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Pack luck this year

I was just thinking about my pack luck this Fifa after seeing a post where a self-proclaimed “shite” player packed Freeze ASM in player pick.
After I finished my initial 5 qualification games I was put into div 6. I didn’t spend any money on fifa points and I just got the regular reward packs for SB, Rivals, and WL. My pack luck was insane... the one day I packed a tradeable Pogba, Martial, and Ben Yedder. Got about 550k for them. I also have packed untradeable Son, Rashford, Aubameyang, etc. Pack luck was literally bonkers.
Fast forward to now, I have moved up to being a div 1 player and I don’t think I have had a walk out in probably the last 3-4 weeks. Tons of pack openings for Black Friday and rewards since then, but nothing. Rarely do I even get boards anymore.
So the more I think about it, FUT literally works like a casino. EA is definitely adjusting the pack luck for the average/lower division players so that they can hook them with a crazy walkout so that they start spending more money/time playing this game. They literally have to be.
I’m glad that I only treat it as a game and I’m able to withstand spending actual money on fifa points. But Jesus Christ this is a disgusting scam by EA... Realistically ruining livelihoods of some people with addictive personalities
TLDR; Pack luck has to be weighted for better rewards if you are in a lower division. It is disgusting how EA is getting people addicted to FUT
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[S] King's Survivor Gallipoli: Saints Vs Sinners

After I tried to stop this series and start a new series (which failed), I am back in the driver's seat for King's Survivor's final phase, since it would probably have lasted longer if Adobe didn't cancel Flash (thanks for rushing my series, mate!). This season, I tried to do what u/swoldow did before and make a season called Saints Vs Sinners, where 10 people who embody the term "Saint" will face off against the people who embody the term "Sinner", but unfortunately, it seemed like a lot of the people who signed up misunderstood the definition of saints and sinners. For the love of god, someone who is slightly villainous is not a "sinner", and average people are not "saints". Oh well. I guess it's the best I'm gonna get. Here is the cast:
Kahramanca (Saints) Tribe:
Ardet Prifti, 31, Rhythm Guitarist, u/Twig7665
Ardet lived a difficult life. Born in Albania with a family that was associated with the mafia meant that Ardet was never safe, and one day, he came back home to find his whole family had been murdered by the Albanian mafia. He spent years on the street, struggling to survive, before he discovered his musical talent. He played a guitar (which he had to steal), which enabled him to earn money. After a few years of doing that, he moved to the United States, where he did his best to get into the largest music college in that country, and actually succeeded. He met some people that became his bandmates, and soon they were pretty popular in the underground scene. When their fame exploded, Ardet's bandmates grew either egotistical or paranoid, but Ardet saw fame as a way to spread awareness for mental illness. He has now become a strong supporter of mental health charities around the country, and he signed up for Survivor to raise money for one of the charities he supports.
Ava Chrisly, 23, Kindergarten Teacher, u/Gemini_B
Ava was born deaf. After her father died when she was 3, her birthmother struggled to care for her and her 3 siblings. Ava was especially tough since she needed special treatment and one night her birthmother left her on the doorstep of a rich widow with a note explaining how Ava got there. The Widow, not wanting to deal with a deaf child, left her outside where she spent a cold night alone and scared. She came across Marissa, a young girl who ran away from home. Marissa took pity on her and the two banded together.
They spent years together on the street with Ava learning to read lips and Marissa learning sign language. Marissa quickly saw that Ava had a gift with children and encouraged her to find a job with kids. Ava didn’t want Marissa to leave, but then Marissa surprised her by revealing she had a scholarship to a teachers college. Ava went off to the collage and became a kindergarten teacher, but when she returned she learned that Ava had gone to jail for stealing from a rich old woman and using the money to bribe a college administrator. Ava promised she’d help bail Marissa out, and learned about survivor. She’s hoping she can win the million to help free Marissa and get their lives on track.
Chelsea Rutherford, 22, Lifeguard, u/IAmWolfNinja
Chelsea was the heiress to the throne of a foreign country with a corrupt government. The wealth that came with such a status meant nothing to her, since she was utterly disgusted with the actions of her family. Knowing her resentment for their governmental policies, Chelsea's family gradually became verbally abusive towards her. Unable to take any more, she escaped as a teen to pursue her own path. When she arrived in America, Chelsea wanted to do everything she could to erase her dark past and the actions of her family, so she got a job as a lifeguard, where she has saved countless lives. She's occasionally recognized as an heiress, but when it's brought up, she tends to have nervous breakdowns.
Chester "Cap'n" Richardson, 67, Retired Naval Officer, u/swoldow
Some may see him as just the average old man, but Cap’n has seen and done things most people couldn't fathom. Cap’n joined the navy at a ripe young age about 5 years before the Cold War began, and learned everything from afar, slowly working up the ranks. When things got bad in Vietnam, he was given the chance to take charge of a ship during the war, and he immediately said yes. He ran the ship strictly, but he got both respect from everyone, as well as being genuinely liked as a person by his crew. He led them to many naval victories but unfortunately that didn't last, when his ship was shot with a torpedo, which blew the whole thing up and killed everyone on it, except for Cap’n. With the emotional baggage of watching people he has gotten to know kick the bucket, he immediately resigned from the navy after. As a result of the shipwreck, his mindset has changed, as he’s now super overprotective of his family, and still can't let the explosion go after years and years of retirement. He hopes Survivor can help him learn more about himself, and be the thing he needs to live the rest of his life in peace.
Cornelius Von Helton, 52, CEO, u/Gemini_B
Cornelius was raised by a family that had fallen from riches and was in tough times. He never expected to get to go to university but got lucky by getting a scholarship for his creative greeting cards. While at university, he enrolled in a business course and after collage started a greeting card business with some friends. All of his friends quickly gave up on the business, but Cornelius stuck through it. When he made a greeting card that was delivered to Eddie Murphy, the comedian was impressed and hired him to do his greeting cards to his friends, family, and invitations to parties. Quickly other celebrities started to hire his business and many fans wanted to get into the trend. His business rapidly expanded and he soon found himself with a company that covered parties, greeting cards, published books and even dabbled in a touch of Realestate. While in his thirties though, Cornelius was mugged while on a walk in the park and got stabbed. He was quickly rushed to the hospital and while there, he was nursed back to health by his soon to be wife. He claims that she saved his life and proceeded to date her after leaving the hospital. She was reluctant at first, but he quickly charmed her and the two have been married for 15 years now. He has two children, a son aged 10 and a daughter aged 8. He's continued to run his business, but leaves most of the work to his higher-ups as he wants to be able to spend as much time with his family and employees as possible. He views his employees as his family and does his best to remember all their names and make the workspace as nice for them as possible. He's come to survivor because his wife loves the show and wanted to compete, but due to growing health issues can't. She's trained him to win, and he wants to do this and win for her.
Dana Vasquez, 43, Stay At Home Mom, (filler character)
Greg Zimmer, 40, High School Teacher, u/AngolanDesert
Greg is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is very trusting and kind and will do anything for the people he loves. Since he grew up in Texas, hard work has always been his priority. He knows that if he wants to win this game, he has to work hard at everything he does. Greg decided to be a high school teacher so he could teach his students the importance of hard work. He has been a fan of survivor for a while, so when he saw that applications for survivor were going out, he knew he had to join in. Hopefully, he won’t disappoint his students.
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Wallerby, 52, Baker, u/ghetra
Gwen works at a bakery where she gets to do what she loves every day: make many different kinds of pies. She is a very warm, loving person and has a reputation for helping out whoever needs it, usually by baking for them. Baking takes a lot of patience and strength, and she is stronger than she looks. She naturally has a very loud voice that sometimes irks people, but once they get to know her it quickly becomes endearing. Now that her children are out of the house, she has started reading much more and taking classes on different subjects that interest her. The world is her oyster.
Kirk Smolarek, 62, History Teacher, u/Twig7665
Kirk never had a normal childhood. His mom walked out on his family not long after he was born, and his father was a former Polish soldier with PTSD and a severe drug addiction, leading to Kirk experiencing abuse from him for as long as Kirk can remember. Wanting to escape his miserable life, he smuggled himself on a boat bound for Australia when he was 16. Lo and behold, the ship got caught in a windstorm and ended up sinking, and Kirk and a few other survivors ended up stranded on an island. After spending more than a month there, he was taken back to his homeland after being found there. He ended up being the only survivor of the whole ordeal. He was returned to his deranged father, where the next time his father tried to abuse him, he fought back, causing his father to end up in the hospital. Deemed not guilty because he defended himself, Kirk did not spend time in prison for this. His father on the other hand did spend time there for drug-related charges and child abuse, but was killed by another inmate before he could be released. Kirk then went to college, where he studied history there, and decided to become a history teacher. He then kept that job title for over 40 years now, and despite being in his 60s, he is still an enjoyable presence for his students, as he incorporates unusual teaching methods to make his students interested in what he's teaching. Despite being financially stable, he wants to win the money so he can be well off when he retires in a few years.
Maralyn Sander, 32, Tour Guide, u/Void_Drone
Maralyn gives tours of New York, driving around in her bus, answering questions, watching broadway shows. And she spends most of her money on her family, except for the money she spent on her pink pearl necklace. She enjoys the tours for the most part, but when she's alone she vents about how annoying the tours can be.
Kotu Adam (Sinners) Tribe:
Alexa Station, 20, YouTuber, u/IAmWolfNinja
A 3AM YouTuber who arrived late to the trend, Alexa has a tendency to flex her belongings when no one really cares. She was recently involved in a scandal where she faked her boyfriend's death, causing endless amounts of controversy, and a near arrest. Her sub count is dropping significantly every day, so she joined to help gain her popularity (relevancy) back.
Carter Witworth, 23, College Student, u/JTsidol
Witworth, he was born to a extremely rich family, but his parents didn’t have time for him, but spoiled him rotten, when he got into school, he was known for being a bully, however no one confronted him, and everytime he’d get in trouble or fail a test, his parents would pay his way out, last year, he got a slap in the face, when his parents yet again had to bribe the college board to accept him, they cut off his allowance, he’s playing just for the money, nothing else.
Irvin Eamers, 32, Olympic Sprinter, u/asiansurvivorfan
A born athlete, Irvin loved competing in all sports but wasn’t known to play fair as he was never a team player and would often torment others to win. He started training for the Olympics at the age of 17 and eventually got the opportunity to compete in multiple Olympics where he took home many gold medals. However, they were striped from him when he was caught doping and using steroids to give him an edge in races. After the controversy, Irvin’s current wife left him and he was banned from competing in any future competitions. He came on Survivor for one reason and that is that is the money as he’s currently being sued by the Olympic committee.
Jessica Abrefa, 25, Poker Player, u/Twig7665
Jessica wasn't the most well off growing up, she lived in Alabama, where racism was rampant. As such, she was bullied for her race, until one day, she decided that they will all be wrong about her not being able to do anything because of her skin colour. She publicly humiliated the whole football team at her high school, and that stunt got her expelled in her senior year. She didn't care, and then she decided to run away to Las Vegas, which she did. While there, she started modeling, but found it boring. She then picked up the hobby of gambling, and played her first poker match when she was 21. She proved herself to be a formidable foe by beating one of the top poker players at the time, a dude named Brett Herman. Impressed by her skills, he tried to form a bond with her, but she turned him down due to him being a very paranoid man. Now, Jessica dates and cheats on men almost daily, and is considered one of the top female poker players, despite only playing for a few years. An avid Survivor fan, she wants to be as flirty and manipulative as she is in her real life. The only problem would be meeting another poker player, but she finds it unlikely that she will.
Joey "Wildcard" Caruso, 24, Poker Player, u/wordonthestreet2
Joey did not grow up with the best moral compass as his father notoriously had ties to the mafia. He used the money his father made through illegitimate businesses to gamble throughout his teenage years. When his father learned about his poker abilities and how easy it was for him to manipulate his opponents they began using his poker career as a way to launder mafia money through various casinos. He is known for his excellent poker face and unpredictable style of play which earned him the nickname Wildcard.
Maize Nguyen, 28, Heiress, u/Vicctoryy
From the outside looking in, the Nguyen Family Dynasty of San Francisco looks like a well supported and strong business, but from the inside, things are crumbling apart. The matriarch and patriarch are always at each other's necks over the company, leaving their children to clean up their messes. Maize, being the oldest, has taken it upon herself to lead the company, and she leads with an iron will and even harder iron fist. While she seems like a worthy replacement for her faulty parents, she has never been afraid to leave with force. Anyone at the receiving end of a verbal lashing from Maize is likely to not return to work the next day, or ever again. She is arrogant, rude, demeaning, and yet she gets things done. Saving the company from absolute bankruptcy caused a lot of backlash, but Maize couldn't care less. Success should be accomplished by stepping on the necks of those who aren't ready for the power, and Maize has done that exact thing. Any person in Maize's way has been an obstacle she has to conquer, and with a flip of her finger, that obstacle is no longer a problem. She has never been afraid to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and unfortunately, those eggs have just been working class people struggling to make minimum wage and put dinner on their table. Too bad for them according to Maize. Maize has come to Survivor to prove that the Nguyen Dynasty is far from over, and their business monopoly will run on for years with Maize at the front of it. She is the iceberg, everyone else is a ship with no idea of what's in their way. Those too bold to step in her way are trampled, quite literally. Maize has no problem with controversy, controversy brings attention, attention brings money, and money brings power.
Molly-Anne Benson, 26, Marketing Assistant, u/ghetra
Molly-Anne is a social butterfly. She loves chatting with people about pretty much anything and loves meeting and getting to know new people. She has a natural charm about her that draws people in, but sometimes people are bothered by how chatty she is. She also loves to gossip and is not above spreading rumors. However, she is rather sensitive and can be set off by just about anything. She frequently will push people's buttons if they offend her and will hold a grudge until the end of time.
Nikki Lopez, 29, Stripper, u/Void_Drone
Randall Martin, 49, Real Estate Agent, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Being a self proclaimed sleazeball, which is a very weird thing to be proud of, Randall's life was never too good. He didn't grow up with a lot of close friends. Sure, people liked him at first, but when they really got to know him they didn't appreciate him nor his antics very much. Randall had to make a name for himself. He quickly found a career in the world of real estate. Not even his co-workers enjoyed his company, but they appreciated his skills. Being a fast and smooth talker really pays off in his industry. And now, Randall wants to put his skills to use in SURVIVOR. How well will that pan out?
Vito Luco, 49, Used Car Salesman, u/swoldow
Vito is the last person you'd want to trust with anything. A true con-artist at heart, he now has a job selling used cars, but his past jobs would make you run away from him in fear. When he was younger, he was a part of a major drug-trafficking operation run by the mafia, and he later got a job selling illegal fireworks, both of which got him to do jail time for a decade. Newly released, he seems to be back to his old ways, as he scams people out of their money daily with his faulty cars. He was born constantly overshadowed by his perfect younger brother, who is a popular politician, while he just swindles from people. As a result, he hates people who play loyally, and wants to prove that evil is the best way to play. He isn't afraid to play hard, as that's what he did all his life, and he'll either win, or go out swinging.
Link to Season
Episode 1: The 20 new contestants are welcomed into Turkey, where their first task is to compete in a challenge for reward. The Sinners tribe win this reward due to having more young and fit members than the Saints tribe. As a result, the Saints are already demoralized as they arrive at camp. Cap'n starts to feel good vibes from Ardet and Maralyn, and takes them under his wing to form an alliance. Ava, on the other hand, reveals that she is deaf to Chelsea and Gwen, and the three form another alliance due to being close to one another already. Cap'n sees this and scrambles to find an idol, and does so. Over at the Sinners tribe, Witworth and Jessica see their opportunity to look for an idol, and they find it, giving them more security, while back at camp, Maize and Nikki get into a fight over thinking that the other has an idol, which neither of them do. Vito becomes the moderator of this fight, saying that the three of them plus Irvin and Molly need to stick together in the long run. Randall sees this alliance form and tries to get Alexa, Jessica, Witworth, and Wildcard on board, which they all agree to at first, but then Wildcard sees this as his opportunity to cause conflict within his tribe, so he becomes content with being a swing vote. The Sinners win immunity, and on the Saints tribe it quickly becomes a race to see who can scrape up the swing votes the fastest between Cap'n's alliance and Ava's alliance. Dana becomes the target for Ava's alliance because of her weakness in challenges and her blind loyalty, while Greg is targeted by Ardet and Cap'n due to his shiftiness. They are able to get Kirk and Dana on board to blindside Greg, and they try to talk to Gwen, but she does not flip. Instead, at tribal council, we end up with a 5-5 split, followed by a 4-4 vote split due to no one flipping. Then a rock draw occurs on the first vote of the season. Ardet becomes the victim of the rocks, sending him out of the game despite never receiving a single vote.
Episode 2: After an explosive first vote, Cap'n tries to figure out who flipped on the six and sent Ardet home. No one tells him who did it, so he assumes it was Ardet. Ava tries to flip Maralyn from Cap'n's alliance, but is unsuccessful at doing so. At the Sinners camp, Jessica and Witworth, despite being closely aligned, argue over who gets to keep the idol, and Witworth ends up keeping it in the end. The Saints pull out a surprise victory over the fractured Sinners, and back at camp, Wildcard decides to snake the alliance he was pretending to work with, and joins Vito's alliance. Their first target is none other than Alexa, who saw this game as nothing other than a tool to get more relevancy back, and it particularly irked Vito, who wanted to play against people who played hard. So together, with his alliance and Wildcard, they vote for Alexa. Meanwhile, the four person alliance realizes that Wildcard snaked them, so they vote for him, and Alexa becomes the second person voted off in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 3: After Alexa's vote off, Irvin tries to bond with Vito, wanting to be his right hand man, and they become closer due to both being sleazy people. Wildcard begins to feel like he's in control, and it starts to annoy people on his tribe. At the Saints camp, Cap'n starts to rub people the wrong way because of his cockiness due to having an idol, but no one catches on to him having an idol, which is good news for him, because he plans on holding onto the idol until the merge. The Sinners win immunity for the third time, and they grow cocky because of this. Cap'n and Kirk, being the two oldest men on the tribe, join forces with Dana and Maralyn to take out their biggest threat in the opposing alliance, Greg. However, the other side has majority, and they decide that Dana has been blindly loyal to the other three, and hasn't been pulling her weight in challenges, so she becomes the third person voted out in a 5-4 vote.
Episode 4: After a somewhat boring vote, Greg starts to get paranoid, since he's already gotten 9 votes and it's only episode 4. He then tries to get the minority alliance to pin their votes onto Gwen, but Gwen gets angry at him for doing so, and they have an argument. At Sinners camp, Jessica tries to talk to Irvin, trying to get his alliance to help hers take out Wildcard, and Irvin tells Vito about the plan, and Vito starts to see Wildcard as not being of use anymore. After losing the reward challenge, the Saints come back harder and beat the Sinners at the next challenge. Wildcard lets Vito know that he is going to vote Maize, since he wants to make a big move early on. This becomes the final nail in Wildcard's coffin, as Vito was quite close to Maize. At tribal council, Wildcard becomes the first unanimous boot of the season, going out in a 8-1 vote.
Episode 5: Vito starts to think that Irvin has been playing way too loyally, and he gets into a discussion with him that slowly devolves into a full-blown fight between them, but Vito, realizing that Irvin would make a bad enemy, tries to make it up to him, and it works. The Sinners win both reward and immunity, and they feel elated about it. Cornelius goes to Cap'n and proposes an alliance to him, allowing them to control things from behind the scenes with Maralyn. He also reveals that he has grown a disdain for Greg, and that they need to flip the numbers on him. They get Gwen and Kirk on board, or so they think, but Gwen blabs to Greg and their alliance, leading to Kirk to flip as well. They decide to vote Cornelius out due to him being the biggest gamer on the tribe, and he goes in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 6: The tribes pack up their things, anticipating a swap, but then the host announces that they will be competing for individual immunity on their tribe, and whoever wins will be safe from the double tribal council taking place that night. Maralyn wins for the Saints, and Vito wins for the Sinners. The Sinners also win reward, earning food to enjoy while they watch the other tribe go to tribal council. Witworth, Jessica, and Randall decide it was now or never to get rid of Maize, who had a fight with Randall earlier that day, but Vito, hearing about this, decides that Randall is the biggest sleaze on his tribe, and he needed to go as soon as possible. In his voting confessional, he states there can be only one sleazy guy on the tribe, and that was himself, so Randall had to go, and Randall becomes the sixth person voted out in a 5-3 vote, and he is bitter as all hell about it. At the Saints tribe, Cap'n becomes angry over the fact he cannot vote in the majority, and it makes the majority annoyed with him, so they decide to vote him off. Luckily for Cap'n, he still has an idol, so he and Maralyn vote for the most threatening player in their minds, Chelsea, and Cap'n plays his idol, sending Chelsea out of the game in a 2-0 vote.
Episode 7: After Chelsea's idol out, Cap'n officially became public enemy number one on his tribe, and he tries to find his rehidden idol, but Kirk finds it instead. Maralyn and Greg have a fight due to the food on their tribe running low, and morale being even lower. At the Sinners tribe, Nikki begins to be seen as an easy goat due to her one-sided loyalty to Vito. Morale at the Saints tribe dips even lower when they lose both reward and immunity. Not wanting to lose again,the majority decide to vote off their oldest member, Cap'n, as a last ditch attempt to prevent them from going on a losing streak. Cap'n and Maralyn vote for Greg, and Cap'n becomes the eighth person voted out in a 5-3 vote, missing out on the jury by one placement.
Episode 8: After Cap'n's vote out, there are only five members on the Saints tribe, compared to the Sinners having seven. The Sinners increase their winning streak by two by winning both reward and immunity. At the Sinners camp, Jessica and Witworth have another fight over the idol, with Jessica insisting that she keep it. This causes the rest of the tribe to be alerted to the fact that Jessica and Witworth have an idol, and Witworth becomes a target because of this. At the Saints tribe, the women form a tight three, and Kirk and Greg are forced to band together to survive. At tribal council, the three women stay strong, and Greg is voted out 3-2 and becomes the first member of the jury, leaving only four Saints left in the game.
Episode 9: With his back up against the wall, Kirk knows that he's probably gone next if he didn't have the idol, which ensured his survival until merge. The Saints finally win a challenge, a reward challenge, but lose immunity once again to the inflated egos of the Sinners. Not much else happens this episode, but Kirk tries to get Maralyn to flip and vote out Ava, but she disagrees to do so, and she votes for Gwen instead, making Kirk not trust her, and he decides to vote for her, while also playing his idol. This causes a 1-1-0 tie between Gwen and Maralyn, and Ava, misunderstanding what would happen if she forced a tie, votes for Gwen while Kirk votes for Maralyn, and Ava becomes the second person in King's Survivor history to be eliminated by default, due to there being no other options, and she becomes the second member of the jury
Episode 10: At long last, the tribes merge into the purple Ucurum tribe, meaning balance in Turkish. Left in the game is Witworth, Gwen, Irvin, Jessica, Kirk, Maize, Maralyn, Molly, Nikki, and Vito. At first, it seems like it would be Saint Vs Sinner, but Jessica and Witworth come to the three Saints left in the game, and they convince them to vote with them come tribal council. Vito wins his second immunity challenge of the season, and his target was Witworth for being the strongest male not in his alliance, and also for lying about not having an idol, which he believed was given to Jessica. At tribal council, the lines cause a 5-5 divide between Irvin and Witworth, and on the revote, Maralyn randomly decides to flip to avoid a tie, and Carter Witworth becomes the third member of the jury, and also another person to go out with an idol in their pocket. He is understandably pretty pissed about this ordeal, but wishes his tribe well.
Episode 11: The day after Witworth's blindside, the nine remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, which the team containing Irvin, Maralyn, and Vito win. At the reward, Irvin and Vito realize how dangerous Maralyn could be after she starts trying to talk game with them. Soon afterwards, Maralyn finds the idol, and Jessica calls out Molly for following Vito almost blindly. Nikki wins the second post merge immunity challenge, and Vito tries to recruit Jessica for the vote, which succeeds. They then choose to target Maralyn, since she was the most threatening out of the three Saints, and the six remaining Sinners pin votes onto her. Unfortunately for them, Maralyn pulls out an idol, and the Saints vote for Irvin, a potential immunity threat, making him the fourth member of the jury in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: After Irvin's blindside, only two men are still in the game, compared to the six women. Nikki is able to find an idol, after thinking that she hasn't been playing hard enough, while Molly gets into a fight with Maralyn over the latter pulling out an idol, which she hadn't wanted her to do. Molly wins immunity, and it becomes a battle of the Saints Vs the Sinners, just like the theme of the season. The Saints go after Maize, wanting to weaken Vito further before going after him, but they are unable to swing anyone over and Vito, fueled by vengeance, gets his alliance to vote for Maralyn. In a 5-3 vote, Maralyn becomes the fifth member of the jury. Back at camp, the final seven become annoyed at Nikki's arrogance after being safe from being voted out, so she becomes a target for the two remaining Saints left. Kirk also becomes a target for being a perceived leader for Gwen, causing him to be target numero uno. After Kirk wins immunity, the target shifts from him to Gwen, due to her being perceived as not wanting to play the game, and rather would be along for the ride, which Vito found unpalatable. Kirk and Gwen then try to vote out Molly for her strength in challenges, and in the end, Gwen gets the boot in a 5-2 vote, making her the sixth juror.
Episode 13: With only six people left in the game, the final reward challenge takes place. Maize wins it, and she shares it with Vito, her closest ally, and Jessica, who her and Vito wanted to bring closer. Soon, they realize what a threat she could be, especially because she's a poker player, she becomes the biggest target instead of Kirk. Luckily for her, she wins immunity. Kirk tries to bond with Maize as a way to get Vito to not vote him out, but it backfires, and he becomes the biggest target yet again. At tribal council, he votes for Molly, but everyone else votes for him, making him the seventh juror in a 5-1 vote and completely eliminating the Saints from the game.
Finale: Jessica, Maize, Molly, Nikki, and Vito remain. Five players who had remarkably different playing styles, but all came from the same tribe. They compete in the second-to-last immunity challenge, which Maize wins, and the biggest target becomes Jessica again, who has proven herself to be the only player not following Vito, and only voting with him just to get further in the game. Vito does not feel the same way about keeping Jessica around, so he and his alliance with Nikki, Molly, and Maize vote for her, and Nikki plays her idol in case someone flipped on her, and Jessica becomes the eighth juror in a 4-0 vote. Back at camp, Vito feels incredibly cocky, and he tries to influence a fight, and he does so between Nikki and Maize. He then goes on to win final immunity, and Nikki tanks her own game with her fight with Maize, and everyone votes her out, causing her to become the ninth juror in a 3-1 vote. The final three consists of Maize, Molly, and Vito. Molly gets criticism for her lack of strategy, only using her social game to get far, and her challenge capabilities. Maize is seen as following too closely to Vito, but the jury is willing to vote for her if Vito tanks his jury speech. He does not, and explains his game in great detail, saying he started out forming a five person alliance on the first night, he commenced the Wildcard blindside, the Witworth blindside, the Jessica blindside, etc. He did it all, but the bonds he formed in the game were genuine, and he didn't intend his villainous backstabbing to be taken personal. In the end, he gets all the jury votes, even from two people he never met, Greg and Ava. Maralyn wins the Fan Favorite for standing up to Vito and her idol play.
Winner: Vito Luco, u/swoldow
Fan Favorite: Maralyn Sander, u/Void_Drone
Potential Returnees (yeah, I haven't done this in a while): Vito, Jessica, Kirk, Maralyn, WItworth, Ava, Cap'n, maybe Ardet, if I do a first boot season
Next season, will be the final season before season 35, I won't spoil the theme for 35, but trust me, it won't be a season to miss. Season 34 however, with the release of the new Island Of The Idols sim, it will feature two King's Survivor Idols, who will be revealed with the sign ups. Next season will be King's Survivor Venezuela: Island Of The Idols!
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Top Minds of MGTPSOWOWOW ponder historically low marriage rates, and come to a natural conclusion or two.

High risk, high reward betting?
Because men are starting to see it for the scam it is
Men still want to get married. Men are now paying for companionship instead of dating. The only thing that changed is women now want a man who has 6 figure salary, 6 foot tall, 6 inch penis, and 6 felonies.
Women are like a casino. They often sell dreams for cash. Hence marriage. Whatever the game or the name. The rules are always the same
Big government solutions? "'Man'ifesto" is the new "Her-story", you heard it here first.
"Men need to step up to the plate and start acting like men."
"Men need to stop being so selfish and put someone else first."
"Men are stuck in childhood and need to grow-up."
"Men can't handle the fact that women are strong and independent nowadays."
"Men are being radicalized on the internet to hate women."
Did I miss any of the tired and worn-out excuses?
I'm all for marriage when: women, legislators and feminists:
Establish a prenuptial agreement, that is worth the paper it's printed on.
Pass legislation criminalizing false accusations.
Pass legislation for redress, so men can sue women who falsely accuse them.
Pass legislation that provides for the rights of fathers in paternity. Require that universal genetic testing be completed upon the birth of a child.
Pass legislation for either:
A. Enacting universal selective service (both sexes).
B. Abolishing selective service entirely.
Pass legislation for equal wages, based on work completed for the SAME type of jobs. Dangerous work does NOT equal cushy office jobs.
Abolish ALL family courts, in order to establish a more equitable system. A system that will truly be in the best interest of the child. 25% of monies collected will be held in trust for the child, payable at age 18.
Abolish ALL quotas. The best candidate gets the job.
Establish policy in health and wellness research equitably between specific sex health diseases. Indefinitely, additional funds are to be provided for mens health, until the gap in mortality rates between the sexes is closed.
Establish a universal retirement date for Social Security.
I could go on. Once all these are met, the barriers to marriage will be eliminated.
Actually I would like it if you went on. Better still do a comprehensive, concise as possible list of fair demands. I would print it off. Thank you.
Maybe a "Man"ifesto is needed.
Some are ready to celebrate, others recommend caution.
Let me open a champagne bottle hurray !!
So now we all have to pay via taxes and increased health insurances for those unsettled whores with their mental illnesses, IVF treatment etc.?
Something about the election and COVID?
Can't wait to see the 2020 results. Will probably try to blame covid and people will wait till it's gone but we know better.
Something about neurotic control freaks.
All because of feminism -- all because.
Women are inherently control freaks, like all people who are insanely neurotic.
True men simply cannot abide being in a subordinate position to a control freak. It strips us of our dignity. It's demoralizing.
So, increasingly, men will abandon the ranks until the women in charge have nobody left under them. It's a slow bleed because there are so many Millennial soycucks that were raised on a steady diet of women-r-wonderful and some of them have to get burned multiple times before they start to clue in to the fact that it really is all women.
Something racist about harpies.
They’re just gonna import foreigners and the White harpies will grudgingly marry them.
Funny nonetheless...
Something about sowing and reaping.
Only in a society this intellectually dishonest could you 'NoT kNoW wHY" lmao

You've sown it, now reap it.

If this is truly all this person worries about, I am jealous:
The only thing I worry about is that once we reach a critical mass of guys not marrying the whamens will push for yet more social protection, start pushing for things like manditory common law marriage for not only co-hab couples but also BF/GF status. They will do anything to put their hands into our wallets, nothing would surprise me anymore.
Some assorted boasting:
I'm Prime Grade A Certified marriage material. But them bitches can't have me.
and preening:
Tell ya what, ladies:
I'll stop putting myself first when you stop putting yourselves first.
and weird flexing:
Because sex robots now exist and we'd rather pay tech support than child support ;)
And here's a sleepy kitten on a ball of yarn being 100% more socially effectual than any of these blowhards.
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Emojino Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Emojino Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Emojino Casino Free Spins and Welcome Bonus
Open your account at Emojino Casino and receive 20 Exclusive Free Spins! In addition, take advantage of 100 gratis spins and a 100% welcome bonus. There are €1500 and 120 free spins up for grabs! Fast payments! Mobile-friendly website! No download needed!
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Emojino Casino casino review

We decided to try out Emojino Casino and put it to the test, collected all the important details, and turned it into a neat little packet - all neatly for Your benefit. Same as always, we’re happy to report good and not so good aspects of the casino. Because it’s our pride to keep you and all our other readers well-informed, we’ve mentioned everything you’d want to know.
We examined the available casino bonuses and the T’s & C’s for the bonuses (remember that the T’s & C’s are super important when assessing the overall quality of a casino bonus). We also tried out the functionality of Emojino Casino mobile casino, looked into the selection of games, had a chat with their customer support, and gone through the fine print for the available payment options. We’ve obviously also controlled their policy about responsible gaming as well as other important details about the casino.

Emojino Casino casino review

We decided to try out Emojino Casino and put it to the test, collected all the important details, and turned it into a neat little packet - all neatly for Your benefit. Same as always, we’re happy to report good and not so good aspects of the casino. Because it’s our pride to keep you and all our other readers well-informed, we’ve mentioned everything you’d want to know.
We examined the available casino bonuses and the T’s & C’s for the bonuses (remember that the T’s & C’s are super important when assessing the overall quality of a casino bonus). We also tried out the functionality of Emojino Casino mobile casino, looked into the selection of games, had a chat with their customer support, and gone through the fine print for the available payment options. We’ve obviously also controlled their policy about responsible gaming as well as other important details about the casino.
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Frequently asked questions

Is Emojino Casino a scam?
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Emojino Casino Bonuses

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Emojino Casino Bonuses

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No Deposit Bonus at Emojino Casino

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If you max it out, the Emojino Casino welcome bonus offers 100 free spins and 100% bonus money up to 300€. The play through requirements are for the free spins - 40 times the winnings, and for the extra bankroll it’s 40 times the xb. The games you can play while playing with the bonus include .
The Emojino Casino welcome bonus is a four-piece bonus giving you something extra on both your first 4 deposits. If you choose to maximize the bonus, the total value is 1500€.
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The 3rd deposit in this welcome pack gives 25% bonus up to 400€.
The 4th deposit and the final bonus in the welcome package offers 75% up to 400€.
The play through requirement is 40 times the xb.
Make sure you’ve read the T’c & C’s about wagering and the eligible games to play.

Emojino Casino Promotions

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Emojino Casino has a variation of recurring bonuses, offers, and competitions. They’re not offering something every day of the week, but it’s plenty a week for the infrequent player. The Emojino Casino deposit bonus deals are of high standard all things considered.
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Emojino Casino Bonus details
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With additions such as
  • Blackjack
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there’s more than enough to keep us entertained for a long time.
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Emojino Casino Mobile

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Emojino Casino has the majority of their games available in their mobile casino, and the overall functionality is good. There are no obvious issues with the mobile version and we like the useability. It’s clear that Emojino Casino has invested time and energy into creating their mobile casino.
There’s only one thing that should improve, the banking options in the mobile casino. This is often the case, though, because some payment options have less functionality with mobile devices and are more difficult to implement into a casino. The banking options, and the always present fact that the selection of mobile slots and other casino games could have been bigger, are the only issues we’d want to see improved.

Emojino Casino Deposit And Withdrawals

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Emojino Casino Support Options

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The support at Emojino Casino is good enough to keep us. We have several ways to reach the support, including a live chat function. If you’d want call in, or send an email, just go ahead and do so. The only slightly negative point is that the live chat is only open during “business hours”, i.e. when most of us are at work.

Responsible gaming with Emojino Casino

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  • Time Out Period
  • Self Exclusion
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  • Financial Limits
  • Direct Link to Help Organisation
  • Reality Check Reminder
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Emojino Casino Summary

We really like Emojino Casino. They’re great in many aspects and aren't just another random casino. Their total score is satisfactory and they’ve covered almost all bases.
A 4-Star rating is a good result, and Emojino Casino is really worth a try. Go on and make your way to Emojino Casino right now and benefit from the exclusive Mr. Gamble offers that’s waiting for you.
Even the banking options are top-notch and covers everything from mobile payments to e-wallets and bank cards.. Whatever payment method you’re using you’ll find it here.
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Who is the devil of Cuphead?

Cuphead is a wonderful game, and doubtless one you’ve heard about. It’s the kind of game that’s possible to theorize about- sure, you’ve perhaps seen one or two theories about it- but for the most part, it’s a game with a storyline, and not a storyline full of gaps and hints to a deep, hidden lore. It’s one with a clear, definite story. A simple one. And when you play it, you get the impression that the game is telling you the whole story.
A game with a simple plot calls for a simple theory. So, this first one will be short, simple, and overall, just a simple conclusion I came to while thinking about the game.
Once I was thinking about the character who is called the devil. He’s the antagonist of the story. The devil is the owner of a big, grand casino. The brothers Cuphead and Mugman wandered far from their home against the warnings of their caretaker, the Elder Kettle. They wound up at the devil’s casino, where they discovered gambling, and fell into a trap. Winning a few rolls at the die, they were blinded by the easy rewards of gambling and accepted the challenge when the devil offered to either give them all the riches in the casino, or take their souls. Cuphead rolled the dice and lost to the devil. The brothers begged for mercy, and the devil reconsidered. He told the brothers that he would spare them if they brought to him a long list of soul contracts.
From then on, the game starts. You must fight a handful of extremely difficult bosses, and upon beating each one Cuphead earns their soul contract. The Elder Kettle advises them, to once they earn every contract and return to the casino, turn the tables and fight the devil himself. The devil ends up becoming the final boss of the game, and upon defeating him the brothers release every soul and set free their home of Inkwell Isle once and for all.
The question I asked myself was, why is the Elder Kettle against the devil? Sure, he’s forcing the brothers to betray to him the souls of innocent individuals, but he and many other characters Cuphead meets on his journey act as if the devil is corrupt and causes trouble. Of course, the devil is an evil character, but what has he actually done in the past to earn such a reputation?
I came to conclusion after thinking it all over. The devil must be taxing all the residents of Inkwell Isle! The devil is taxing everyone unfairly, and they are forced to pay against their will. If they cannot, the devil takes their souls. That’s why he refers to the individuals he tasks the brothers to defeat as “debtors”.
But why does he have a casino? The devil's casino is a place the devil built for the residents of Inkwell Isle to come to gamble and try to win back the money the devil taxed them. But in reality, they never win. The casino is just a scam; the devil’s method of squeezing even more money out of everyone.
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Vanilla Network - staking / P2P betting dApps

During my usual uniswap listing scope, I come across an interesting project, that for once I liked the look of. If you're partial to the uniswap 'gem' hunting, then like myself and the rest of the frogs and apes on CT. You'd know there are a lot of potential scams, frauds and copy pasta's. So, here i was looking at a well developed UI and .... a NON ANON team, well "defi me sideways and call me sally". That in itself is a rarity.
The main functionality of the project is a staking / rewards metric for investors that stake into the ecosystem.
There is also a release to come in December. The release of the betting platform. Where you can use tele/discord to bet on the price of other assets between community members. Also a platform on the UI containing somewhat of a casino approach. With divs going back to stakers.
Fascinating project with a lot of upside potential.
All runs on a Deflationary model. Circulating supply is 450k burning down to 100k
twitter review unicrypt liq-lock staking platform
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Time for a change.

Im 26 now and have been gambling since I was 18. It didnt really become a habit for me until I was 22. I have a good job. So money Hasn't been an issue. Whenever I lose. I just think, Ill make more and make it back up. I should have way more money saved by now at my age.
It's the stupid vegas deals and being only a 40 min flight away. having a top level rewards card at caesars properies. My casino host always trying to entice me with deals to return.

The free rooms and etc are all such a scam. I've lost about 140k throughout my gambling career and so theres no getting it back. It's time to focus on living a healthier lifestyle.

It's a combination of things for me. I love the environment and atmosphere. The drinking, the drugs, women and all mixed with gamblng. It's just bad.

So today, Im making the choice to cut out gambling completely. also, just cut down on the drinking because thats what usually leads to bad decisions.
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OpPrison - Reset | December the 5th 2020

OpPrison - Reset | December the 5th 2020
By Max-Owner
OpPrison - PikaNetwork 2020
December 5th 2020, 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST
Greetings PikaCrafters,
It has been a while since we have had a reset announcement, hasn’t it? Well, we are excited to announce this brand new reset we have planned for prison! The reset will take place on 8 PM CET - Saturday, December 5, 2020, so mark it in your calendars now!
Our theme for this reset is a dark alleyway/crime scene, but for now, you can enjoy a festivity Snowy and Christmasy spawn. We will go back to the original spawn we planned on once December is over.
Within this forum post will all the changes we made and plan to make be listed. If there is still something you want changing, feel free to reply to this thread before its release, if there is enough support for it, we will consider making the change. We are especially wondering If there are any blocks you are missing within the shop, suggest anything that could maybe help you
Let's not make it longer and go straight to the details since that's what people are interested in.
When planning the introduction to the season, we thought, why not introduce it with a rank giveaway or some store credit? If you want to enter this giveaway please head over to the official post on our Instagram page.

Login • Instagram

Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.📷
The release of the brand new OpPrison server is scheduled on Saturday, December 5, 2020, we are expecting the release around 8 PM CET. Saturday 5th December 2020 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST / 13:00 CST / 12:00 MT / 11:00 PST
Please note: The release time can be a couple of minutes later, we are trying to reach 8 PM CET.

📷 | Christmas -Themed Cell Build Competition​

We have decided to run a Snow/Christmas themed build competition. This will take place from the prison release on the Saturday right through until Wednesday 23 December. All users can participate in this competition and we want you to spice up your cell, and when we say spice it up, we mean blow our heads off with creativity! There are no limits to your creativity, although you must not break any of our server rules in the process, think outside the box, not just your classic Santa Claus or Christmas Tree. We will review all of the entries to find our winner.
For more information and where to submit your entries, click the following link: coming soon.
  • 📷 1st Prize: $75 Store Voucher
  • 📷 2nd Prize: $50 Store Voucher
  • 📷 3rd Prize: $25 Store Voucher
📷 | BlockTop event
We have decided to add the following event to prison, called BlockTop. This is the start of the map event and entails mining blocks. The more blocks you mine, the higher you will be on block top. This is a competition, so if you place within the top 3 people on the leaderboard at the end of the second week you will be rewarded. If you wish to check your current position on the leaderboard, simply run /blockstop in-game and it will tell you your position.
  • 📷 1st Prize: $75 Store Voucher
  • 📷 2nd Prize: $50 Store Voucher
  • 📷 3rd Prize: $25 Store Voucher
📷 | Gang Top Rewards ​This new season of prison, will we have each 2 weeks payouts for the top gangs, this will go on till the end of the season. This will be paid out every Saturday.
Every 2 weeks Rewards: #1, #2, & #3
  • 📷 1st Prize: $75 Store Voucher
  • 📷 2nd Prize: $50 Store Voucher
  • 📷 3rd Prize: $25 Store Voucher
End of the Season Reward:
  • 📷 1st Prize: €250 PayPal Money + €250 Store Coupon for Prison
  • 📷 2nd Prize: €100 PayPal Money + €150 Store Coupon for Prison
  • 📷 3rd Prize: €150 Store Coupon for Prison
The end of the season rewards will be paid out after 70 days of the release!
Among other things, the following has been changed/updated:
📷| Fixes & Bugs We have listened to your feedback. Since last season was our very first, we expected there to be a couple of bugs, so we have taken all of the reports you have submitted and we have worked on each and every single one of them to make sure that they aren’t repeated this season. If you do encounter any bugs or issues in the new season please use the bug report system the same as the last map and we will look to fix them as soon as possible during the new reset!
📷 | Cells Unfortunately, during last season when we implemented plots we experienced a number of performance issues, and even though plots was a great feature for prison to add we cannot simply fix the issues within this public plugin so we have decided to change it up and introduce our own custom cells plugin for this reset.
Cells are typically like islands on skyblock, you can start with a maximum of 4 people in your cell, however you can upgrade your cell and increase the member size. Not only can you upgrade the members you can also upgrade the size of your cell. Have control over the permissions and much more!
Inside those cells you can store armor, weapons and much more! They are located in a separate world that can be accessed by typing /cell command. This is also the help command for cells so if you’re looking to see the full list of commands available with this plugin run that as well!
Use the cell to start your own shop and make a profit, create a competitive environment with a casino and gamble or farm resources. If you’re more creative you can use the cell to just build and have fun.
TIP use [cell] in chat! All players will be allowed to type [cell] in chat which will create a clickable chat message, if a player clicks the chat message he will be teleported to your cell!
📷| Drugs In the spawn area, take a walk behind Santa and a secret entrance will be found, in this area you will find an NPC. The drug dealer npc will sell you seeds that you can harvest drugs with inside your cell. After harvesting them, head back to the drug dealer to sell them for a great price.
The drug dealer allows you to purchase different drug seeds and you can only sell a selected amount of fully grown drugs per day back to him. The sell prices is a fraction of the price of your rank up. This introduces a new element to the economy and gives users a fun, new way to get extra money.
📷| Auto miner Last map, you could use autominer to stay online and earn money, but once you got to a certain rank it wasn’t worth using and this is why we have decided to rework the system to rebalance it and benefit everyone equally. We have added miner upgrades this season to AFK and make some extra money with no effort!
  • Miner Speed Upgrade - Increase the speed of your autominer to make them mine blocks even faster.
  • Token Greed Upgrade - Your autominer will find tokens more frequently and in higher amounts.
  • Money Boost - Your autominer will increase the amount of money it earns whilst selling blocks in your inventory.
  • Pickaxe Upgrade - You can now enchant a autominer pickaxe in the same way you would enchant a normal pickaxe.
📷 | Pickaxe Settings This feature was in massive demand last season so we have finally brought it out to you! The pickaxe settings will allow you to disable enchants on your pickaxe. To access this, simply execute the command /enchanttogggle and click on the enchants you wish to disable. If you want to enable them again, run the command and click on them again and they’ll be back active.
📷| Pets Feeling lonely? Never again with these little buddies. Collect pet eggs and hatch them to get a random tier pet. Every pet will give you a different boost and the higher the tier the better. This season are we bringing in 2 types of pets that will give either a token or money booster when having one. We have also provided 5 different rarities. These range from Common to Legendary and this impacts the size of the boost given.
📷| Private Mines We have added some new features to private mines. Permissions have been added and we have also given more upgrades allowing you to customize your private mine to your taste. The permissions we have added are:
  • Claim tax
  • Autominer use upgrades
  • Percentage of lucky blocks
  • Private Mine tax
📷| New Builds With the new season, of course, brings new builds! A new spawn has been built and implemented to fit the festive season, Snowy and Christmasy. We will go back to the original spawn once December is over. This is a dark crime alleyway spawn, but for now you can enjoy the festivity.
📷 | Aesthetic Changes Visuals are everything, we are obviously in a game. We have upgraded the spawn, announcements, vouchers, scoreboards and more help commands. In general, we have decided to take a user-friendly and modern approach to our elements.
📷 | Christmas Calendar Since we are in the December month will we this year have a daily Advent Calendar. You can claim a daily reward every day in the run-up to December 25th. Log in and claim your reward which could be tokens, a booster and some other special surprises. Claim your daily reward through the Advent NPC or by using /advent.

📷 | Misc. Updates & Changes​

Here's a list of some of the smaller things that have been added with this update.
  • You will now be able to use the [item] and [inventory] command for the gang chat, you can show off your items to your teammates only with this update.
  • If you use /tokens withdraw (amount) you will get a cheque with the amount withdrawn. We have brought this into reduce scamming and make life a little bit easier.
  • Additional server stats on the tablist.
  • Setting added to let members claim private mine tax.
  • Prison bombs updated to no longer leave TNT in the maps.
  • Upgraded the percentage of mine that is lucky blocks in private mines.
  • Color codes will be ignored in nickname lengths
  • All plugins updated to the latest versions.
  • Updated backpacks are stored.
  • Fixed problems with support for 1.13 / 1.14 / 1.15
  • Added lore onto the pickaxes and backpacks to show original owner
  • Added /compact command to compile 100 drugs into 1 block
  • Gang chat will be ignored by the chat cooldown.
  • You are now able to see your prestige within the tab list!
  • The prestiges will be colorful, within the tablist.
  • The prestige colors are customizable with each prestige.
  • Fixed not receiving tokenboosters from godly crates.
  • Seasonal vouchers have been added to the crates
  • Added permission for /ci
  • Fixed bug related to drop confirm when inventory is full.
  • Prison now also finally has added a variety of unlockable kill messages. After unlocking a kill message you will also be able to change the primary and secondary color of it! (If you don't like the kill messages do you always have the option to disable them inside /settings!)
  • Added some lore onto the pickaxes and backpacks to show who was the original owner.
  • Updated the money formatting.
  • A new seasonal crate has been added.
  • Fixed problems with chestshop.
  • Added scrolls within crates.
  • Fixed bug with the pickaxe merchant declining pickaxes
  • Added the settings to disable kill messages ( Updated version)
  • Option to make auction house differently formated
  • Setting to disable or enable afk messages
  • and more we most likely forgot to mention....
If you encounter any bugs, be sure to make a bug report HERE. We will be checking this section regularly in order to fix things as soon as possible. Make sure to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. We are always open for it as we are always looking for ways to improve our server.
Questions & Answers FAQ
We hope to see you on our new OpPrison server soon! If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we'd love to make this as good as we can.
Check the original post in
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My Offerwall Experience

My Offerwall Experience
I'm not here trying to encourage everyone to start doing the offer wall games, or start a discussion about Gumi's shady tactics. I am just wanting to share what my personal experience has been like trying to earn Visiore with the offer wall.
I started out Day 1 as a F2P, and only became a minnow to buy the daily visiore for WoL shards. It's not that I don't have the money to blow on this game. I just have other priorities that I need my income to go to, but enjoy WoTV enough to continue playing. When offerwall first showed up, I thought it was another attempt for Gumi to scam us. However after reading the thread from u/tuffymon, I was tempted to give it a try. See his threads here:
Over the course of 2 weeks, I amassed 17k visiore (with more to come) playing a total of 8 games. This additional vis allowed me to not only pull but MLB WoL within a week. As a F2P/minnow,I never thought I would be able to MLB a limited-time unit.
As far as time commitment for offerwall games, challenges generally took 3-7 days to complete and ~1-2 hours per day. The games can be divided into 3 types.
  1. Base builders (GoT, State of Survival, Star Trek) - These initially take 4-5 hours to get started, and will require 1 hour a day afterward to keep the ball rolling. Takes around 4-5 days to complete. They can be quite fun if you are into those types of games. High payout.
  2. Auto-leveling games (Idle Heroes, AFK arena) - About an hour a day for up to 3-4 days total. The game will auto generate EXP for you, and you only need to login to collect EXP and advance to a stage that will give more EXP. Easy but lower payout.
  3. Casino games (Coin Master, Pop Slots) - Except for coin master and Pop slots, very luck based. Coin Master is an easier type of casino game and i will probably finish it in less than 3 days with 30-minutes to hour each day. Pop slots is more traditional casino game, but there is a website that gives away millions of chips for free. The other games I've tried (Billionaire, Caesars) are luck based, and I'm not sure I want to continue although there is a high payout.
I have read that there have been complaints with not getting paid out for the work. So far, every single attempt has paid me ::fingers crossed:: In an attempt to avoid not getting paid I made sure to stick to certain practices.
  1. Stick to one device (non-emulator) for all offerwall games.
  2. When you sign up for a game, install and open it right away.
  3. When it's time to complete the challenge, don't have WoTV open on any other devices. Open WoTV on the offerwall device. I have always been paid within minutes of completing my challenge.
  4. If a game disappears from offerwall after signing up, the challenge is still active and pays out after completion.
My hope is that by the time the FFT part 2 event rolls around, I will have enough visiore saved to MLB another limited time unit. I really felt like I missed out when I wasn't able to pull Cid on the last FFT banner. After that I plan take a break on offerwall challenges and go back to my regular pace of playing WoTV. Offerwall games can be time consuming, but also fun and rewarding.

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b-Bets Casino €5 free bonus no deposit bonus code

b-Bets Casino €5 free bonus no deposit bonus code

Free Spins and Welcome Bonus
At b-Bets Casino, every new player receives a €5 free cash bonus without deposit. In addition, new depositors, get 100 free spins and a 100% welcome bonus. Exclusive promotion. Time-limited offer!
>> Claim Free Bonus Money Now <<

Bonus Offers & Free Bets

There are too many promotions advertised on b-Bets to go through all of them in detail, so we will focus on the available welcome bonus offers for both the b-Bets Sportsbook and the b-Bets Casino, which are available to you after your first b-Bets login.
The b-Bets Sportsbook welcome bonus offers you a 100% match bonus on your initial deposit up to €100. The wagering requirements are 8x the bonus and deposit amount – meaning if you take full advantage of the Sportsbook offer, you will have to wager €1600 before you can withdraw the full amount of your bonus. Bets made on odds lower than 1.8 will not count towards the wagering requirement, and each bet must be placed on an event with three or more potential outcomes.
The b-Bets Casino welcome bonus offers you a 100% match bonus on your initial deposit up to €250 plus 100 free spins on the Fruit Spin slot game. You will receive 20 free spins each day for 5 days; the minimum deposit for this promotion is €20. Your deposit plus the bonus amount are subject to a wagering requirement of 30x for this promotion. The pay-out is limited to 10x the bonus amount.
The wagering requirements must be fulfilled within 30 days; however, both promotions actually have a buy-out option. This means you can request a payout after fulfilling as little as 20% of the wagering requirements. For example, if your deposit and bonus came to $200 and you have now fulfilled 80% of the wagering requirement, gaining a balance of €1000 in the process, you can cash out €800 (80%), while the remaining wagering requirement is bought off.
Overall these bonus offers are above-average. They may be lower in value than the majority of offers on the market – some can earn you thousands in bonus money – but being able to request a payout without completing the entire wagering requirement is a great benefit. Also, the wagering requirements for the Sportsbook promotion are especially generous, as they are usually much higher. Read our Betway review for an example of this: the operator offers a 100% match bonus on your initial deposit up to €250, but the wagering requirements are 50x.
>> Claim Free Bonus Money Now <<

Usability, Look & Feel

Our b-Bets reviews found the desktop website design to be simple to use, even if it’s not quite the most aesthetically pleasing you’ll find. The sports section in particular is a little outdated, but there is no doubt that it is very easy to find what you’re looking for. All of the b-Bets betting markets are listed on the left, while there are icons for the most popular sports across the top; and as football is the main focus, the ‘Match of the Day’ is advertised at the top left. You can also switch between decimal, fractional and American odds on the left if you scroll down.
The b-Bets Casino has a more modern look, though it is actually split into two, with a separate ‘Slots’ section. The slot games are divided into categories such as ‘New’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Jackpots’. Under the ‘Casino’ heading, you will find ‘Poker’, ‘Baccarat’, ‘Roulette’, ‘Blackjack’, ‘Video Poker’,‘Scratch Cards’ and ‘Other Games’.
When it comes to b-Bets mobile, there is currently a b-Bets app available, but only for Android. If you don’t have a compatible device, you can simply access the site via the web page in your browser. The b-Bets mobile site has the same theme and most of the same features as its desktop counterpart. That being said, these b-Bets reviews consider the lack of a dedicated b-Bets app for iOS devices to be a problem that is hopefully resolved in the near future.


These b-Bets reviews can confirm that there are a large number of payment options available. The b-Bets deposit methods include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Sofort, Zimpler, ecoPayz, Trustly, PaySafeCard, iDebit and more. The minimum b-Bets deposit is €20; transactions are processed instantly and there are no fees. b-Bets converts all currencies into Euros at an exchange rate of the site’s choosing.
Many of the deposit options are also accepted when it comes to withdrawing your funds – just bear in mind that you have to use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals unless you get in contact with customer service. The b-Bets withdrawal times for cards and eWallets take up to 48 hours, while bank transfers have a b-Bets withdrawal time of 3-5 business days. Minimum withdrawal limits are €20; there are no withdrawal fees.
b-Bets have very low maximum withdrawal limits or €1000 per week and €2500 per month. There is also a frustratingly restrictive maximum daily net win limit of €25,000. If you feel that these withdrawal limits are just a little too low but would otherwise choose to play at b-Bets, check our 24Bettle review, as this sister site to b-Bets is very similar but instead has a maximum monthly withdrawal limit of €5000.
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Customer Service

It is our suggestion in these b-Bets reviews that you should always take a look at a website’s FAQ page before contacting their customer support. b-Bets has a very extensive FAQ section that is divided into 8 designated parts depending on what problem you are having.
If you are unable to find the answer you’re looking for on the site’s FAQ page, or if you’d simply prefer to speak to a trained representative, there are two customer support options available to you: a b-Bets live chat function and an email address. Unfortunately the b-Bets live chat is only available between the hours of 15:30 and 03:30 IST, but you will receive prompt responses within these times. You can expect a reply via email within 24 hours.
The lack of phone support is increasingly common for online gaming websites these days, though we consider it a negative aspect as nothing quite compares to the personal touch of being able to hear the voice of the representative assisting you.
You can also get in contact with b-Bets through their social media accounts, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

License & Security

And now in our b-Bets reviews, we will answer the question that everyone should ask themselves before trusting an online gaming site that they haven’t used before, especially as putting your faith in the wrong operator has proved countless times before to be a huge waste of time, effort, and hard-earned money. This question is of course ‘Is b-Bets legit or is b-Bets rigged?’
b-Bets, which launched in 2014 and is owned by Condor Malta Limited, is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. An online gaming site that holds such a license is usually believed to be beyond reproach, with little to no risk of any b-Bets scam or b-Bets fraud taking place. This is because the Malta Gaming Authority is renowned worldwide as one of the ‘Big 4’ (along with the UK, Alderney and Gibraltar) when it comes to regulatory rules and licensing standards. Furthermore, b-Bets uses SSL data encryption and a Random Number Generator (RNG); plus the site is registered with Malta’s Data Protection Commissioner.
However, the maximum daily net win limit mentioned earlier is a problem. Any win limit is considered to be extremely unfair to players, because in the event that you win more you will not receive any money exceeding the limit. There are also a few unreasonable restrictions in the Condor Malta Group’s terms and conditions that have been highlighted – particularly a clause that states ‘No withdrawals shall be accepted from the accounts if a period of three months has elapsed from when the last successful deposit was made. In such cases, a new minimum deposit will be required.’ Though not necessarily a b-Bets fraud or b-Bets scam, these b-Bets reviews regard forcing customers to ‘play to get paid’ as entirely unacceptable as a practice.
Taking everything into account, these b-Bets reviews conclude that a b-Bets scam or b-Bets fraud is unlikely, though if you are a high-stakes player expecting close to or over the maximum daily net win limit, we suggest you look elsewhere.
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Rewards & Loyalty Program

b-Bets doesn’t have the standard rewards or loyalty program you may have come to expect if you already have some experience betting online; instead, the site has its unique ‘BidBets’ auction system.
Basically, as soon as you claim your b-Bets welcome bonus you receive BidBet credits, which can be used to bid on a series of bonuses. These bonuses include deposit offers, free bets, cash back, free spins, more BidBets and money, to name a few.
Further BidBets are acquired by making wagers on both the site’s Sportsbook and Casino products. At the Casino, you earn 1 BidBet credit for every €20 you play on any slot game. You can also earn BidBet credits by playing table games or live casino games, but these have a lower ratio. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a record of the exact ratio for these games, even though the website claims that they are stated on the Casino bonus terms page.
There are constantly new items in the auction house that you can use your BidBets on, just check the ‘Trending Auctions’ drop-down menu at the top right of each page.

b-Bets Sports Betting

Betting Markets

There are fewer than 30 b-Bets betting markets available, which isn’t the greatest variety when compared to close competitors in the industry.
As well as some of the most popular sports in the world like football, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, darts, golf, ice hockey, MMA, motorsports, rugby, tennis and American football, there are also less common sports such as badminton, biathlon, cycling, futsal, Gaelic football, Gaelic hurling, pesapallo, snooker and volleyball. You can also place bets on UK and US politics. eSports options include DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six and a few others. Unfortunately, there are no b-Bets betting options available for horse racing.


While compiling these b-Bets reviews, we performed an odds comparison between this online Sportsbook and that of competitor Royal Panda, using the full-time result of the upcoming FA Cup final match, Arsenal vs. Chelsea. Here’s a breakdown:
  • Arsenal to win: b-Bets = 3.35; Royal Panda = 3.40
  • Draw: b-Bets = 3.50; Royal Panda = 3.57
  • Chelsea to win: b-Bets = 2.19; Royal Panda = 2.18
Although it’s a very close call, you can see that the b-Bets betting odds aren’t quite as good as those of Royal Panda. Regardless, these odds aren’t far from the industry leaders in the sports betting market, proving that the b-Bets betting odds are very competitive. For more details on the competitor, have a look at our Royal Panda review.
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Live Betting & Streaming

There is a moderate live betting section on the b-Bets website. The main live betting markets are football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis and eSports.
The benefits to the b-Bets live betting section include a multichoice layout and a b-Bets betting calendar, which is ideal if you’re looking to plan for future games. However, there is a huge downside in the fact that there is no live streaming available; instead, there is a ‘Match Live’ section on the right of the page where you can view a graphical representation of the action combined with in-play statistics.


As previously mentioned in these b-Bets reviews, there is a €25,000 maximum daily net win limit on all wagers.

Product Summary & Conclusion

The b-Bets Sportsbook isn’t exactly the best when compared to its closest competitors: the selection of betting markets and bet types is below-average; the maximum daily net win limit and withdrawal limits are major weaknesses, especially to big-money bettors; and there is no live streaming. The biggest upside is the competitive odds, and when combined with the useful sports betting promotions with relatively low wagering requirements, you should be able to find some use in the b-Bets Sportsbook.
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A Tour to the Moon, Part One: "Ascension"

December 31, 2019
"The Golden Grin Casino will now fund a moon landing for the new year. We'll be celebrating it by sending 3 brave astronauts, one of which is our current CEO, Mr.James Hoxworth."
Now I wasn't sure what was so wonderful about landing on the moon, but considering I've been playing poker, partying on beaches, and running the biggest casino in Vegas, it was a nice way to get away from the grind and relax. My assistant manager, Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto, tells me that there's a secret society of moon people, and that the moon isn't what it seems.
"Ah you wanker, first you tell me there's bloody fucking humanoid rabbits on the moon. Second, you tell me there's fucking people calling themselves bloody "Lunarians." Third, you tell me there's a massive metropolis on the dark side of the Moon. What's bloody next, I'm opening a Lunar casino and getting trillions from them?"
"Mr.Hoxworth... with all due respect, I don't allow myself to lie. It is against my values. The things I've said about the moon is true."
"Mr.Mikoto, please... just take this shift off and get a good night's sleep, you won't have to make it up. You've been working overtime for the last few weeks and I'm worried. Get a good night's rest, would you sunshine?"
Well, it was just me running this casino alone now for the next few days. Until GenSec escorts me to launch on a rocket and show people what we're seeing. Bloody moon people? Fucking rabbits? A goddamn metropolis on the moon? Mr.Mikoto never lied or attempted to cheat me before he brought things up related to the moon landing. I wonder if he was telling the truth, but it didn't matter, I have a casino to run, some people to scam, and some sleep to catch.
After seeing that things were running smoothly, I left for my penthouse on top of the Golden Grin itself. Taking the stairs I've hid behind the wall, I locked up the manager's room, pressed a button, and went up a few flights of stairs. I refuse to use an elevator, not after what happened at that damn No Mercy job.
Going to my penthouse, I scanned a keycard and went in. I've managed to bargain a really nice deal with GenSec, as I've embarrassed them by breaking their "impenetrable" vault, slaughtering their SWAT units, not to mention my crew's numerous robberies on places "secured" by them. I've managed to get their "Premium deal" for $8999 a month, up to the next 5 years, rather than the full $9999 they charge per month.
Getting in bed and sleeping in, I had a dream.

In James "Hoxton" Hoxworth's dream...
"There's the house, and somewhere... the rat."
Bain... I've been waiting for this day for over 2 years, the Judas bastard who ratted me, the motherfucker who let me rot in prison. I saw that Clover, shit-for-brains, and Dallas were with me. As much as I wanted to beat the Hell out of him for stealing my name, the rat can take the hits, for now...
Feeling for my shank, I was going to drink this rat's blood, and spit it out on his corpse. We all got past the outer fence, whoever this rat was, that bastard at least had a good place to die. Bain told us about a security system, I was struggling to find it, but Clover managed to find it and we checked for any guards that might of caught us.
I lockpicked the window and we quickly disabled the alarm, after wandering around for keycards and not getting caught, I saw the FBI boss. I was going to kill this guy, but Dallas told me that he might be useful alive and that our code doesn't involve killing civilians. Alas, he was unfortunately correct when we found a vault and placed the keycards in them. Bain saw a retinal scanner and told us to take the boss there.
I opted to stay there, sitting on a bed and lying on my stomach, listening to the voice of the man who betrayed me, after Dallas bound and gagged the boss, we forced him to scan his eye on the retinal scanner and I was taunting him about how he could try putting me in prison, but he couldn't keep me. The boss couldn't talk, but he probably knew I was right.
The other 3 left to find evidence and other things, but I stayed behind to see that panic room open, when I saw that door start opening, I grabbed my shank, and raised my arms up to destroy the brain of this now brainless rat. However, the world around me started to shift and I was back in my prison uniform, being escorted by rabbit girls with guns and a purple-haired chick with a yellow ribbon holding a sword to my neck.
The next thing I noticed was that I was restrained exactly like the time before my crew broke me out. After walking forward for a bit, I could hear faint drilling sounds and saw a dollar being thrown out, knowing that this was my breakout, I went for it and got kicked square in the stomach by a light purple-haired rabbit girl with a suit.
Coughing up some blood and recovering, the girl who pointed a sword at me told me to stop fucking around and get up. I knew this was breakout time, so I yelled, "It's PAYDAY fellas!"
When there was no response, I yelled, "I SAID IT'S FUCKING PAYDAY motherfuc-"
The wall besides me blew up and the sword went through my thigh, I was expecting the crew to save me, but they ended up getting restrained by a blonde haired girl with a fan.
"Hoxton... we're so sorry for leaving you behind. Please forgive us."
Those were the last words uttered by Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and my replacement before it seemed like they turned to dust and disappeared into thing air.
"Sister... we did it, we took down the filth that the Earthlings couldn't ever take down. It was easier than I calculated it to be... I honestly expected to have to fight to the last hair."
"Ahh, everything is so easy for you when you can borrow the powers of gods, isn't it Yorihime? And you've always desired a challenge from the Earthlings, they've sent their best criminals and nothing of challenge occured. Anyways, weren't you interested with this one we took prisoner?"
"Yes... a James Hoxworth, known by his alias "Hoxton," a sharpshooter known for his abilities to hunt heads and the infamous thief that went on that crime spree. I've taken a liking to him, more so that Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto has committed a massive sin against us. Hoori is still saddened by the loss, but accepts it now. It's just like when Kaguya drank that forbidden elixir. We still miss them inside, but accept that they had to die on the filthy earth."
Wait a minute... I known a Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto, if it wasn't in this fucked up timeline, he would of eventually be my assistant manager after acquiring the Golden Grin. Was he correct, that there were moon people and rabbits. And if so, there must be some sort of civilization on it.
Seeing that there was no way out of here, if I was going to rot in prison, I was going to at least have my questions answered.
I asked them, "Are you Lunarians, and if so, are we on the moon? Also, is this real or a scare tactic?"
The purple haired girl answered me, "Yes, we are Lunarians. And yes, we are on the moon. Allow me to show you our world."
Getting escorted, I saw that we were indeed not on Earth, but the fucking moon of all places. There was a massive metropolis, it was on a scale larger than that time I went to Japan for a failed business deal.
"What a fuck-tastic place... it's so beautiful. How the hell did you even build this?"
"The Lunatic Kingdom... it's been over millions of years since we first established this place. Exploiting quantum physics, enhancing our magical capabilities, having gods on our side. We've estimated humanity wouldn't be able to catch up to our current capabilities until at least tens of thousands of years."
I was taken back where the rabbits and blonde girl was. I had my restraints removed, but still had a gun pointed towards my head. A figure, with a crescent moon for a crown with some armor with moon symbols, I noticed that the 2 girls bowed down.
"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lord Tsukuyomi, the God of the Moon. These are my 2 nieces, Toyohime and Yorihime. Quite the charm, are they not."
"Yes they are."
"We will now go somewhere more desirable for me to tell my prophecies that directly involve you."
Seeing that we were in a more serene area, with something I would of seen off an ancient Japanese painting worth hundreds of millions, we sat down on a tatami mat, comfortable things, for sure.
Here are his prophecies,
  1. You will marry one of my nieces.
  2. You will attain a legendary power that I wish I could have.
  3. You will bear witness to an unexpected event.
  4. You will live here.
  5. We will meet under more desirable circumstances.
  6. You will be pure.
"But for now, I promise you, James Hoxworth. This is simply a dream, but it serves as my place to tell prophecies without having to directly intervene. Remember my words, and your reward will be greater than your casino. Goodbye."
I was sent to a room that looked awfully similar to my penthouse, then I received a kiss on the cheek from Yorihime, and then I was sent on my way...

Back in reality, January 1, 2020.
Holy shite! I woke up with a note next to my hand, with that dude's prophecies written in what, Japanese or something? Along with a sword that seemed like the ones that girl had. Whatever just happened, I was going to see if this was a scare tactic or reality.
Going to my casino, I knew now would be the least profitable time, as everyone has a New Year's resolution that they always fail. I saw Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto, it looked like he knew something was up.
"Mr.Hoxworth, how was your dream last night?"
Seeing the devilish smile and his unusual amount of calmness, I knew this guy wasn't joking. He wouldn't have a reason to put his highly prestigious career on the line for the largest casino in America.
"It was... um, weird."
"Weird, huh? Fufufu, did you see a moon god, 2 beautiful girls, and some rabbit girls?"
"Um... yes, yes I did."
"Let me fill you in on something, those girls were my mother and ex-wife, 2 "Lunar Princesses." Unfortunately I've done something to get banished from the Moon. My punishment is to rot on Earth. With nobody in to fill in that void, and the political disaster that I've left behind, only the best are allowed to marry her."
"So why the Hell would a moon god choose my sorry ass? I mean I'm pretty sure he can find better."
"Simple, I've been observing your magical energy, and it seemed that it's more than what some gods can dream of containing. You've also have a unique power that only few can hope to replicate, much less acquire. I am not allowed to tell you exactly what it is, but you'll learn with time, Mr.Hoxworth."
I reached for that note I was given from those "Lunarians," I asked Ugayafukiaezu to read them for me, since if anyone could reach those um... symbols, it was going to be him.
"Dear me, Mr.Hoxworth, it looks like you've really ascended from being an Earthling to a Lunarian. Is this the cost of my sin? Being employed by the one who will take my place, well... I deserve it."
"Anyways... I sincerely hope you had a good night's rest. Maybe tell your deity buddies to fill me in next time instead of leaving me confused and thinking their saying a bunch of crap."
Days have passed, I only had dreams of those "Lunarians" but got more details about them in more desirable circumstances. I remember seeing Bain and Tsukuyomi discuss what I used to be, and how that gave me status to their secret society stuff, or that one time where Locke wrecked all of us in golf and managed to hit a boat for once, and especially that one where Dallas told Yorihime everything about me. It was going to be one more day before I was getting launched into space, hopefully I have everything figured out.
January 11, 2020
I took whatever objects I could to get into space, they prepared food, water, and some other essentials. Even 3 Mossberg 500s were packed with us as there's been reports of astronauts being attacked, I wonder if those were the "Lunarians" that I've been seeing in my dreams.
GenSec took me on a plane to the Kennedy Space Center, as part of my sponsership with NASA, the Golden Grin will fund their projects and provide for their employees in return of giving me the pleasure of being on the moon.
Going through some boring checks and being shoved in a fucking spacesuit, making me look like a glorified Bulldozer from my first crime spree?file=Bulldozer.jpg), I was in a rocket with my other comrades. I was going to be flown off to the moon and had to do all sorts of things, but overall, if the Lunarians are real and Tsukuyomi wasn't bluffing, I was going to hopefully live somewhere better. If it was just a really massive coincidence, I was going to be the first and possibly only Golden Grin member with the privilege of saying, "I was on the moon."
And we have liftoff.
Flying in a massive hunk of steel and computers, we viewed everything, for the next 3 days, we were doing nothing productive, but I've noticed a few things. My body felt like it contained a load of magic and that I was going to be something greater. But I just played it off as over-excitement and we finally landed on the moon.
"OK... so we'll take pictures, replace the flag, and broadcast this to the whole world. It is time that we forward our knowledge of the cosmos. We have to investigate the dark side of the moon."
Doing what command wanted us to do, we were going there to forward the cause of science. I felt an uneasiness and heard an intentional static.
"Hey wankers... do you get the feeling that we're being watched by something out of this world? Like we're the ones being studied instead of studying?"
"No... why?"
"I just feel like something is off here, but let's tread on."
As my team went further to investigate the darkness, we reached a point where we noticed a sea of all things. Fucking Hell, it looks like my dreams were slowly becoming reality, we took notes until we were ambushed by a bunch of rabbit girls.
"HALT! You impure beings, you will now be detained, put your hands over your heads and stay silent. Do not attempt to move, or speak, otherwise you will be eliminated."
Son of a bitch... we had guns pointed towards our heads and I saw who looked like Yorihime there. Was this an elaborate thing set up by the FBI and GenSec to get me back in jail? Was this a well-done nightmare? Will the ZEAL SWATs going swarm me any second now? My body was starting radiate what feels like magic and my soul felt like it was starting a process to ascend, whatever this was, it wasn't going to be pretty for any of us.
Maybe I've ascended to a new realm or something... whatever this is. I'm going to do what the girl says, that's one sharp sword and I rather not see that as the last thing before my death and get beheaded.
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7 Ways to Earn LTC/Litecoin ASAP

Earning free Litecoin works similarly to earning free Bitcoin. There are several online platforms that give users free Litecoins for performing small tasks or playing online games.
Let’s explore some of the most popular ways to get free Litecoin.

Earn free Litecoin through reputable faucets

The easiest and most popular way to earn free Litecoin is through a Litecoin faucet. A faucet is a website or an application that gives users free crypto coins for completing simple tasks. These tasks are usually easy tasks like completing some captchas, viewing adverts, or playing simple games.
After completing the microtasks, the faucet will reward you with a small amount of Litecoin (Lithoshi). Litoshi is the smallest unit of Litecoin and 1 Lithoshi is equivalent to 0.000000001 Litecoin.
There are various Litecoin faucets out there, many of them being scam faucets. Before you choose a faucet platform, make sure it’s legit. Here, we will highlight a few of the most popular and reputable ones.
It is safe to mention that you should only register on faucets that integrate micro-wallets like Coinpot. Micro-wallets allow you to collect and combine faucet payments easily.

Litecoin Faucet

Just like the previously mentioned faucet, Litecoin Faucet also allows users to earn free Litecoin by solving captchas. You can earn as much as 2,500,000 Litoshis every hour with no daily limitation on the platform.
The unique feature of Litecoin Faucet is that there is no withdrawal limit. Therefore, you can withdraw any amount of Litecoin.
Faucets are sure ways of earning free Litecoin, but you have to be very careful not to fall victim to scams. Before registering on any faucet, look out for the following:
Online reviews to know if it is legit or scam.
Coinpot or Faucethub micro — wallet integration for easy withdrawal.
Deposit before withdrawal feature — This is a typical feature of scam faucets. Faucets are supposed to be free ways to earn Litecoin without any down payment.
Earnings per hour — earnings from faucets are usually small. If a faucet promises an incredible amount of Litecoin, it is probably a scam or total waste of time.
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An extensive list of features I would like to see implemented into TC2 or any future titles.

This list will consist of the beginnings of an outstanding open-world racing game from many of the features I've conceptualized. I've always had a thought/fantasy in my head of taking some of the best features from many racing games and rolling them into one fantastic game. There have been so many quirks and great things across many racing games and even non-racing games that could be implemented into other racing games to improve upon games. I think some game developers and creative directors owe it to themselves to play many other racing games themselves to draw inspiration from other games and they should directly use polls in social media to see what people want the most, so resources can be allocated in that direction. I will refer to many games throughout this as I feel a lot of racing games (and other games in general) made over the last 15 years or so have features that could contribute to the concepts that would create a great game. Game abbreviations will include MC (Midnight Club), NFS (Need for Speed), TC (The Crew) FH (Forza Horizon), FM (Forza Motorsport), GT (Gran Turismo), GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and TDU (Test Drive Unlimited). This list will not be suggesting any locations, vehicle or part manufacturers directly unless something is used as an example, this is just features that could be incorporated upon a base game. Developers will obtain whatever licenses they can and I don't see this as a thing to extensively cover. An example is that we would all love to see Toyota, but obtaining their license recently has been difficult for many companies. One thing that I can't speak of as I have no personal use, is steering wheels. I'd like to hear some feedback on how to create the optimal steering wheel experience in a racing game.
Physics: Driving physics control the entire driving experience of a racing game so these are ultimately the most important thing to get correct. There have been many games that have gotten so many things right with a mediocre or worse physics system that detracted from the experience so much that the legacy of the games it applies to are tarnished regardless of how many other things are done well, with TDU2 is a great example. Ideally, they would be on par with FH4. Some extent of arcade physics would be nice, but not to the extent of some of the Ghost produced NFS games to where there is some oddly conflicting attempt of two physics systems fighting each other to determine if you are attempting to drift or grip. There would be a difference in the feeling of drivetrains and the AWD wouldn't be dominant over RWD in paved road scenarios, tuning and efficient driving could make RWD better due to the car being lighter.
Controller mappings/settings: I will continue to reiterate the ability to customize things to the user's liking should be the biggest priority in many categories. The ability to enable and disable vibration in the handles and triggers individually would be nice. It's good to have the choice setting of linearity and inner and outer dead zones. I will be using an Xbox controller for my ideal pre mapped settings. I think FH4 has the best control scheme, but could still use some improvement (and features). To maximize the inputs available, the photo mode should be accessed through the start/pause menu, rather than having them mapped to buttons that could be useful for other functions. The standard LT brake, RT accelerate, LS steering and RS camera (with the click of it being a 180 degree look back) are a very simple base scheme. LB to use the clutch, X and B should be downshift and upshift respectable, RB for the handbrake, A for nitrous, Y for rewind, LS click for the horn, the "select" button would be for interact/map when there's nothing to interact with, left d-pad would function the same way GTA5's would regarding the radio (including holding it + RS to select a specific station), down d-pad would function as FH4 does, where you can choose telemetry or a gps assistant, up d-pad could enlarge and extend the mini-map to give an idea of what is ahead. right d pad could pull up a list of mini functions, such as blinkers, headlights, windows, convertible roof, neon lighting, engine off, hydraulics, air bags, cruise control, etc.
Map/Environment: The map can be a real place or a fictional place. Being able to visit a real place from the comfort of your home is nice, but visiting a fantasy land with no creative restrictions would be nice. Some really cool things that were imagined could happen because there is no need to resemble a real place. Day/night cycle with a weather cycle depending on which part of the map you are on, where snow can be on top of mountains. The map needs to be large, no smaller than FH4, ideally larger than the individual TDU2 maps with little to no exploration restrictions. I'd like to see a couple very long straightaways or near straightaways to allow cars to top out on speed. This could be combined with a highway loop system that can wrap around a large portion of the map. Beaches, bumpy terrain areas for intense offroading and of course tunnels for the sound of engines roaring through and echoing. A moderately large mountain would be cool for a hill climb and maybe somewhere to descend from the mountain with multiple consecutive hairpins from the mountain would be nice for drifting. I’d love for the map to have spots to evoke nostalgia for many of us that have played many racing games throughout the year, with an example being when I played TC1 for the first time and I was in LA, it brought back fond memories of MCLA. Even some areas do not have to be specific, but some areas on TC2 reminded me of the speed challenges on NFSPS. Having a/a few tuning shops across the map would be really cool, along with a few NPC cars completely RNG based on model and visual customization so that every time you visit the tuners, you see something new so the tuner feels less stale over time. Barn finds/TDU2 style wrecks. Having racing tracks incorporated into the map that are accessible while in free roam and used for races would be cool, like TC1/TC2, especially an oval track with an optional infield layout. Having a parking garage or two would be nice as you can do many things with them. I liked how there was one incorporated in MCLA and NMFSMW(2012) provided a good experience while in them. We should have a GTA5 style 48 minute irl day/night cycle with about 10 hours in game (20 minutes irl) of nighttime and 14 hours in game (28 minutes irl) of daytime to provide a balance most would find enjoyable. While viewing the full sized map in the menu, we should be able to zoom out a lot or zoom in to nearly street view, like TC2. Roads need to have believable lane width, unlike how the lanes have become wider and wider every FH installment. We should have some back roads that are very slim and have room to accommodate one car width covering both directions. Gas/petrol stations are nice to see as that is something that some games don't include enough. The planes flying in TC2 add to the immersiveness. Having an airport with a long airstrip is something that is seen as important. It was a place for people to frequently congregate in GTA4/FH2 and the lack of a nice, unobstructed airstrip in FH4 is seen as something that's a letdown. Real life traffic cars with several color options each to increase immersiveness, also cars represent surroundings (taxis in the city, utility vehicles in a rural area, etc). Having pedestrians on foot can also add into the immersive feeling, including them reacting to your presence by having dialogue and running away if you're being reckless. Some places will be in various stages of construction (similar to GTA) and over the course of updates they'll come further along and finish construction and some will become interactive spaces. Some places will also become the sights of demolition.
Camera settings: Getting the right view and feel for cameras is important to giving you the most comfortable experience to get the feel for where your car is at and focus on surroundings in the way that is desired. Importantly, having bumper, hood, cockpit (with and without steering wheel) and chase cameras is a great start. There should also be an "action" camera with additional sense of speed, sensitivity towards turns, etc. Although this isn't a racing game, Rocket League inspired me to take a deeper dive into the thoughts of camera perspectives. Adjusting RL camera settings can assist your ability to be aware of surroundings and I'm sure the same would apply to actual racing games. Settings for RL that would be nice to apply to racing games would be the ability to turn on or off camera shake upon collisions, the FOV, distance of the camera away from the car (and distance gain relative to speed, if desired), camera height in relativity to the vehicle (could be important with SUVs/trucks) and angle at which the camera points towards the ground/sky. I'd like to see settings to turn vignetting and motion blur from a 0-100% scale. This effect is often used to create a sense of speed, but is often found to be disruptive towards viewing surroundings and braking zones. As I feel this would pertain to the player's perception/camera adjustment, I think the cockpit views should contain an adjustable seat, such as TDU1. Keeping something like the drift camera for cockpit views, along with the settings they have related to it in FH4 would be nice.
User interface/HUD: I think being consistent to many other racing games would be good in many ways. Ideally, the ability to adjust which corner things are in would be the best, but if the customization wasn't an option, this is how I think it should be. Having the speedometetachometeodometer in the bottom right would be nice, along with the ability to display it in an analog or digital format, such as FH4. The map should be on the bottom left and should have two levels of details for options; one being a minimalist design with no border that gradually fades out (similar to Grid Autosport's track layout minimap, mixed with the off road icon detail of FH4). The second map option should be similar to a mixture of NFS Heat and TDU1 in terms of borders on the mini-map and detail to show side roads/terrains. The ability to adjust the map rotating or not would be nice. We should also be able to see our recent driving path in a thin line on the map, such as TDU2. The race position should be in the top right and all other race details (total time in race and sprint race % or lap count, best and previous lap) should be in the top left. Another thing that could add into the immersion would be changing the opacity of the HUD, from 0-100% so you could make it mostly transparent, but visible enough to be useful if that is what is desired. Having an odometer built into the HUD would be nice as well. Games such as TC2 have the speedometer and mini-map flipped from the standard positions and it is a minor grievance. The speedometers in non-cockpit views should be able to resemble the car's actual speedometer as seen in TDU and NFS Shift. We should be able to filter the map well when in that menu, similar to FH4.
Event Types: Blueprints (FH3), random events where you can taxi or tail someone (TDU2), Drag races with proper street light, track light or an NPC human signaling in the middle of the road making the countdown (also with burnouts like NFSPS), score based drift racing, sprint races, circuit races, speed trap races (NFSMW), pink slip and money wager races (MCLA), unordered races (MC3), rivals (FH3/4), true street races and official sanctioned races (FH3/4 and NFSH) and end the game with a goliath type of race (FH3/4). Off road racing in the form of sprints and circuits would be nice. Bringing over speed traps, speed zones, drift zones and danger signs/long jumps from FH4/NFSH would be nice. Removing the potential disruption of traffic would be nice by ghosting vehicles in these situations, as FH4 has done. A route creator along the lines of MCLA/FH4 would be nice with the ability to add/remove some objects like barriers and ramps. The TDU2 style limited time events would be cool. Maybe a certain event would be worth double money or level progression. Some of the limited time races would utilize the places being constructed and demolished.
Online Play: Free roam such as TC2/FH4 in terms of grouping with friends is ideal, but have the option to have private lobbies (up to as many players as the developers can make work) and the ability to search for public free roam lobbies based on preferences of drifting, car meets, cruising, etc. Free roamers should be able to disable or enable collisions with random players not in their group. Lacking the collisions removes some of the immersiveness and the ghosted appearance ruins things such as drifting tandems and trains with random players. Something similar to Forzathon from FH4 could help players unite and group together and optionally have something to do in the lobby every hour. Ranked and unranked playlist organization like FH4, but make completely separate on and off road playlists for online along with a voting system for the class of racing and location. Online race collision penalties and ghosting similar to FH4. Free roam quick 1v1 wager races against other players in cruises. We should have the option to play through the campaign in a cooperative fashion, similar to FH4/TC2. Cross play would be nice to implement.
Driving Features: Race Driver Grid style rewinds as they're probably the smoothest working rewinds compared to the segmented rewind system in other racing titles. TC2 back on track compared to FH4 weird reset, FRIM (TDU2)/skill chain (FH1-4) in freemode to reward in small XP/money. The ability to enable settings on a 0-100% slider would be nice as well as a detailed damage model. The ability to render in more tire smoke than other games would be nice. I'm aware it requires a lot of system resources, but I would like to see how far it could be pushed on next generation consoles/and always-improving top of the line PCs. Using the car with manual transmission would allow us to put the car in neutral. Some vehicles with visible engines/engine components have a noticeable shake while idle, so seeing that would be nice. Being able to enable/disable fuel management (both for cruising/racing) would be nice, along with gas/petrol stations to refill the fuel and nitrous (just a drive-thru required). Slipstreaming other cars will make your car faster, not give nitrous like NFS. Nitrous should slowly regenerate like NFSMW2005, where there is also a slight delay for it to begin regenerating again, unlike TC2 where it begins regenerating immediately. Difficulty settings to lower driving assistance, if desired. Wipers operating along with rain buildup would clearly add some realism. Reversing your car would add a backup camera in place of the infotainment system displaying the map until you've left the reverse gear. While driving in the cockpit, the wheel needs to be given a 900ish degree rotation from lock to lock to add into the realistic feeling of being in a car.
Non-Driving Features: Players should be able to enter their homes similar to GTA5 and TDU2 and they should be able to have a vast array of customization for their house and a trophy room, which can be earned from high tier sanctioned races/tournaments (inspired by NFL 2K5/Auto Modellista), photos taken in game can be framed and displayed around the house (TDU2) and multiple garages and garage types like TDU/GTA along with the ability to interact with and move cars around different garages and spaces within the garages. The ability to test drive any car at any level of progression and visit themed new dealerships and used dealerships would be cool (TDU/TC). Character customization would be nice to control the appearance of your character, such as a plastic surgeon and clothing stores. The ability to control blinkers, headlights, windows, convertible tops/sunroofs, neon lighting, turning the engine off, operating hydraulics and adjusting air bags. Having a large variety of standard and gimmick horns. Using horns to control police lights to flash rapidly upon the horn being pressed, along with the siren remaining operating upon letting go of the horn. The internal navigation/infotainment screens of cars show the in game map/gps (TDU2). We could see the drone from FH4 return as it’s a good way to view tricky areas and get a live view of other players without obstructing them. Wheelspins (FH4) exist, but guarantee car or money and have the potential of earning clothes as a side bonus. We could maybe have a casino (similar to TDU2/GTA5) with various attractions, such as slots, a daily wheelspin for a rotating car weekly, the ability to bet on real life PvP races that the large room would randomly put you into spectate and other casino based activities. Our character shouldn't be mute throughout the story, we should be given a few voice choices for a little more personality for our character (similar to how Saints Row operates its voices). Car clubs would be cool, similar to FH3, along with leaderboards based on the clubs. Oil changes at the performance shops and car washes would be nice. Garages/dealerships and tuning shops will have various ambient noises (hydraulic lifts, airsaws, torches, metal slamming, etc.) and subtle music.
Photo mode: This deserves its own category and also can help a company market the game by users sharing their photos if the mode allows such great photos people will be prone to sharing them. We should have a filtetime of day/weather system like TC2. The focusing and motion blur of FH4 is well executed. We should be able to zoom in and out (adjust focal length) without it altering our field of view. We should be able to apply different lens effects, such as fisheye, rectilinear, etc. The camera should have the ability to position freely, in terms of raise, lower, tilt, rotate, etc. The maximum height for the camera needs to be much higher than FH4. The camera should have the potential to be on a gimbal, so it can remain even while a car is going up and down a hill to emphasize how drastic the ascent or descent is. All these features on top of standard stuff such as exposure, saturation, etc. Also, the live rewind and fast forward again option in TC2 is amazing. It’s easy to miss that perfect single frame shot on other games, but the ability to do that solves it.
Soundtrack: It needs to be eclectic with hip-hop, rock and electronic (maybe 2 of each) like modern and classic hip-hop and rock and electronic can be split between chill and hype. Maybe we can get pop, country and classical stations? Have a mix of some lesser known songs and also some billboard topping hits. Don't have stations where many of their songs sound very similar. Something great that could be added could be Spotify integration if any company can figure it out/contract Spotify. Groove integration was a good idea on FH, but Groove wasn't successful. Having the ability to fully mute all music sounds would also be nice (unlike FH4).
Vehicles: As I said, I will not be going over brands, but I would like to see a variety of entry level cars, sports cars, super cars, hyper cars and full on race cars. Concept cars would be great, as they are seen in limited fashion on most open world titles. I'd like trucks and SUVs as well for off roading and to maintain a wide variety of vehicles on par with FH4. I’d also like to see a vehicle categorization similar to FH4 (i.e. Hypercars, classic muscle, etc.). While I'd like to see a variety of vehicle types, I'd still prefer to see quality over quantity. Each vehicle needs to be replicated well and many should have extensive customization. We should be able to favorite cars and also choose a random car (totally random or random from favorites for whatever vehicles are applicable to the given event or freeroam. We should be able to tag vehicles as designed for off-road, wet driving, drifting, drag, etc. These will just be two examples, but we should be able to provide donor cars to speciality shops and convert them into improved, rarer editions. Two conversions that I'll reference would be converting a Porsche Carrera GT into a Gemballa Mirage GT or a Mustang GT into a Saleen S302. A growing variety of vehicles over the course of time, similar to FH4 and TC2.
Visual Customization: No visual adjustments will relate to performance gains or losses (i.e. camber, wheel swaps/sizes, bodykits, etc.) other than you will need to equip some form of spoilewing to adjust rear downforce. We should be able to set wheels smaller than stock, as well as larger. Track width should be an option with multiple sliders (like NFS2015). We should be given manufacturer options for paint, wheels and interior choices, etc. (TDU2/TC2). We should be able to save paint colors (MCLA), instead of just having them in recents and eventually disappear (FH). We should be able to adjust trim as chrome, titanium, gold, black, etc. (MC3) The paint options of NFS Heat and MCLA would be nice, such as gloss, metallic flake with size options, carbon fiber varieties, chrome, matte, satin, fading from left to right as well as top to bottom and the ability to add multiple colors in a color shifting paint job (MC3), colored nitrous (MC3/NFSH), colored tire smoke (GTA5/NFSH) and backfire (NFSH), tire design (MCLA/NFSH), wide body kits (both from manufacturers and developer designed), bumpers, spoilers/wings, skirts, mirrors and fenders (non real life brands can autosculpt like NFSC). Neon colors designs and patterns (TC2/NFSH), hydraulics (MCLA) and airbags (MCLA/NFSH) Brake calipers should be able to be from brands (MCLA/NFSH) or painted (TC2). Interior parts such as steering wheels and seats (MCLA), along with materials, alcantara, suede, leather, plastic, carbon fiber, chrome, etc. (TC2). We should be able to chop the roofs of some vehicles (MC3). Cars have individual licence plates and can get multiple states/countries given they fit the spacing allocated on each vehicle for them (MCLA) Tinted headlight and taillight housings are great options along with light bulb temperatures. Although it isn’t the taste of many people, we should be able to do all kinds of unique styles, such as monster truck (or at least an extreme lift), donk, bosozoku and even NHRA style drag body modifications (with optional wheelie bar) for some of the vehicles you would see them on in real life, but modifications this drastic will impact performance and vehicle hit box/collision physics. Vinyls on widows should be a thing with the ability to make vinyls able to utilize different paint materials (NFSH). FH4 has the numerical system to mirror and scale things fairly well. I’d like to keep the placement system of FH4. Also, the FH4 marketplace to download tunes and designs is the best I've seen, so that can be duplicated. As this will blanket all of the above, some customization parts should be recommended by a popular magazine or website. MC3 did this with Dub and created a fantastic game with a lasting legacy and many of the style options were relevant when the game was released and for a while after. We should be able to adjust tire width and profile, similar to MCLA. The ability to paint engine bays and accent parts would be nice, similar to NFS UG2. Custom exhaust tips/mufflers would be something nice that many other games have incorporated.
Performance Customization and Tuning: PI system like Forza with classes (but actively tuned for balance), different turbos for rpm ranges/turbo lag, supercharger. We should have different tire compounds, even being able to set for front/rear separately. As mentioned earlier, a RWD car that is tuned well and driven well should have the potential to beat an AWD vehicle due to it being lighter. Keeping the tuning settings of what you can adjust would be ideal. We should have the ability to combine the live tuning of NFSH, but enhance it while at a test track (with an off road area in the middle) connected to the tuning shop. You can isolate many tuning options and slide them around while hot lapping. I’d like the ability to run fat rear drag tires, unlike FH4 where it’s just a tire compound.
Audio: This is something that will be very important to many, so great sounds like the noise of turbos on NFS2015 and raw engine noises of FH2 and other games held to a high standard will be important to nail. Exhaust tuning from NFSH was nice, but I would like to see a little more of a difference in the sound with this idea further improved. Getting the proper transmission noises can be useful for cars on top of just the engine noise. Tires skidding is nice noise to get correct for realism as well. Having nice ambient sounds will also be important for immersiveness, such as birds chirping, waves washing up on the beach, wind noises and great echo sounds for traveling through tunnels or densely surrounded areas, such as down a row of highrise buildings). Other than making a car sound how it sounds and making realistic sounds for the environment, there is not much more to be said. It's a moderately limited description, but still something that is pivotal.
Story/post launch content: I would like to see a sense of progression built up throughout the game by starting in a low end car as someone who freshly arrived in the are the map takes place in (MCLA), maybe the antagonist could be someone who scammed you in a previous city or dismissed your talent at the beginning of the game. For me, the outright story isn't too important, but can contribute to how much you will enjoy a racing game. Any DLC map expansion needs to be seamless and not require a separate load in, similar to Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island bridge or (MCLA South Central expansion) and unlike FH4 Fortune Island. The 1000 Club was a great thing that occurred on FH1 that would be nice to bring reason to use every car and for the 100%ers to have something else to chase. Police are something that hasn't been done extremely well in a racing only game in a very long time, in my opinion. I would ideally focus on everything else before attempting to add police in. If they were added in, something along the lines of NFSMW (2005) would be nice, but with higher stakes. We should have an end-game hero car, similar to the M3 GTR from NFSMW, but make it a car that isn't already iconic from another game, movie or real life racing, as people wouldn't think of the hero car associated to this hypothetical game, but related to whatever it was previously iconic in, as whatever work that went into making it that car would go to waste as people would want to overwrite that design. Alongside the hero car, we should also have a couple cars that are unique variations of pre-existing cars (Dub Edition cars of MCLA) for other special events (MCLA hard tournaments/FH3 street race bosses). The post-launch support needs to be good, unlike NFSH. Adding cars monthly would be a great start, along with any necessary QoL updates.
Sorry for any formatting or grammatical issues. I’d like to hear any additional features to add into racing games from the feedback of other people or changes that they would prefer. Also, if there are any ideas in here that others would like to emphasize. Any of this content is free for content creators to recycle if that is desired. I’d like to see some of these ideas be passed around and heard to developers on what could be improved upon. Many games have great ideas and I’d like to see them build off of each other’s greatness.
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Monetization problems in wiz

Spellements- Pay to win af and will become more p2w in the future. Also rank 1 and 2 spells dropped from higher lvl worlds from skeleton key bosses, like what??? They should be dropped from lord nightshade or krokopatra.
Crowns event- They're overpriced scams, with shitty rewards. Right now, theres a new crowns event that cost 30,000 crowns for a fucking emote, plus the other rewards are trash, too.
Packs- Bruh, why is there a casino in a childrens card game. We dont know the drop rates from these, which is shady. The biggest offenders are the ghultures and grizzleheim(before they were craftable) packs. Gear from them should only be for cosmetics with ok stats.
ATS suggested that they should put a tag on the drop rates and get an item on what you wanted for spending x amount of packs. They probably won't do this because they're greedy af.
Overpriced items- Theres are many items that are so overpriced like pets, gear, bundles, etc. You need to drop the price down significantly, probably like 50%, especially the crowns bundle, they're a scam to newer players and needs to be removed.
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How I earn a Full-time income online + Offers & More

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Experian - £3 - Sign up for a new account
Graze - £2.47, Order your first box then cancel when it arrives
Totally Money - £2.10 - Make an account and get a free credit report
Tastecard - £3.30 - Free 2 Months trial
Booking buddy - 2p ( Can do 3x per day ) - Make a search.
Quidco - REF ( £10 Bonus ) | NON-REF ( NO BONUS )
Bonus is once you reach £5 cashback
Azimo - £25 Cashback - Make a Minimum Transfer of £151 ( Send the transfer to your other account )
Paddy Power Games £20 Cashback - Deposit and wager £10
Panelbase - £0.80p - Create an account and do a survey ( I highly recommend using this site )
Pick My Postcode - £.80p - Create an account.
booking buddy - 2p ( Can do 3x per day ) - Make a search.
Swagbucks - REF ( Around £4 BONUS ) | NON-REF ( NO BONUS )
To get the £4 bonus you need to earn 300SB in your first month, Since the offers at the bottom I would do the two offers listed, Then make the rest up by doing 3/4 Surveys but other than this please do not waste your time on Swagbucks doing surveys, I only do them if to complete swago or if they are pretty high paying.
AyeT- CyberGhost VPN Free Trial - 54SB
Adgem - Norton VPN Free Trial - 63SB
100SB Bonus - Install the Swagbutton
Rise of Kingdoms - 4000SB - Get to hall Level 17
Lottoland - 1300SB - Click the offer and it will take you to the sign-up and will cost £1 ( Make sure auto-renewal isn't on )
GG2U - REF( I think you get $1 Bonus ) | NON-REF ( No $1 if there is a bonus )
William hill ( Find this under Gaming Offers ) - Deposit £10 and wager £10 - Around £27 Back
Normally the Gala offers pay higher but none of them are available anywhere, Normally pay around £40, on TCB or Quidco but they have no offers right now for them
Ysense - REF( Don't think there is a bonus |NON - REF
Click Offers, Then Offertory
Final Fantasy 100K Power - $10.16. I did this before and I spent £1 and completed really quickly, It was an XP reward I bought, It gave millions of Hero XP which gave enough power
I highly advise you don't waste time on this site doing surveys
Lionbridge - Like happen but this is more strict and I also found Appen paid more for the Project I am on.
Teamwork- Like Appen and Lionbridge, I have done some work for them in the past everything was fine and paid on time.
Apple at Home Advisor - Work at home Advisor for Apple. Pretty sure they send you an iMac to work on tho I could be wrong
Pretty sure Amazon has remote work also. If you google a company and then "Remote" or at home, It should let you see if they have work
I had these 3 on a list Its transcription work but Appen, Lionbridge, and Teamwork offer this and probably best going for them.
Sites/Apps that are legit + my thoughts on them
Swagbucks ( Around £4 Bonus ) | non-ref ( No Bonus )
I only do offers on here but I always check other sites before doing them to see if better paying elsewhere and I do swago when it comes up - Do not do surveys unless they are offering a few £ as they normally DQ - Only do Offers, Don't waste your time on anything else
Serpclix| non-ref
You install the plugin and it pops up with a task to search for a website... I barely use it but I would say its worth using for some extra cash ( Some users say £10-£30 a month on here )
Branded Surveys| non-ref
Had a few payouts, Too many DQ would avoid unless nothing else
Life Points
Had some decent paying surveys, But too many DQ.. I would personally avoid
Qmee ( 50p Bonus ) | non-ref ( No Bonus )
In my opinion, it's not worth the time, I do probably 1 or 2 surveys per week and I only touch the ones 75p + unless they take to long... I don't think you should focus anytime on it unless you have nothing else.
Don't waste your time, I listed an offer for it above other than them offers.. Don't bother, People only want sign-ups to this cause they pay like 15% of earnings and I think around £5 when someone reached a certain amount
SliceThePie- Don't bother, Its clearly about 10p an hour
HoneyGain ($5 Bonus I think ) | Non- Ref ( No Bonus )
It uses your unused internet in the background, it's perfectly safe personally for me I've not had much luck but it comes down to location and how many devices you are using
20Cogs ( £20 Bonus on cashout ) | Non-ref ( No Bonus )
This is legit but most offers do pay better elsewhere and you need to hit 20 confirmed cogs before they payout, I have done offers on here and have my 20cogs pending but make sure you always check other sites to make sure you are getting the most amount of profit... I mostly do offers on here that I have not seen anywhere else.
PrizeRebel - Don't waste your time.
Microworkers - Can pay decent if you can rattle off some fast task but - Its a pain to get paid, Customer service pretty much ignores you and a lot of the jobs and links are sketchy as hell
I know nothing about this stuff but you can also teach English online and get paid for it. You might need an ESL certificate. The pay is pretty decent if you can get work If this is something you are interested in I highly advise you do some research for it because its decent work
vipkid- Teach English to kids online, If you want to find more I would advise you to look through Reddit as a lot of users on here use this for work, There are more sites than just this that you can work for, I think they pay from $15-$25 per hour.
QKid- Same as vipkid teaching English online- I think this pays up to $20 per hour
gogokid- Teach English Online $14-25 per hour
There will be more sites than this but these are the ones I know of.
Amazon FBA
I don't recommend you bring crap in from china there is enough of that,,, My advise would start small, Start by Buying stock from Supermarkets or other online retailers this is called retail arbitrage and then sending that in but make sure you are allowed to sell in that category, also if your going down the video game route that you sell Used video games and older back catalog titles as these hold higher profit margins than new stock, Lego, Toys, etc are good things to keep an eye out for you can also look for this sort of stuff on the Facebook market place
There is very little profit in new stock unless you can pick it up and most of the time you'd be selling at a loss because the big retailers can sell it for the price you buy it
Use Amazons courier ( they use ups) it's like £5 to send in a 15KG Box
Get the hang of it to figure out what works for YOU! Don't follow anyone on youtube and what they say to do... Of course, if you want to make serious money which you can do, You will need to get suppliers, etc but no one will tell you where to get these, and the ones found easily through google search will make you very little if any money using... Here is also some things I recommend using ( I use them or have used them )
Barcode Scanner ( I only use my PC so need scanner )
Barcode Scanner With Stand
Epson XP-3100
FBA Labels
Bags - I use a mixture of different one but these are fine for smaller things.
You don't need to buy the best printer or anything like that these work perfectly fine... You only need that stuff if you're doing thousands of labels per day
As I said before, Don't be scared to try this its actually pretty fun and can make good money just please people on youtube UK and US, Try it see what works for you
Also Amazon handmade but I still think Facebook is a great way to start selling handmade stuff ( if its quality )
First, I recommend you don't touch anything to do with this stuff if you have any mental health problems, feel lonely, etc this can ruin your life if you go off the deep end
Matched Betting - You can make good money from this and I think everyone should do it, It's not complicated once you get the hang of it but don't use Profit Accumulator or the other one that charges £17 a month, in my opinion, it isn't worth it ... You could use something like Team Profit to get the hang of it and then take the £1 profit accumulator trial then get more info from there but cancel before the £17 month
The more money you have to do this the more you're going to make, It can be pretty slow if you are starting with a low amount of money but when you're doing these, Make sure you check cashback sites or offerwalls to see if they will pay you for signing up
People promote PA because they have a good affiliate program

Gambling CPA/RS
This is different and you need a website or social media platform, You would have deals with the casinos, Bookmakers, etc But the money, if you get it right, is absolutely ridiculous... This is why you see these guys on youtube spinning such high amount of cash on the casino, If you are good at building sites or have a boatload of cash to chuck at this
You would post them and when people sign up through your link you could be on CPA ( Cost per Acquisition ) RS= Revenue share, So you would get % of a player losses or you could be on a hybrid
This money is life-changing if you get it right but since there is so much cash it is not easy... These sites are spending 10s of thousands a month to be at the top search results.

Cashback Websites
JoinHoney | non-ref - Saves you money by searching for coupon codes, I place a monthly order on a website and it saves me between 20-40 each time, Well worth installing when you shop online
TopCashBack (£5 Bonus ) | nonref ( No Bonus )
£5 Bonus once you reach £10 payable cashback, I listed some good deals at the top of the post ( Check yourself for more on the site ) Also can save money when shopping online
Quidco (£10 Bonus) |non-ref ( No bonus )
You get the £10 bonus once you reach £5 cashback, Same as top cashback... Some offers listed above and you can also get cashback shopping online
My favorite Offer
Xendpay (£10 Bonus | non-ref( No bonus )
Sign up and Verify your account, Make a transfer of £100 and you will get £10 free.. You can just transfer the money to yourself but you will need an account that takes euros as you need to send £ to euro
Before you sign up to an offer on this sub, Please check on cashback sites to see if they pay more than a ref link, Example is the Azimo link it has been posted on this sub on the past few days, You only get £10 from that but you will get £25 through Quidco + £10 bonus if you are new to the site
There is also a scam that's posted a lot on Reddit, They claim to pay you $25 to sign up then $25 per person you sign up, This is a scam they go by a few different names sites all look the same with the same fake payouts
I hope this helps someone out.
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