card from the deck and gains 50,000 exp and a magical iron flask. The woman pulls a card and she and the deck pop out of existence. Tessa and Kit drink at the Casino until it is time to go home. We run into the library group, and Saar finds out that the flask is magical from Nieros. He then opens it, and a giant creature made of fire pours out, until Saar convinces it to get back into the flask. Raymond, Elowells, and Nieros stuff a bunch of books into Aedris’ bag of holding. Dec. 29th The party gathers in the Highland home the next morning and discusses the need to visit the dwarves and Draconia, and how to release Lunara from her imprisonment in the Black Temple, Kil Jaeden’s plane. We did find a book with a spell that can bring us to the Black Temple, but we are not yet a high enough level to cast it. Aedris begins to examine the six magical books that he, Saar, and Nieros grabbed from the Highland library. Saar prays to his goddess, and an eagle lands in his window and then flies off to the west. Through her hangover, Kit prays to Velen for strength and guidance. Tessa joins morning prayers with her family, and while her father is pleased to see her, her mother and sister are not. She learns that Lissandra will be marrying Stega’Agar in approximately 2 months/7 moon cycles, and that this marriage will help solidify business dealings between the two families. The party heads to the Nine Hells Academy to do some research, 2 families away from the Highland estate, a massive building of jet black stone with a sharp, jagged appearance. The library is staffed by Transmuted Horrors, twisted masses of flesh and human body parts created by Domina Experiyankas as servants. Raymond develops a permanent fear of them. While at the library, Saar researches Kil Jaeden’s plane, the Black Temple. After the God Wars the gods all chose to stay in their own planes as an act of neutrality. Saar intuits that Kil Jaeden probably switched places with Lunara somehow, willing to bide his time in the Feywild to have someone release him. Using this method, he could avoid the gods detecting him as he entered the Material Plane through the Maelstrom, breaking that neutrality. This means that Lunara truly is trapped, since gods cannot willingly leave another god’s plane. He also learns that the plane is inhabited mostly by yuan-ti and lost souls, and the Temple itself is guarded by a hydra. Kit researches Velen’s beginning and tenets—Velen and his brother Virtus were part of an adventuring party (including Dhal Ul, Leolothwyn, Perthamal, Shallisara, Drasta Stormscale, Agnizarro) who helped out in the chaos before the God Wars and rose to fame and glory. Somehow the two brothers ascended to godhood after slaying Neshrac, although the process is unknown. The group leaves the library and goes to buy some magical items (at a shop next to the smithy where Galadia worked), including a cloak of fear for Aedris. He decides to test it as we leave the shop, catching Eloells unaware and causing him to shoot a Transmuted Horror in his confusion. Bystanders cry out at the incident, and the party scatters in fear. Several party members duck into alleys, but Saar and Aedris attempt to rush past some guards and are captured and brought to the Hall of Justice. Tessa, back at the shop, explains what occurred to a guard, then goes off to find her father to speak on behalf of the prisoners. We are all brought before the High Judge, Domina Justicar. We are ordered to pay 40,000 gold (10,000 for attacking a guard and 10,000 per soul for the three souls needed to make another Transmuted Horror). We take 10,000 gold out of the bank and Domina Highland pays the other 30,000 in exchange for a 90% share of Thoss’ hoard. Tessa parts on worse terms with her family than when we started, and we walk the 16 days back to Zanarkand. We pass a caravan full of caged animals on the way, and Saar learns that the creature in the flask he received can grant three wishes, but accidentally wastes one wishing it back into the flask. Back in Zanarkand, Kit goes back to the weaponsmith where she bought her bow, learns that the material is called steelwood, and has it engraved with a stylized version of Velen’s shield and the word “sacrifice”. We get on our repaired boat and sail 13 days towards the islands of Arathaal (sp?). Tessa learns that there is a holy temple of Bahamut somewhere on the island. We see that the HIrstfall islands are ringed by a combined Caspian and Draconian fleet, not allowing other ships close. Saar communes with Palloeson’s soul, and it does answer his three questions about the inhabitants of the island, but it appears to release him from some sort of prison and his oily black horse form gallops towards the island. It leaves large puddles of blackness on the ship that swallow anything thrown into them and causes necromantic damage. Saar uses one wish from the djinn to wish the souls of Tazak, Marikiel, and Aethis/Skully peace, and tries to include Palloeson, but his soul does not respond. He uses the final wish to wish us capable of handling the threat that is Kil Jaeden. Kit has a vision in her seasickness of “our party” (viewing this as Velen) holding a black crystal with a red center. I stab my brother and pour his blood over the crystal, and then do the same to myself, and my vision goes to black. We make our way to the island Palloeson ran towards to find a giant black ooze where a building once stood, and some of the party follow the horse’s black hoofprints to a hill. Saar traps Palloeson in the now-empty flask, and they battle the Briar Knight and his briarbeasts, barely escaping with their lives.
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And Then There Was The Funeral...OR How JNMIL becomes Heinous Human.

So, to continue on with the day the DH died…we left off where the RN had physically put JNMIL in her place. Thanks to a lovely member’s suggestion (I’m sorry, I can’t remember which one of you suggested it and I couldn’t find the post…my bad) JNMIL will now be known as Heinous Human, or HH for short. It fits. So, HH was standing there hyperventilating as AIL wheeled Grandmother into the room. They had been told what had happened before they entered so they were somber and had no clue as to what HH had just done. The social worker told me at that point that I had to go downstairs to see the Officer of the Day and sign off on paperwork. She would talk to HH and family. At that point I was more than happy to leave the room. I gave AIL and Grandmother a quick hug and left.
I found out later that the social worker had given HH a stern lecture about her behavior and that what she’d done was totally unacceptable. At this point AIL and Grandma found out what she’d done and were both surprised but, as they both told me later, not entirely shocked. They knew what lay beneath the ‘calm’ exterior. I, on the other hand, did not, and they had never thought to tell me because up until the year before it had been decades since they’d seen HH. They thought that maybe, just maybe, she might have changed a little. The answer to that was a resounding NO.
When I came back upstairs HH met me with the saddest ass apology for her behavior. She was doing it because the social worker had told her to, it was written all over her. She had no remorse, but she knew if she was going to be allowed to be at the funeral she was going to have to say she was sorry for trying to throttle me over her son’s dead body. I wasn’t going to argue or start a fight. My husband had just died, I wanted to freaking go home. But, unfortunately, that’s not how it works. There was more time to be spent there at the VA and I knew it so I politely accepted said pathetic apology even though I know it was total BS.
Soon after that the Chaplain took me down the hall to her office so HH and AIL and Grandmother could have some alone time with DH. The Chaplain and I talked about what had happened. She’d been as shocked as I was. She’d never seen somebody try to crawl over a dead body to try and throttle somebody before. Neither had I. And I, as the intended victim, wasn’t crazy about the concept. The social worker finally came and got me and I was allowed some alone time with DH before the last walk. When I got back into his room something felt strange…off. It took me a few minutes of sitting there just looking around the room before it dawned on me that there were things missing.
As I’d said in the initial post, FIL’s side of the family had visited DH religiously when he’d been in the hospital. They’d brought him a plethora of items – prayer and smudge fans, sweetgrass sticks, mandalas eagle feathers, beadwork, even a coup stick. FIL’s side of the family were also some of the starting members of the American Indian Movement back in the 60’s and many of them remain active members of AIM today so there’d also been a lot of AIM related items as well as general religious items as well – crosses, cards, crucifixes, there was A LOT of stuff showcased around his room. Now, the majority of it was gone. I went out in the hall where AIL and Grandmother were waiting, I asked them if they knew where all of DH’s gifts were. AIL says that HH had said that I had told her that she could have it all to take back with her so she’d taken it all down to AIL’s car! Granted, there wasn’t anything there that I was really ever going to use, I’m not Native, I don’t have a need for prayer fans or AIM stuff – but then, HH is Native but a Southern Baptist. She hasn’t practiced the Red Road ever. She had no need for any of that stuff either. They’d been gifts to the deceased and they should have stayed with his widow until it was time to give away his belongings (about a year after the passing).
I wasn’t going to quibble about it, though, there’d been enough yelling in my opinion, so I went back into DH’s room and whatever was left I packed. When he had died I had immediately taken off his wedding ring, I was wearing it with my own wedding set by that point, and I’m glad I had because as I was packing the rest of his belongings I discovered that his special forces tags – that he always wore and never took off – were gone as well. When I went back out into the hall HH was back upstairs. I ignored the fact that she’d stolen just about everything of value in the room and just asked about the dog tags which she swore she hadn’t even seen.
It was now time to prepare for the final walk. It was going on ten pm, I was exhausted, in no mood to have HH start ranting again so I just stuck by the social worker in the hall as the men went in and prepared to take the body down to the morgue. He was covered with a flag and then wheeled down the hall. Every vet who was able to get out of their bed came and stood at their doors and saluted. We followed the procession to the elevator where the social worker offered to take pictures for DH’s siblings who she knew were spread out all over the country and probably wouldn’t be able to make it for the funeral. We all posed with the body on the gurney before they wheeled him into the elevator and took him away.
I said goodbye to AIL and grandmother and left without speaking to HH. I didn’t know where she planned on staying but she sure as hell wasn’t staying at my house. I went out to my vehicle and had a good cry before driving home. At that point I thought, in retrospect foolishly, that HH would now behave herself. Boy was I wrong…
Sunday morning, I got up to a ringing phone. The funeral home wanted to know when I was coming in to get things set up. We set up a time. My daughters were both home, so we spent some quiet time together before I left for the funeral home. Imagine my surprise to find AIL and HH in the parking lot. HH informs me that she’d called every funeral home in town before she’d discovered where they were ‘keeping’ her son’s body. How dare I not tell her? I was apologetic and polite, pointing out that I had no idea that she wanted to come along. Well, here she was. We all go inside and sit down with the director, we’ll call him Dan. I knew Dan through where I was working in healthcare at the time. Dan was often on premises and so I kind of knew him well enough to know he was a funeral director who could be trusted. I knew that if HH tried something funky Dan would say something.
Dan explains the details and such with HH interrupting constantly to go on and on about ‘can we do this? Can we do that? As is our way?” I won’t lie, I sat there and kind of gawked at her. She had never been a Native in the true sense of the word. She didn’t believe in the spiritual beliefs of her tribe, she didn’t take part in her tribal community save for the occasional powwow and she sure as hell didn’t know the language yet here she’s telling Dan the Director how the funeral would have to be run according to Native ways and principles? AIL finally pipes up with “ConansQueen is the widow here, don’t you think she should be making these choices?” (Thank you AIL!!!)
Dan agreed and asked if DH had ever expressed what he wanted. Thank you, Dan the Director, yes he had! I handed him the notebook DH had compiled while in the hospital. Dan went through it and stated that it would all work – the funeral at the VA chapel, the cremation with the ashes going to me along with the flag with a small amount of ashes to be given to his mother if she wanted them. The tension in the room started to mount, HH was not happy that she’d been overridden but I didn’t back down. DH had known what he’d wanted and he was going to get it whether she liked it or not. Dan stated that the cremation would be done that afternoon and I could pick up the ashes the next day. HH asked if she could have “half” of the ashes. I pointed out that DH had specified that she would get a bag of his ashes. She didn’t need half. DH had very specific instructions for his ashes. (Like having touchstones made for each of his siblings, a blown glass globe made for his grandmother and an ash diamond ring for me.) HH didn’t care, she demanded half the ashes, end of story. Dan pointed out that DH was a big guy, there would be more than enough ashes to go around and that as the widow I would do the distribution. HH was not happy with this answer but she kept her mouth shut.
During this meeting AIL got a call that she had to excuse herself for. While she was gone Dan and I finished up the arrangements while HH sat there and fumed. When AIL came back she had bad news – one of DH’s cousins, who lived on the other side of the state, had died in a car accident the night before. This cousin had been raised by Grandmother and of course she would want to be at his funeral. AIL asked if I would be upset if she took Grandmother over to her sister’s across state and then came back. She would attend DH’s funeral while Grandmother attended the cousin’s and the family would split time between the two. I was okay with this, it’s how Native communities work. HH never once offered condolences to AIL. As we were leaving AIL also let me know that she was letting HH crash at her place. She’d found out what HH had done at the VA the night before from the social worker and hadn’t had a chance to talk to me without HH around. She apologized about it happening and that they hadn’t gotten there in time. At that point I probably should have asked where the hell they had been all that time but HH walked up and the conversation ended.
I went home thinking that things would be pretty quiet until Weds for the funeral. I was quickly proven wrong. Less than an hour after I got home HH calls – using AIL’s phone, no doubt because she knew I wouldn’t answer if it was her number – asking me if I could hold off on the cremation because one of her cousins was coming down for the funeral and wanted to do some sort of Native ritual with the body. This same cousin and her husband had visited DH when he was in the hospital and had stayed in our home at the time. I had never had any issues with them, other than the husband asking if he could have DH’s TV if he died, so I’m like, ah, let me ask Dan. I knew if I said no it would be a hell storm from that woman but I also knew that she did not practice the Native religion of her community and her son sure as hell didn’t, he was Pentecostal and proud of it. There was no way that he would want some relative he’d met twice, once when he was on life support, doing something to him after he was dead.
So I called Dan and I’m like,” here, this is what’s happening, I’m not sure what to do here. If I say no, it’s going to be ugly” – Dan stops me and says “Don’t worry about it, give me her number. I’ll take care of this. Your husband was a very sick man, his body is deteriorating very quickly, we HAVE to do the cremation today. End of story.” I’m like, thank you Dan!!!! He called her and told her that it wasn’t possible. I found out later that she’d thrown a royal hissy fit over it and had trashed AIL’s guest room. AIL ignored her and left with Grandmother.
At that point I’m thinking, okay, HH is at AIL’s place, it’s clear across town, she doesn’t have a vehicle and she doesn’t drive anyway so unless she calls, it’s unlikely that I’ll have to deal with her until AIL gets back. One of my sons arrived and helped the girls and I get things together for the funeral. The rest of that day wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good, but at least HH wasn’t bothering me.
Monday morning dawned and I had to get up and go to the funeral home around noon to pick up DH’s ashes and flag. Around ten or so Dan calls me and asks me if I had asked HH to come pick up the ashes and flag. I’m like, no, I did no such thing. Dan then says “then I suggest you get down here because she just called my secretary and told her that you’d authorized her to pick everything up at 11.” I was SO pissed. The nerve of that woman! She was literally trying to steal his ashes! I rushed over to the funeral home and Dan gave me the ashes and the flag. He showed me the little box of ashes for HH and then said he’d pulled a new, never used flag, out of storage and bagged it, he’d give it to her and let her think that it was the one that had covered DH’s body at the VA. I offered to pay for the extra one but Dan was like, no, no, don’t worry, it’s free of charge, that woman is nuts!
I went home with the ashes and the flag and, at about that point, it all got to be really real. I had to sit down and write out DH’s obituary before transferring the ashes into the urn that he had chosen. I spent a good three or four hours doing all of that while crying my eyes out. Then I got a call from one of my SILs. Now, most of DH’s siblings from his dad’s side live all over the country, we’d all known that the majority would not be able to make it to the funeral. I had been keeping them all apprised via DH’s Facebook profile. All of them had asked that I post pictures from the funeral as well and I was okay with that. They deserved to be a part of their brother’s service.
Well SIL was calling with some not so good news. Evidently HH’s daughter, the spoiled brat, had contacted one of DH’s sisters out of the blue and told her all this BS about how I had hid DH’s condition from them, I hadn’t been truthful about what was really wrong with him, she even implied that I’d killed him because I ‘allowed’ him to become a DNR. Spoiled Brat made a tactical error, though, the SIL that she called was 1. The SIL that I’m actually closest to, the woman I called right after DH passed away and 2. An RN who knew exactly what was wrong with DH because I’d shared some of his lab reports with her! SILRN lit into her and chewed her a new one, told the little FM to never call her again. She had no idea how Spoiled Brat got her phone number, but she made sure that she could never contact her again. SILRN hadn’t let me know because she knew I was dealing with a lot and didn’t think that I needed to hear about it. The SIL that called me felt the same way - but then she saw the Facebook posts.
Spoiled Brat had proceeded to go on her brother’s profile and make all these horrible posts about what an evil person I was, how I had let her brother die and I had lied to her family. SIL was calling me to let me know that they’d all ganged up on her ass and shot her down but I might want to block her and delete the posts which I, of course, did. But not before several of DH’s other aunts saw them and called me to tell me how horrible it was that Spoiled Brat was behaving the way she was. They also thanked me for ‘letting’ Grandmother come back over for the cousin’s funeral. By that point I was kind of glad it was going to be a small crowd. I was getting to the point that I didn’t want to deal with people.
Tuesday rolled around and with it came an influx of phone calls from HH. When I didn’t answer them, she proceeded to take a cab across town and stood at my door and beat on it for a good hour. I called the police who showed up and told her to leave or they’d arrest her for trespassing. HH threw a fit. One of the officers came around to the front door (she was at the back door on the deck) and I told him what was going on and how this woman had been behaving. The officer went back around the house and physically escorted HH off the property and into their car – he arrested her for trespassing. I knew that this would have adverse results but at the time I didn’t care. I just wanted it to be over. After the funeral I would never have to deal with that woman again.
Late that afternoon AIL got back and checked in with us. When she found out what had happened she called one of her buddies over at the VA and they brought over a special sign that stated “A Veteran Has Died. Please Allow His Widow Peace At This Time”. It probably wouldn’t keep her away, but it might help a little…maybe. It was the thought that counted. AIL goes home to discover that while she was gone HH had pretty eaten all the food in the house and what she didn’t eat she’d thrown away – still in the original packaging. And it wasn’t even out dated. At that point, AIL is like, if that bitch gets out of jail she ain’t coming back here…I loved DH’s aunt, she was cool.
So that night AIL was supposed to drive up north and pick up DH’s two youngest brothers because at that time neither of them had a working vehicle. Imagine her surprise when HH comes sidling up to her as she’s getting into her car! Somehow HH had bailed her ass out of jail. AIL tells her that because of the mess she made she can’t stay at her place. HH shrugs it off and says she’ll get a hotel room but asks if she can go on the drive up north with her because ‘she’s bored’. AIL didn’t want her coming back over to bother me so she took her along knowing that the scenario was safer if she kept her out of town entirely.
The morning of the funeral my other son arrived and we all went over to the VA to set up for the funeral. My attorney, Rebecca, was there as my self-appointed body guard. We got everything set up, people started to arrive and so I sat there. HH arrived but didn’t stay. She left again. AIL arrived, dressed in her official dress uniform. She would be taking part in the Honor Guard at the end of the service. HH comes back in and gets very annoyed by the way AIL is dressed. She comes over to me and starts to complain none too quietly about it. Rebecca tells her that now is not the time and she needs to sit down so the funeral can start. HH declares that we can’t start yet, cousins from out of state haven’t gotten here yet. Rebecca asks when they were supposed to get into town. HH reveals that they got in last night but they went across the river (which Is in another state altogether) to go to the casino to do some gambling before the funeral!
Rebecca tells her to sit down, we’re going to start. Bear in mind this is in front of a bunch of people, the majority of whom looked shocked and appalled by HH’s attitude. HH goes and sits down, towards the back. The minister gets up and starts talking. He gets about two sentences out and HH gets up and walks out! While she’s gone cousin and family showed up, no doubt winnings in hand, I didn’t ask. At least they were respectful and came in quietly and sat down.
Now DH had chosen two very specific songs for his funeral. A HUGE AC/DC fan, he wanted “Thunderstruck” played and then Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever?”. HH came back into the chapel just as Thunderstruck started playing, her arms full of newspapers which she tossed down into the pew and plunked herself down none too quietly. She proceeded to make noise all through the song. I didn’t turn around but Rebecca finally evil eyed her and she shut up. Then when the minister started talking again she got up AGAIN and left!
Second song started and back she comes with MORE newspapers! People are now getting annoyed, you could see it in their faces. The minister finished and the honor guard marched in, AIL got up and joined them. Taps was played. The guard folded the flag and it was presented to me with a salute. Then it was over. People came to pay their respects while HH sat in the back pew and looked pissed. As people were leaving she went to the Officer of the Day and demanded to know why I was getting all of the attention! Why did the men salute ConansQueen? Why did they give CQ a flag?! How DARE CQ be saluted and be given a flag?! What did CQ do to deserve any of that? SHE had given birth to the deceased! CQ deserved nothing! This was in earshot of whoever was left. Her relatives looked very uncomfortable and left without even talking to me or any of the kids.
AIL came over and saluted me and gave me a big hug. She apologized for HH and said she thought she was out stealing papers in the VA main building because DH’s obituary was in there. Well, that made sense but she couldn’t have done that AFTER the funeral? I then realized that DH’s two youngest brothers – who AIL had gone to get the night before – weren’t even there. I asked her where Frick and Frack were. AIL said that HH had pissed them off so badly they had decided that they would just stay at home and look at the FB profile to see the funeral. They absolutely refused to ride in the same car with her. She wouldn’t tell me at the time, she was trying to be kind, but she told me later that HH had informed the guys that they shouldn’t even be attending the funeral since their mother was the whore their father had left her for! (Which wasn’t true, their mom was his last (and 5th) wife.) This, of course, pissed them off to no end and so they refused to attend. Both of them called me later in the week and apologized for not being there.
At this point HH came storming back into the chapel and headed in my direction. Rebecca, who for the record is almost six feet and a good six foot three in heels, positioned herself between me and HH. She told her that the funeral was over, she needed to leave. It was at that point I realized that HH was wearing DH's Special Forces dog tags around her neck. The tags she'd sworn up and down she hadn't seen on Saturday night. HH said she needed to speak to me. Rebecca told her that she’d spoken to me enough for one day. She could leave or Rebecca would have security remove her. I don’t think she counted on me having any support – she knew my family was on the other side of the country other than my children. But I had friends and colleagues there who pretty much presented a united front that I don’t think she was quite prepared for because she stomped her ass out of the chapel.
Rebecca and a couple of my colleagues walked the kids and myself to the car to make sure HH didn’t interfere with us. We went home and I threw myself into packing up DH’s things. Within his community the deceased’s belongings are packed up and put away to be given away a year later. Certain items can be given away immediately if one wants. There were certain things that DH had specified for his siblings and cousins so I made sure those were set aside. I’m in the middle of this when there’s a knock at the door. It’s HH’s cousin’s husband who asks if he can take DH’s television with them! Now DH’s tv was his pride and joy. He had a 72 inch screen before they were readily made available. He was a screen writer, it was a ‘production thing’ (or so he always said, lol). When he’d asked when DH was in the hospital I’d kind of blown it off as a joke type of thing. At that moment I realized that he’d actually been serious. I told him that DH had left the tv to my youngest son. He shrugged said okay and ambled off to their vehicle. I’m like WTF just happened here? Of all the freaking nerve…
That night I uploaded the pictures from the funeral onto DH’s profile. His siblings were grateful for the effort and appreciated the reality that we had attempted to make the a part of the service even though they could not be present. There was nothing untoward. I did upload two of the last walk pictures from the VA, they were very tasteful and done well, one with the social worker saluting DH as they walked him by the nurse’s station and another one with us with DH by the elevator. Several of DH’s brothers are also Vets, it meant a lot to them to see that their brother was given the accolades he deserved at his passing.
Thursday arrived, all four kids headed north to visit their dad and his wife for a few days. It’s a good thing they were gone too because all hell broke loose an hour or so after they left. HH shows up on my deck hollering about how I’d insulted her son with that “horrible funeral” and playing that “horrendous music” and that “I’d killed him because I’d refused to give him the supplements he had so badly needed according to her”. She then launched into a tirade about how dare I put THOSE pictures up on DH’s profile! It was disrespectful! It was horrible! And why the f*** did I let AIL dress like some sort of solider for the funeral? Does the woman not know how to dress for such an event? (This from a woman who wore a tank top with a plaid shirt and jeans to her own son’s funeral).
I admit, I should not have taken the bait, but I’d had enough. I stepped out onto the deck and lit into her, pointing out that her SON had chosen all the music, her SON had planned the entire funeral right down to the pictures that were shown as a memorial. The pictures taken at the funeral were for family that wanted to be there but couldn’t be. AIL was in her dress blues because she was a retired officer of the US Army and was showing respect to her nephew, a fellow Veteran! Everything AIL had done at the funeral was totally acceptable while SHE had behaved like an idiot with getting up and down so many times to steal newspapers and then going to the officer of the day’s office to rant like a petulant child! She was damned lucky her son had had me in his life because ff it hadn’t have been for me she wouldn’t have even gotten to see him before he’d gotten sick and died!
I had never so much as raised my voice to this woman and to hear me do so literally shocked her into silence. I took advantage of it, stepped back into the house and slammed the door. I locked myself in the house and she proceeded to start beating on the door, screaming at the top of her lungs about what a horrible bitch I was and that her son would still be alive had she just taken him home and nursed him back to health. I called 911 and then called Rebecca about a restraining order. HH got arrested again and Rebecca drew up the paperwork before Friday morning.
Not sure when she bailed herself out or whatever but by Friday evening HH was blowing up my phone. At that time the phone company I was using wouldn’t allow call blocking so I was at the mercy of just letting it ring until it went to voice mail. I finally just shut the sound off entirely. I didn’t listen to any of the messages. I forwarded them all to Rebecca who would present them with the RO paperwork.
I’m not sure when the woman left. I didn’t really care. I was just relieved that she was gone and that the court had managed to serve her before she checked out of her hotel. I have no idea how HH got back to the airport three hours away, AIL definitely didn’t take her. After what she’d pulled at my BILs’ house she hadn’t even spoken to the woman again and she’d actually driven two hours back to town with the woman in the same car. I know that HH was furious when she got back home because she called the VA social worker and demanded to know why “that woman was allowed to hold her son’s ashes hostage and how dare I serve her with a restraining order!” Thankfully, though, after that last interaction on my deck I never spoke to the woman directly again. Any interaction we had after that was through the social worker – who definitely earned her salary - or a VA rep.
I wish I could say that it ended here but that would be too simple an ending. There was the National Cemetery stone debacle and medal hostage holding yet to come.
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NYT article/The Weekly Episode on Epstein Hotlist

Just finished watching The Weekly (it’s kind of a Vice rip-off by the NYT) on Hulu where they went into detail about their story published this week about a « hacker » named Patrick Kessler who claimed to have tens of thousands of hours of Epstein’s private videos.
Turns out, Patrick did not released the videos and there is a lot of questions with his credibility, nonetheless, he clearly exposed two lawyers (Bois and Pottinger) for attempting to profit by offering to reach large settlements in which they would take 40%.
The article is here: Jeffrey Epstein, Blackmail, and a Lucrative Hotlist
Even though it sounds like this guy Kessler is full of shit, I REALLY wish that he wasn’t and at some point these troves of photos and videos get released and a bunch of rich and powerful people get what they deserve for abusing these women.
For those who need access to NYT- it is a long article, but here’s the full text:
By Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Emily Steel, Jacob Bernstein and David Enrich Nov. 30, 2019 Soon after the sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein died in August, a mysterious man met with two prominent lawyers.
Towering, barrel-chested and wild-bearded, he was a prodigious drinker and often wore flip-flops. He went by a pseudonym, Patrick Kessler — a necessity, he said, given the shadowy, dangerous world that he inhabited.
He told the lawyers he had something incendiary: a vast archive of Mr. Epstein’s data, stored on encrypted servers overseas. He said he had years of the financier’s communications and financial records — as well as thousands of hours of footage from hidden cameras in the bedrooms of Mr. Epstein’s properties. The videos, Kessler said, captured some of the world’s richest, most powerful men in compromising sexual situations — even in the act of rape.
Kessler said he wanted to expose these men. If he was telling the truth, his trove could answer one of the Epstein saga’s most baffling questions: How did a college dropout and high school math teacher amass a purported nine-figure fortune? One persistent but unproven theory was that he ran a sprawling blackmail operation. That would explain why moguls, scientists, political leaders and a royal stayed loyal to him, in some cases even after he first went to jail.
Kessler’s tale was enough to hook the two lawyers, the famed litigator David Boies and his friend John Stanley Pottinger. If Kessler was authentic, his videos would arm them with immense leverage over some very important people.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger discussed a plan. They could use the supposed footage in litigation or to try to reach deals with men who appeared in it, with money flowing into a charitable foundation. In encrypted chats with Kessler, Mr. Pottinger referred to a roster of potential targets as the “hot list.” He described hypothetical plans in which the lawyers would pocket up to 40 percent of the settlements and could extract money from wealthy men by flipping from representing victims to representing their alleged abusers.
The possibilities were tantalizing — and extended beyond vindicating victims. Mr. Pottinger saw a chance to supercharge his law practice. For Mr. Boies, there was a shot at redemption, after years of criticism for his work on behalf of Theranos and Harvey Weinstein.
In the end, there would be no damning videos, no funds pouring into a new foundation. Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger would go from toasting Kessler as their “whistle-blower” and “informant” to torching him as a “fraudster” and a “spy.”
Kessler was a liar, and he wouldn’t expose any sexual abuse. But he would reveal something else: The extraordinary, at times deceitful measures elite lawyers deployed in an effort to get evidence that could be used to win lucrative settlements — and keep misconduct hidden, allowing perpetrators to abuse again.
Mr. Boies has publicly decried such secret deals as “rich man’s justice,” a way that powerful men buy their way out of legal and reputational jeopardy. This is how it works.
7 men and a headless parrot
The man who called himself Kessler first contacted a Florida lawyer, Bradley J. Edwards, who was in the news for representing women with claims against Mr. Epstein. It was late August, about two weeks after the financier killed himself in a jail cell while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges.
Mr. Edwards, who did not respond to interview requests, had a law firm called Edwards Pottinger, and he soon referred Kessler to his New York partner. Silver-haired and 79, Mr. Pottinger had been a senior civil-rights official in the Nixon and Ford administrations, but he also dabbled in investment banking and wrote best-selling medical thrillers. He was perhaps best known for having dated Gloria Steinem and Kathie Lee Gifford.
Mr. Pottinger recalled that Mr. Edwards warned him about Kessler, saying that he was “endearing,” “spooky” and “loves to drink like a fish.”
After an initial discussion with Kessler in Washington, Mr. Pottinger briefed Mr. Boies — whose firm was also active in representing accusers in the Epstein case — about the sensational claims. He then invited Kessler to his Manhattan apartment. Kessler admired a wall-mounted frame containing a headless stuffed parrot; on TV, the Philadelphia Eagles were mounting a comeback against the Washington Redskins. Mr. Pottinger poured Kessler a glass of WhistlePig whiskey, and the informant began to talk.
In his conversations with Mr. Pottinger and, later, Mr. Boies, Kessler said his videos featured numerous powerful men who were already linked to Mr. Epstein: Ehud Barak, the former Israeli prime minister; Alan Dershowitz, a constitutional lawyer; Prince Andrew; three billionaires; and a prominent chief executive.
All seven men, or their representatives, told The New York Times they never engaged in sexual activity on Mr. Epstein’s properties. The Times has no reason to believe Kessler’s supposed video footage is real.
In his apartment, Mr. Pottinger presented Kessler with a signed copy of “The Boss,” his 2005 novel. “One minute you’re bending the rules,” blares the cover of the paperback version. “The next minute you’re breaking the law.” On the title page, Mr. Pottinger wrote: “Here’s to the great work you are to do. Happy to be part of it.”
Mr. Pottinger also gave Kessler a draft contract to bring him on as a client, allowing him to use a fake name. “For reasons revealed to you, I prefer to proceed with this engagement under the name Patrick Kessler,” the agreement said.
Despite the enormities of the Epstein scandal, few of his accusers have gotten a sense of justice or resolution. Mr. Pottinger thought Kessler’s files could change everything. This strange man was theatrical and liked his alcohol, but if there was even a chance his claims were true, they were worth pursuing.
“Our clients are said to be liars and prostitutes,” Mr. Pottinger later said in an interview with The Times, “and we now have someone who says, ‘I can give you secret photographic proof of abuse that will completely change the entire fabric of your practice and get justice for these girls.’ And you think that we wouldn’t try to get that?”
A victim becomes a hacker
Mr. Pottinger and Mr. Boies have known each other for years, a friendship forged on bike trips in France and Italy. In legal circles, Mr. Boies was royalty: He was the one who fought for presidential candidate Al Gore before the Supreme Court, took on Microsoft in a landmark antitrust case, and helped obtain the right for gays and lesbians to get married in California.
But then Mr. Boies got involved with the blood-testing start-up Theranos. As the company was being revealed as a fraud, he tried to bully whistle-blowers into not speaking to a Wall Street Journal reporter, and he was criticized for possible conflicts of interest when he joined the company’s board in 2015.
Two years later, Mr. Boies helped his longtime client Harvey Weinstein hire private investigators who intimidated sources and trailed reporters for The Times and The New Yorker — even though Mr. Boies’s firm had worked for The Times on other matters. (The Times fired his firm.)
By 2019, Mr. Boies, 78, was representing a number of Mr. Epstein’s alleged victims. They got his services pro bono, and he got the chance to burnish his legacy. When Mr. Pottinger contacted him about Kessler, he was intrigued.
On Sept. 9, Mr. Boies greeted Kessler at the offices of his law firm, Boies Schiller Flexner, in a gleaming new skyscraper at Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side. Kessler unfurled a fantastic story, one he would embroider and alter in later weeks, that began with him growing up somewhere within a three-hour radius of Washington. Kessler said he had been molested as a boy by a Bible school teacher and sought solace on the internet, where he fell in with a group of victims turned hackers, who used their skills to combat pedophilia.
Kessler claimed that a technology executive had introduced him to Mr. Epstein, who in 2012 hired Kessler to set up encrypted servers to preserve his extensive digital archives. With Mr. Epstein dead, Kessler boasted to the lawyers, he had unfettered access to the material. He said the volume of videos was overwhelming: more than a decade of round-the-clock footage from dozens of cameras.
Kessler displayed some pixelated video stills on his phone. In one, a bearded man with his mouth open appears to be having sex with a naked woman. Kessler said the man was Mr. Barak. In another, a man with black-framed glasses is seen shirtless with a woman on his lap, her breasts exposed. Kessler said it was Mr. Dershowitz. He also said that some of the supposed videos appeared to have been edited and cataloged for the purpose of blackmail.
“This was explosive information if true, for lots and lots of people,” Mr. Boies said in an interview.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger had decades of legal experience and considered themselves experts at assessing witnesses’ credibility. While they couldn’t be sure, they thought Kessler was probably legit.
A chance to sway the Israeli election
Within hours of the Hudson Yards meeting, Mr. Pottinger sent Kessler a series of texts over the encrypted messaging app Signal.
According to excerpts viewed by The Times, Mr. Pottinger and Kessler discussed a plan to disseminate some of the informant’s materials — starting with the supposed footage of Mr. Barak. The Israeli election was barely a week away, and Mr. Barak was challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The purported images of Mr. Barak might be able to sway the election — and fetch a high price. (“Total lie with no basis in reality,” Mr. Barak said when asked about the existence of such videos.)
“Can you review your visual evidence to be sure some or all is indisputably him? If so, we can make it work,” Mr. Pottinger wrote.
Kessler said he would do so. Mr. Pottinger sent a yellow smiley-face emoji with its tongue sticking out.
“Can you share your contact that would be purchasing,” Kessler asked.
“Sheldon Adelson,” Mr. Pottinger answered.
Mr. Adelson, a billionaire casino magnate in Las Vegas, had founded one of Israel’s largest newspapers, and it was an enthusiastic booster of Mr. Netanyahu. Mr. Pottinger wrote that he and Mr. Boies hoped to fly to Nevada to meet with Mr. Adelson to discuss the images.
“Do you believe that adelson has the pull to insure this will hurt his bid for election?” Kessler asked the next morning.
Mr. Pottinger reassured him. “There is no question that Adelson has the capacity to air the truth about EB if he wants to,” he said, using Mr. Barak’s initials. He said he planned to discuss the matter with Mr. Boies that evening.
Mr. Boies confirmed that they discussed sharing the photo with Mr. Adelson but said the plan was never executed. Boaz Bismuth, the editor in chief of the newspaper, Israel Hayom, said its journalists were approached by an Israeli source who pitched them supposed images of Mr. Barak, but that “we were not interested.”
‘These are wealthy wrongdoers’
The men whom Kessler claimed to have on tape were together worth many billions. Some of their public relations teams had spent months trying to tamp down media coverage of their connections to Mr. Epstein. Imagine how much they might pay to make incriminating videos vanish.
You might think that lawyers representing abuse victims would want to publicly expose such information to bolster their clients’ claims. But that is not how the legal industry always works. Often, keeping things quiet is good business.
One of the revelations of the #MeToo era has been that victims’ lawyers often brokered secret deals in which alleged abusers paid to keep their accusers quiet and the allegations out of the public sphere. Lawyers can pocket at least a third of such settlements, profiting off a system that masks misconduct and allows men to abuse again.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger said in interviews that they were looking into creating a charity to help victims of sexual abuse. It would be bankrolled by private legal settlements with the men on the videos.
Mr. Boies acknowledged that Kessler might get paid. “If we were able to use this to help our victims recover money, we would treat him generously,” he said in September. He said that his firm would not get a cut of any settlements.
Such agreements would have made it less likely that videos involving the men became public. “Generally what settlements are about is getting peace,” Mr. Boies said.
Mr. Pottinger told Kessler that the charity he was setting up would be called the Astria Foundation — a name he later said his girlfriend came up with, in a nod to Astraea, the Greek goddess of innocence and justice. “We need to get it funded by abusers,” Mr. Pottinger texted, noting in another message that “these are wealthy wrongdoers.”
Mr. Pottinger asked Kessler to start compiling incriminating materials on a specific group of men.
“I’m way ahead of you,” Kessler responded. He said he had asked his team of fellow hackers to search the files for the three billionaires, the C.E.O. and Prince Andrew.
“Yes, that’s exactly how to do this,” Mr. Pottinger said. “Videos for sure, but email traffic, too.”
“I call it our hot list,” he added.
Image The Grand Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan. The Grand Sichuan restaurant in Manhattan.Credit...Stephanie Diani for The New York Times A quiet table at the back of Grand Sichuan
In mid-September, Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger invited reporters from The Times to the Boies Schiller offices to meet Kessler. The threat of a major news organization writing about the videos — and confirming the existence of an extensive surveillance apparatus — could greatly enhance the lawyers’ leverage over the wealthy men.
Before the session, Mr. Pottinger encouraged Kessler to focus on certain men, like Mr. Barak, while avoiding others. Referring to the reporters, he added, “Let them drink from a fountain instead of a water hose. They and the readers will follow that better.”
The meeting took place on a cloudy Saturday morning. After agreeing to leave their phones and laptops outside, the reporters entered a 20th-floor conference room. Kessler was huge: more than 6 feet tall, pushing 300 pounds, balding, his temples speckled with gray. He told his story and presented images that he said were of Mr. Epstein, Mr. Barak and Mr. Dershowitz having sex with women.
Barely an hour after the session ended, the Times reporters received an email from Kessler: “Are you free?” He said he wanted to meet — alone. “Tell no one else.” That afternoon, they met at Grand Sichuan, an iconic Chinese restaurant in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The lunch rush was over, and the trio sat at a quiet table in the back. A small group of women huddled nearby, speaking Mandarin and snipping the ends off string beans.
Kessler complained that Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger were more interested in making money than in exposing wrongdoers. He pulled out his phone, warned the reporters not to touch it, and showed more of what he had. There was a color photo of a bare-chested, gray-haired man with a slight smile. Kessler said it was a billionaire. He also showed blurry, black-and-white images of a dark-haired man receiving oral sex. He said it was a prominent C.E.O.
Soup dumplings and Gui Zhou chicken arrived, and Kessler kept talking. He said he had found financial ledgers on Mr. Epstein’s servers that showed he had vast amounts of Bitcoin and cash in the Middle East and Bangkok, and hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of gold, silver and diamonds. He presented no proof. But it is common for whistle-blowers to be erratic and slow to produce their evidence, and The Times thought it was worth investigating Kessler’s claims.
The conversation continued in a conference room at a Washington hotel five days later, after a text exchange in which Kessler noted his enthusiasm for Japanese whiskey. Both parties brought bottles to the hotel, and Kessler spent nearly eight hours downing glass after glass. He veered from telling tales about the dark web to professing love for “Little House on the Prairie.” He asserted that he had evidence Mr. Epstein had derived his wealth through illicit means. At one point, he showed what he said were classified C.I.A. documents.
Kessler said he had no idea who the women in the videos were or how the lawyers might go about identifying them to act on their behalf. From his perspective, he said, it seemed like Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger were plotting to use his footage to demand huge sums from billionaires. He said it looked like blackmail — and that he could prove it.
‘We keep it. We keep everything’
Was Kessler’s story plausible? Did America’s best-connected sexual predator accumulate incriminating videos of powerful men?
Two women who spent time in Mr. Epstein’s homes said the answer was yes. In an unpublished memoir, Virginia Giuffre, who accused Mr. Epstein of making her a “sex slave,” wrote that she discovered a room in his New York mansion where monitors displayed real-time surveillance footage. And Maria Farmer, an artist who accused Mr. Epstein of sexually assaulting her when she worked for him in the 1990s, said that Mr. Epstein once walked her through the mansion, pointing out pin-sized cameras that he said were in every room.
“I said, ‘Are you recording all this?’” Ms. Farmer said in an interview. “He said, ‘Yes. We keep it. We keep everything.’”
During a 2005 search of Mr. Epstein’s Palm Beach, Fla., estate, the police found two cameras hidden in clocks — one in the garage and the other next to his desk, according to police reports. But no other cameras were found.
Kessler claimed to have been an early investor in a North Carolina coffee company, whose sticker was affixed to his laptop. But its founder said no one matching Kessler’s description had ever been affiliated with the company. Kessler insisted that he invested in 2009, but the company wasn’t founded until 2011.
The contents of Kessler’s supposed C.I.A. documents turned out to be easily findable using Google. At one point, Kessler said that one of his associates had been missing and was found dead; later, Kessler said the man was alive and in the southern United States. He said that his mother had died when he was young — and that he had recently given her a hug. A photo he sent from what he said was a Washington-area hospital featured a distinctive blanket, but when The Times called local hospitals, they didn’t recognize the pattern.
After months of effort, The Times could not learn Kessler’s identity or confirm any element of his back story.
“I am very often being purposefully inconsistent,” Kessler said, when pressed.
A Weinstein cameo
On the last Friday in September, Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger sat on a blue leather couch in the corner of a members-only dining room at the Harvard Club in Midtown Manhattan. Antlered animal heads and oil paintings hung from the dark wooden walls.
The lawyers were there to make a deal with The Times. Tired of waiting for Kessler’s motherlode, Mr. Pottinger said they planned to send a team overseas to download the material from his servers. He said he had alerted the F.B.I. and a prosecutor in the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan.
Mr. Boies told an editor for The Times that they would be willing to share everything, on one condition: They would have discretion over which men could be written about, and when. He explained that if compromising videos about particular men became public, that could torpedo litigation or attempts to negotiate settlements. The Times editor didn’t commit.
Mr. Boies and Mr. Pottinger later said those plans had hinged on verifying the videos’ authenticity and on having clients with legitimate legal claims against the men. Otherwise, legal experts said, it might have crossed the line into extortion.
The meeting was briefly interrupted when Bob Weinstein, the brother of Harvey Weinstein, bounded up to the table and plopped onto the couch next to Mr. Boies. The two men spent several minutes talking, laughing and slapping each other on the back.
While Mr. Boies and Mr. Weinstein chatted, Mr. Pottinger furtively displayed the black-and-white shot of a man in glasses having sex. Both lawyers said it looked like Mr. Dershowitz.
‘You don’t keep your glasses on when you’re doing that’
One day in late September, Mr. Dershowitz’s secretary relayed a message: Someone named Patrick Kessler wanted to speak to him about Mr. Boies.
“The problem is that they don’t want to move forward with any of these people legally,” Kessler said. “They’re just interested in trying to settle and take a cut.”
“Who are these people that you have on videotape?” Mr. Dershowitz asked.
“There’s a lot of people,” Kessler said, naming a few powerful men. He added, “There’s a long list of people that they want me to have that I don’t have.”
“Who?” Mr. Dershowitz asked. “Did they ask about me?”
“Of course they asked about you. You know that, sir.”
“And you don’t have anything on me, right?”
“I do not, no,” Kessler said.
“Because I never, I never had sex with anybody,” Mr. Dershowitz said. Later in the call, he added, “I am completely clean. I was at Jeffrey’s house. I stayed there. But I didn’t have any sex with anybody.”
What was the purpose of Kessler’s phone call? Why did he tell Mr. Dershowitz that he wasn’t on the supposed surveillance tapes, contradicting what he had said and showed to Mr. Boies, Mr. Pottinger and The Times? Did the call sound a little rehearsed?
Mr. Dershowitz said that he didn’t know why Kessler contacted him, and that the phone call was the only time the two men ever spoke. When The Times showed him one of Kessler’s photos, in which a bespectacled man resembling Mr. Dershowitz appears to be having sex, Mr. Dershowitz laughed and said the man wasn’t him. His wife, Carolyn Cohen, peeked at the photo, too.
“You don’t keep your glasses on when you’re doing that,” she said.
Data set (supposedly) to self-destruct
In early October, Kessler said he was ready to produce the Epstein files. He told The Times that he had created duplicate versions of Mr. Epstein’s servers. He laid out detailed logistical plans for them to be shipped by boat to the United States and for one of his associates — a very short Icelandic man named Steven — to deliver them to The Times headquarters at 11 a.m. on Oct. 3.
Kessler warned that he was erecting a maze of security systems. First, a Times employee would need to use a special thumb drive to access a proprietary communications system. Then Kessler’s colleague would transmit a code to decrypt the files. If his instructions weren’t followed precisely, Kessler said, the information would self-destruct.
Specialists at The Times set up a number of “air-gapped” laptops — disconnected from the internet — in a windowless, padlocked meeting room. Reporters cleared their schedules to sift through thousands of hours of surveillance footage.
On the morning of the scheduled delivery, Kessler sent a series of frantic texts. Disaster had struck. A fire was burning. The duplicate servers were destroyed. One of his team members was missing. He was fleeing to Kyiv.
Two hours later, Kessler was in touch with Mr. Pottinger and didn’t mention any emergency. Kessler said he hoped that the footage would help pry $1 billion in settlements out of their targets, and asked him to detail how the lawyers could extract the money. “Could you put together a hypothetical situation,” Kessler wrote, not something “set in stone but close to what your thinking.”
In one, which he called a “standard model” for legal settlements, Mr. Pottinger said the money would be split among his clients, the Astria Foundation, Kessler and the lawyers, who would get up to 40 percent.
In the second hypothetical, Mr. Pottinger wrote, the lawyers would approach the videotaped men. The men would then hire the lawyers, ensuring that they would not get sued, and “make a contribution to a nonprofit as part of the retainer.”
“No client is actually involved in this structure,” Mr. Pottinger said, noting that the arrangement would have to be “consistent with and subject to rules of ethics.”
“Thank you very much,” Kessler responded.
Mr. Pottinger later said that the scenario would have involved him representing a victim, settling a case and then representing the victim’s alleged abuser. He said it was within legal boundaries. (He also said he had meant to type “No client lawsuit is actually involved.”)
Such legal arrangements are not unheard-of. Lawyers representing a former Fox News producer who had accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment reached a settlement in which her lawyers agreed to work for Mr. O’Reilly after the dispute. But legal experts generally consider such setups to be unethical because they can create conflicts between the interests of the lawyers and their original clients.
‘I just pulled it out of my behind’
The lawyers held out hope of getting Kessler’s materials. But weeks passed, and nothing arrived. At one point, Mr. Pottinger volunteered to meet Kessler anywhere — including Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
“I still believe he is what he purported to be,” Mr. Boies wrote in an email on Nov. 7. “I have to evaluate people for my day job, and he seemed too genuine to be a fake, and I very much want him to be real.” He added, “I am not unconscious of the danger of wanting to believe something too much.”
Ten days later, Mr. Boies arrived at The Times for an on-camera interview. It was a bright, chilly Sunday, and Mr. Boies had just flown in from Ecuador, where he said he was doing work for the finance ministry. Reporters wanted to ask him plainly if his and Mr. Pottinger’s conduct with Kessler crossed ethical lines.
Would they have brokered secret settlements that buried evidence of wrongdoing? Did the notion of extracting huge sums from men in exchange for keeping sex tapes hidden meet the definition of extortion?
Mr. Boies said the answer to both questions was no. He said he and Mr. Pottinger operated well within the law. They only intended to pursue legal action on behalf of their clients — in other words, that they were a long way from extortion. In any case, he said, he and Mr. Pottinger had never authenticated any of the imagery or identified any of the supposed victims, much less contacted any of the men on the “hot list.”
Then The Times showed Mr. Boies some of the text exchanges between Mr. Pottinger and Kessler. Mr. Boies showed a flash of anger and said it was the first time he was seeing them.
By the end of the nearly four-hour interview, Mr. Boies had concluded that Kessler was probably a con man: “I think that he was a fraudster who was just trying to set things up.” And he argued that Kessler had baited Mr. Pottinger into writing things that looked more nefarious than they really were. He acknowledged that Mr. Pottinger had used “loose language” in some of his messages that risked creating the impression that the lawyers were plotting to monetize evidence of abuse.
Several days later, Mr. Boies returned for another interview and was more critical of Mr. Pottinger, especially the hypothetical plans that he had described to Kessler. “Having looked at all that stuff in context, I would not have said that,” he said. How did Mr. Boies feel about Mr. Pottinger invoking his name in messages to Kessler? “I don’t like it,” he said.
But Mr. Boies stopped short of blaming Mr. Pottinger for the whole mess. “I’m being cautious not to throw him under the bus more than I believe is accurate,” he said. His longtime P.R. adviser, Dawn Schneider, who had been pushing for a more forceful denunciation, dropped her pen, threw up her arms and buried her head in her hands.
In a separate interview, The Times asked Mr. Pottinger about his correspondence with Kessler. The lawyer said that his messages shouldn’t be taken at face value because, in reality, he had been deceiving Kessler all along — “misleading him deliberately in order to get the servers.”
The draft retention agreement that Mr. Pottinger had given to Kessler in September was unsigned and never meant to be honored, Mr. Pottinger said. And he never intended to sell photos of Mr. Barak to Mr. Adelson. “I just pulled it out of my behind,” he said, describing it as an act to impress Kessler.
As for the two hypotheticals about how to get money out of the men on the list, Mr. Pottinger said, he never planned to do what he carefully articulated. “I didn’t owe Patrick honesty about this,” he said.
Mr. Pottinger said that he had only one regret — that “we did not get the information that this liar said he had.”
He added, “I’m building legal cases here. I’m trying not to engage too much in shenanigans. I wish I didn’t, but this guy was very unusual.”
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Destination: Tulalip

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.
Tulalip Resort Casino is an Indian casino and resort in Quil Ceda Village, Washington, owned and operated by the Tulalip Tribes of Washington. It opened in 2004 as Tulalip Casino, and was renamed in late 2007 because of the new hotel, which opened August 15, 2008.[1] In addition to the AAA Four Diamond award-winning 12-story hotel with 370 rooms and suites, the resort includes 192,000 square feet (17,800 m2) of gaming space. The property has 7 restaurants: Tulalip Bay, Blackfish, Cedars Cafe, The Draft Bar and Grill, Journeys East, Eagles Buffet and Canoes Carvery. The T Spa is the resort's onsite spa and features 14,000 square feet (1,300 m2) of treatment rooms. There are also meeting facilities, and the Canoes Cabaret, Orca Ballroom, and Tulalip Amphitheatre for entertainment events.[1]
I had just passed through Arlington when the Taco Time began to take hold. The meaty filling and breathtaking sauces had begun to plummet my belly's pH level to a low that now refused all immigrants to my stomach like a pack of Texans at a gun show in a Trump convention. Or something. I turned to my wife and told her we were going to need to stop.
This was a mistake.
She beamed at me and said "How about the Outlet Mall?"
I would like to say I didn't shit my pants. But I shit my pants. I needed to pull over and a thought occurred to me. Well, two thoughts: fireworks and the casino. Any able bodied Washingtonian should know that the Outlet Mall in Tulalip is a win situation. In fact, it's not a bad idea to tell your wife that "Hey, you deserve a treat - let's go to the Outlet Mall in Tulalip." And then drive her up there, stay for the Banana Republic and Starbucks and then "Hey, hon, I might have more fun if I went over to the casino." And then drink until she has to drive and gamble until she has to take all the clothing she bought at the mall back.
So, it was off to the Outlet Mall. Luckily, they sold underwear.
Nothing in life is free. And nothing in life is easy. So, I did have to purchase new underwear and I had a little more trouble than I imagined getting out of the Outlet Mall.
The mall seems extremely escapable as it's outside. However, you must be quick with your "Ho-hum, I'll just go to the Casino" story. You must say it nonchalant and give your partner a look that says "I can take it or leave it". Unfortunately for me, she replied "Maybe next time."
I forgot that our chance adventure at the Outlet Mall was a product of me shitting my pants and not a gift on a Saturday of spousal Outlet shopping.
"Look" I said. "I need to sit down and rest. We just spent the last five hours driving from Canada down here and Taco Time made me shit my pants AND I had to go into Banana Republic. I need to chill. This is important to me." Telling a loved one something is important to you is very important. You must use it wisely.
She gave me a look that said that she wouldn't forget it, but I got clearance to leave. I nodded her adieu and made my way through the Outletters.
There is a sick notion in the American mind that goods and services can be had on the cheap by venturing into an Outlet Mall. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the new underwear I was wearing had already begun to split at the seams. There is a reason the Outlets are far away from civilization - it impedes returns.
Teams of tourists surrounded me, looking for bargains, when all I wanted to do was get away from them. The cheap kitchenware and taffy were not the drugs I needed at this time. I needed fireworks, beer, and that feeling that only comes when you pull cash out of a credit card to get your bank account back from the greedy wheel at the roulette table.
"Back, you!" I shouted at the Scientologist that is a permanent fixture at the Outlet Mall.
"But it's just a personality test!" She screamed after me.
"I take that personal!" I screamed back.
Into a Japanese tourist I slammed and spilled their belongings of muffin pans, omelet makers, and fudge named after some damn mountain in Montana that no one knows about or wants to.
Security was on me and took a hold of my collar and shook me like a bag of gold. "Out of here, you joker!" the guard yelled.
"Thank you." I whispered as he shoved me out into the parking lot and on my way to the firework stand.
There's nothing like a firework stand. Well, nothing like a good one: the kind that will sell you enough explosives to get sanctions slapped on you. Tulalip was one.
Much like sister city Auburn, Tulalip did not disappoint in the firework department. They had razzlers, tazzlers, jizzles and phazims. They had rollies, tollies, gollies, and bazims. I made all those words up, but the point is that you simply point at the biggest cannon you see at the stand and say "I'll take that."
Some of the fireworks are themed. There's a Terminator themed pack full of cannons and mortars. There's a Star Wars themed pack of cannons and mortars. There's even a Celebrity Chef pack that has...cannons and mortars.
Because of my hurry and my need to return to my loving wife within the two hours it would take her to figure out nothing fits, I went for the bone: the stuff they pretend they won't sell you unless you act like something illegal is going on.
I approached the fireworks dealer. "Sir - I would like - come closer."
"Yes?" The man asked.
"I hear your firework stand is the best." I cozied up to the register and began toying with a pack of Saturn Missiles seductively.
"Big Tits and Ass Fireworks is the best. My grandfather built Big Tits and Ass Fireworks with his bare hands! Tulalip Nation!" The man screamed and the other firework dealers screamed back.
"Yes, that's all well and good. It is a fine establishment. But tell me this...."
"Yesssss?' He asked, winking.
"Can I get..."
"A tennis ball full of....."
"Gun powder?!"
My head shot up and I looked at him cross and said "Good lord, no! Cocaine! Cocaine, my good man! I want to buy cocaine from you!"
Again I was tossed out of an outlet. This time it was the fireworks kind. I had flown too close to the sun. I figured I'd get some sparklers. Then I figured a mortar. Then I figured an M80. Then I just went all in and asked for cocaine. I was severely off my game.
I got back in the car and began cursing the Tulalip Nation in the only language I knew: English.
Sure, I took some sign language and Spanish, but I didn't remember most of it and wasn't going to Google it.
Not now. Not with the casino a half a mile away.
I parked the car and took out a cigarette from a pack I kept in the trunk for just such an occasion: shitting your pants, getting kicked out of an outlet mall, trying to buy cocaine, and then getting kicked out of a firework stand.
I called it Old Smokey.
Tulalip Casino is a majestic building that greets you with fountains and lights and all the majesty of realizing you are about to lose money you don't have to a video game themed on the premise of milking money out of a cow.
As you enter, the smoke comes on you like hot fudge on a sundae if hot fudge was smoke and you were a sundae. The atmosphere reminds you of a wedding some uncle had before he went to jail for a crime that the family will not acknowledge in public. From room to room you feel that rush of being a racial minority for the first time in your life, only to become just another white guy leering at a cocktail waitress behind aviator glasses in the next room - complicating this is the fact that you're Korean.
There's an aroma of food under the nicotine and perfume, but you can't quite make out what it might be. It could be spare ribs or it could be Pad Thai, but what it won't be is good. There is no good food made by human beings that can be carried from poker table to poker table in a plastic sack. Sure, there's the nice restaurant where you sit down and eat your food at a table instead of in your car crying as you try to figure out how you're going to tell your wife that you lost the life savings and all you got out of it was a free bag of sliders and fries...but you don't want to sit down and eat food like a human. You want to gamble.
Like most casinos, the Tulalip has a club you can join to lose money within a kind of fraternal order of losers. Sure, you'll get free money and smokes and food, but those things just keep you anchored to that casino. No, the real pros skip the club and lose on their own terms.
Like me. It was time to lose money the only way I knew: video slots. Video slots are like the slot machines of old, only they have little video games within them where you get entertained as you pay for three computers and a college education for a Tulalip Nation member's family. There are bonuses, free spins, and even quests where you lose money by way of slaying dragons or orcs or zombies.
I slid a hundred in and began navigating a gnome around a fairytale castle hoping to hit the jackpot that would possibly pay off my car, but certainly wouldn't make me a rich man. As I slid hundred after hundred in the machine, the damn gnome continued to get lost in the flower city of Zambel. I shouted at the gnome "JESUS, WILL YOU PICK THE CORRECT DOOR - THIS IS COSTING ME MONEY!" But the gnome failed to pick the right door and I was out 800 dollars.
I went to the bar.
"At least I can get drunk now." I was left to my own shame in a bar in the casino, nursing a beer and trying to imagine how to rob the Wal Mart next door and actually make any money.
I had another half hour before I would have to meet my wife and explain how we couldn't have kids now.
"You seem down on your luck." The bartender looked at me from behind a mask of years of inbreeding. His eyes were fused and his cycloptic movements made me cringe as he pushed a matchbook across the table to me. "Meet this man at the city limits."
"You mean the Exit door?"
I couldn't possibly see how this man (T.C. said the matchbook) or any other man could help me out in the predicament the Native Americans had put me in. Oh, who was I kidding, it was my fault!
And the Native Americans. And my wife's. If she wouldn't have shit her pants on the way home - but I must not blame, I thought.
"Hear you need a job, kid." It was Tom Cruise.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"I own this place."
"Hell no. I had to take a piss on the way home from Canada. You lose some money?"
"It's true, Mr. Cruise! I am guilty of gambling! But the Native Americans made me do it. It was some ancient curse, some demon that -"
"Speaking of ancient curses - have you heard about Xenu?"
"Good. Now, I hear you need some money."
"YES! I DO! Did the cyclops tell you?"
", that's John Travolta."
"He's a bartender?"
"No. He's a drunk. Look, you want to make some money or not?"
"I don't have to...?" I made a gesture with the hotdog I always keep in my pocket for just such instances.
"Let me just show you."
"Free personality test!" I yelled at the Japanese tourist.
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