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All of Bolsonaro's Men - An Explanation on how Brazil's Current Politics and why a Cabinet Meeting is now on Youtube (Part 3)

This is the final part explaining Bolsonaro's April 22nd cabinet meeting. At the end there are some final remarks, and in the comments my sources.
Braga Netto introduces Abraham Weintraub, Minister of Education
Note: Weintraub currently is being sued for a racist tweet that implied China created Covid
Weintraub: [...] I don't want to be a slave in this country. And end with this crap that is Brasília. This is a cancer of corruption, of privilege. [...] The people here lose perception, empathy, public relations. [...] We are losing the fight for liberty. This is what the people is calling for. They are not calling for more State, for more projects, to have more ... the people are calling for liberty, full stop.
Note: This right now is one of the most controversial moments of the meeting, with the Supreme Court taking legal action on what he says right now
Weintraub: In my opinion, I'd arrest all those lazy bums. Starting with the Supreme Court. [...] I notice there's many people with a personal agenda. [...] I have a bunch of lawsuits in the ethics committee of the presidency. I'm the only one here that took a lawsuit. [...] I'm really here with an open chest, as you know it, I get shot ... hate ... hate the Communist Party [Redacted]
They are trying to turn us into a colony. [...] We need to end this thing of people and privileges. [...]
Bolsonaro: Let me complement this. What Weintraub is saying - I'm 65 - we get close to people we shouldn't. I have to police myself in regards to that. It's people here in Brasília, of the three powers, that don't know what's the people. I talk to a few, don't know what's rice and beans, don't know what's a supermarket. Forgot. Think that money falls from the sky. "I have my guaranteed privileges, my 100k per month" on average, 100k per month they earn, right? Legally. And think this will never end. Like some think the liberty "What's the deal with that guy, is he crazy?" I see the oldest one here, General Heleno here. He knows what is six, what was sixty four. Many of the ones here don't know. The people that tried to get into power in sixty four, if they had arrived, we were all fucked here. Cutting ... super happy if we were cutting sugarcane earning twenty USD per month. Can't forget that
Note: reference to how it is claimed that the military did the coup in 64 to prevent a socialist revolution
Bolsonaro: We can't forget who this people is. I'll invite the ministers to go on Sunday visit Ceilândia and Taguatinga. (Two local neighbourhoods). It's an invitation, not a ... not a mission no. Invitation. To see how the guy in the corner is doing. So that some piece of shit comes up and says, right? Same pieces of shit as always "Ah but the guy broke isolation. You're giving a terrible example" Ok ... Bad example is my dick, fuck! Worst is to starve! You're in shit, fuck! Feel how the people smell, like I said, there. It's an experience for every politician to feel! Go there and see how it is. Or there's people that is, like it was, right, huh? A general in the rear letting the troops get fucked in front. No! The General is, is in the front, the colonel is in the front, the captain is in the front. Our heroes of WW2 had ahead of them a battlefield. If it was needed, I'm sure, our armed forces will do their job, but, right? We have to give an example and show what Brazil isn't - I'm less rude than Weintraub, improved a lot, right? In the language he used - but that's not what people say around. Meeting around midnight, here and there. Informations systems, mine works.
Bolsonaro: My particular one works. The ofi ... which have officially, misinform. And back to the theme, I prefer not to have information than to be misinformed by the system of informations that I have. So, people, many will be able to leave Brazil, but I don't want to leave and see my sister form Eldorado, another from Cajati, my poor brother Army captain from ... from ... from ... from Miracatu getting fucked, fuck! It's being pursued all day long! And then the shit Folha de São Paulo, says my brother was kicked from a slaughterhouse, buying meat without a mask. Proved in writing, he was in São Paulo that day. The owner of ... of restaurant of ... of ... of ... of the slaughterhouse said he wasn't there. And that's it. I know it's his problem, right? But the bullshit is the whole time to hit me, messing with my family. I already tried to change the staff of our security in Rio, officially, and wasn't able to! And this ended. I'm not going to wait to fuck my entire family, of bullshit, or friends of mine, because I couldn't switch someone from our frontline security in our structure. It'll switch! If I can't switch, I'll switch his boss! Can't switch his boss? Switch the minister! Full stop! We're not joking here
(note): the minister and one of the bosses mentioned here are Ramagem and Moro
Bolsonaro: And then some kid shows up, with - all due respect - the one from BNDES, ok? I met him when he wore shorts, and ... Fuck, he came from the United States over here, could very well be there. Came here to try to change Brazil invited by Paulo Guedes, who is a friend of his parents. Coincidence, isn't it Paulo Guedes?
Bolsonaro: I don't think so. .. I don't remember your parents, I remember you, fuck! All right? But it's someone I'm investing here. And all of those have to think about this.
What these sons of bitches want, huh Weintraub, is our freedom. Look, how it is, how easy it is to impose a dictatorship in Brazil. How easy it is. Everybody is home. This is why I want, the Justice and Defense Ministries, let the people be armed! It's the guarantee that some son of a bitch won't show up to impose a dictatorship here! How easy it is to impose a dictatorship! Ridiculously easy! Some bullshit mayor makes some bullshit decree, handcuffs, keeps everybody home. If they were armed, they would go to the street. If I was dictator, right? I'd want to disarm the population, like they did in the past when they wanted, before imposed their respective dictatorship. Then, what's our demonstration, I ask Fernando (Minister of Defense) and Moro that please, sign in the Executive Order today and I want to give a bitch of a note to these pieces of shit! Because why am I arming the people? Because I don't want a dictatorship! There's no way to hold back! Right? No way to hold back.
Yeah, who won't accept my flags Damares: "family, God, Brazil, guns, freedom of speech, free market". Who won't accept this is in the wrong government. Wait until twenty two, right? Your Álvaro Dias. Wait for Alckmin. Wait for Haddad. Or maybe Lula, right? Go be happy with them, fuck? In my government it's wrong! It's make the armament question obvious here. I want everybody armed! The armed people will never be enslaved. And that each one does, does your job. Expose yourself. Here I already said: you'll lose the ministry if you get spoken positively by Folha or by Globo! By Antagonista! Right? So there are some blogs there that only have good news from the ministers. No idea how! The president ... takes a beating, but the minister is congratulated. And then we see around. "Ah, the government is, the ... the ministry is doing well, although the president." Go fuck yourself, fuck! I picked the team, fuck! We switched five. Hope I won't have to switch anybody else! I hope! But we have to, in Weintraub's line, in a more gentle way, right? It's ... caring about this. What the guys want is our hemorrhoid! It's out liberty! This is a truth. What these guys did with the virus, this piece of shit governor of São Paulo (João Dória), this shit from Rio de Janeiro (Wilson Witzel), amongst others is exactly that. Made use of the virus, there's a piece of shit mayor in Manaus now, opening mass graves. A piece of shit. Who doesn't know his history, try to learn, which I met inside the House, with him next to me! Right? And we know the ... his ideology and what he preaches. And what he always was. It's what ... he's making use now, of a climate like this, to bring terror to Brazil. Right? So people, please, care about was important with everybody's life, what is your liberty. An arrested man is worth shit.
(note: the mayor of Manaus, Artur Virgílio Neto is the son of Artur Virgílio, a Congressman who was exiled and stripped of his position after the military shutdown the Congress under accusations of being communist)
Braga Netto introduces Paulo Guedes
Guedes begins by presenting a more moderate stance. Saying that although they are breaking of from the establishment, they need to work together to pass the reforms. He then mentions a conversation that he had with the G20 Ministers of Economy and the BRICS. Also mentions the pension reform and how it passed in contrast to France. "Now, the same thing, I've been saying: we are deepening the reforms, we are continuing, we are following". Followed up by saying how he doesn't believe in dogmas, how Brazil was heading in a strong direction, but suddenly crashed. Brazil was one of the first countries to prepare to alleviate the crisis financially, and in his opinion, it's only worse than the United States because Powell and the Fed put out money to help keep markets afloat. Also of note is that part of the economic recovery plan involves unconventional methods, like allowing taxes to be paid later while moving forward government benefit payouts, as they were limited by the constitution. It's been planned to cost around three hundred and something billion, last deficit under Temer was around one hundred sixty. These plans reach seventy million Brazilians. "We made a banking committee, we are there with Montezano now doing exactly the restructuring. There won't be easy work for airlines, none of this. We are putting in money, and it's going to work using the best financial technology available. We are putting in money, and it's going to work and we are going to turn a profit. We are going to turn a profit using public resources to save large companies. Now, we are going to lose money saving small companies. Guedes insists the necessity to continue with the reforms mid pandemic, using the bailouts to reform the economy. "A Marshall Plan per year". Insists on lowering interest rates, and blocking government raises for two years. In his own words, you can't impeach if you're going by the book. "And the president is in the future, because the president said the following: ok, there's the first wave, which is health, but there's the second one that's the economy, and one follows the other. We are still trying to leave the first ... and the second is trying to arrive. I still think we are preserving the vitals of the Brazilian economy". He mentions how the economy will likely be held by the expected large soy production and new logistic projects. A mention of China is also present, as for every USD exported to the US, Brazil exports three to China. Mourão and Guedes talk about this, but it is redacted. In Guedes' words, "We are going to sell our soy to them This we can sell as much as we want. They have to eat, they have to eat. India also needs to eat, they'll need water. They'll say it's the best water trade. Strangely, it's also suggested to have a mobilization of the Young Apprentices Program working with the military, as they could be paid with government spending. He criticizes Damares for being against casinos, mentioning Macau. In his own words "the president speaks about liberty. Let everybody get fucked the way they wan't. Especially if he's overage, vaccinated, and a billionaire. Let him get fucked, fuck!" Also mentioned is a meeting with the US Ambassador, who says there is a few hundred billion dollars earmarked for investments in Brazil, but dependent on a good business environment. "Simplified taxation, juridical safety". He also recommends signing the General Purchase Agreement, and joining into the OECD to allow for more government transparency, allowing for improved trade. Bolsonaro then says he has Trump's support. Guedes disagrees "we can't lose the opportunity of having the president being this friendly with Trump".
Tereza Cristina (Agriculture) speaks briefly about how countries are shifting to have government stocks of food post COVID. Currently Brazil is not self sufficient in wheat production, most of it is imported from neighbouring Argentina. Of course, funding is an issue, but there is two million acres set aside in the Matopiba region ready to invest in. 9% interest rates are an issue according to her.
Bolsonaro asks if the Banco do Brasil (another one of Brazilian Government Banks) can help
Guedes intervenes "Banco do Brasil is neither an armadillo or a snake. It's neither private or public. If you pressure Rubem (head of the bank), poor him. He's super liberal, but if you pressure him and he says "lower the rates", he goes "I can't or else the team, the private, my minoritaires, pressure me". Then if you say "put interest rates high", he goes "I can't or else the government pressures me". Banco do Brasil is a ready case to privatize. It's a ready case and we aren't doing this step. Have you sir noticed that the BNDE and the ... the ... the Caixa which are our, public, we do what we want. Banco de Brasil we can't do anything and we have a liberal there. So we need to sell this shit fast.
Bolsonaro makes a quip about Rubem not being invited to the next meeting. Rubem explains how even in the changing situation Banco do Brasil has expanded loans, and the bank doesn't have liquidity issues. At the same time, the bank handles the payments for public companies and the military, which are more stable than private companies. Guedes makes a joke about him to "confess his dream". In Rubem's own words "In regard to privatizing, it's clear that with BNDES taking care of development and Caixa with the social needs, Banco do Brasil would be ready for a privatization program, right?" It is then highlighted that Banco do Brasil has some clear advantages, which would have to be sorted out by the public status. Judicial deposits and government payments would usually be handled by either Banco do Brasil or Caixa, now it's a public competition. The bank is no longer competitive in these sectors. "Then you only keep the bad sides of being a government company. We don't have the same ease in hiring, we don't have the same ease in firing bad employees and ... and ... and ... so forth". He follows with a few closing statements, about how he has to present all documents to the government comptrollers, and Covid perspectives.
Braga Netto closes off the meeting.
A few takeaways
While the meeting was to debate the Pró-Brasil recovery plan, it ended up being more focused on Bolsonaro's gripes with his ministers.
Bolsonaro has strengthened himself in this, as it shows he's still going strong in his position. This is both in the campaign promises and the way he has been underplaying Covid. What he says in the video is suspect, but is nothing that can be used as clearcut evidence in an impeachment trial. The Supreme Court has also subpoenaed his phone, but still has not reported on anything.
Moro is likely the biggest loser in this. While there is evidence Bolsonaro changed command of the Federal Police for political reasons, there is still a degree of reasonable doubt. This meeting was not the silver bullet he expected. Within the Brazilian right wing, he's now seen as a traitor to a degree. Populism is a hell of a drug.
Salles is one of the losers. Supporting the using the Covid news cycle to roll back environmental regulations is not a good look, especially when you're the first one to talk. There is now a movement to impeach him.
Damares is another loser with this. Threatening to arrest governors due to human right violations was a bad move. Luckily, her ministry has little to no legal strength, and thus, is mostly an empty threat.
Guedes on the other hand, has returned confidence to investors. While Brazil may have no clear plan to deal with Covid medically, it has a plan to deal with it economically. At the same time, there's the favorite word of a Brazilian investors - privatizing. The BOVESPA index has shot up from around 82000 points on Friday to 85400 by Tuesday's close.
Weintraub now has a bad look. From having to deal with a racism case, he know is having to explain his threats against the Supreme Court. Outside of Bolsonaro's circle there is now pressure for him to resign or be sacked.
Another loser, out from left field has been Bolsonaro's head of security, General Heleno. After reading the news of Bolsonaro's phone subpoena, he has stated there will be "severe implications for Brazil's democratic institutions" if Bolsonaro's phone is analyzed. Many have considered this to be an overt coup threat. He is now facing possible impeachment.
Teich, which resigned after the meeting has gone through relatively unscathed. With a simple, stump speech on how Brazil can only leave the distancing after it has the virus under control and how testing must be expanded. Of note is mentioning how a plan to ease restrictions is being created. Given how there has been an expanded focus on creating medical capacity instead of waiting for the virus, it is likely that restrictions would be modified to a looser system, closer to that of Sweden.
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The Abridged Biography of Mr. House, Part 2 (The Last Part)

Don't mind me, just carrying on from where we left off.
11) The House Always Wins, Part 1
From this point onwards, we’re going to assume the Courier sides with House, purely because House…well, he dies in all other scenarios. House may now have electricity, an income and a plan, but he’s still weak as hell and still living at the mercy of the NCR, with no real power in the grander scheme of things…yet.
The year is 2281. The Platinum Chip, formerly buried in the Ruins of Sunnyvale, is now within spitting distance of Vegas. House is aware of the Yes-Man AI, but doesn’t know how it is stored, nor who it belongs to. He is aware of Benny’s treacherous nature (hence never allowed him into the Lucky 38), but is underestimating it. And that’ll be to his detriment. Like some grand relay race, the Courier is employed to be the anchor leg that finally carries House’s one-of-a-kind USB home.
The timing couldn’t be better. Knowing how little power he actually has right now, House has been refusing to attend diplomatic meetings with NCR Ambassadors, knowing it could end only in him giving concession after concession until he loses all hope of ever attaining his independence. But, of course, NCR attains what it wants in one of two ways:
a) taking it by force,
b) reasoning it under their control.
And House knows he’s made himself very difficult to reason with. Although he wants the NCR to win against the Legion, he cannot allow them to do so on their own terms…or else he’d be next. And he cannot make the NCR win on his terms until he has his Chip back.
Perhaps he could have attended the meetings, made the concessions, became an NCR citizen, ensured his safety under NCR that way, rather than continue to risk himself for a greater vision. But House’s vision is all that motivates him to stay alive at this point. He’d rather risk death than abandon his plan for Earth. It’s why he throws his life away trying to kill you if you destroy the bunker beneath Fortification Hill. Without the means to defend what he needs for his plans, he may as well let himself die.
Anyways, House screens the Courier’s approach to protect them from raiders or tech-hoarders…but doesn’t count on Benny having access to Yes-Man. Nor does he count on having missed a section of Vault 21’s tunnels, allowing Benny to sneak out undetected. This results in his Courier being shot and his Chip, already 200 years late, was further delayed.
A Securitron controlled by House’s “Victor” AI, however, was ordered to inspect the crime scene once Benny departed. He found the Courier barely alive and carried him to a nearby doctor; one who had left Vault 21 many years ago…
The Courier lived to carry out their task, with House monitoring and protecting them as much as possible through Victor (but also holding Victor back where he feels it is necessary, such as the gunfight at Goodsprings). Later in this quest, we can see an unusual amount of cultural sensitivity from the aloof House; he helps you capture the Platinum Chip not by sending in Securitrons (brute force), but rather by playing on the Chairmen’s sense of honour, instructing the Courier to convince Swank of Benny’s treachery. Assuming Benny doesn’t con the Courier thereafter, this plan goes off without a hitch. The Chip is returned.
Why House admitted the Courier into his casino when no one else had been allowed to enter in centuries is a bit of a mystery. If you’ll allow me to speculate, it could be that House identified with the Courier, who survived terrible odds to fulfill their contract, and felt some kinship with them due to that. House’s ethics only really go as far as his contracts do, and he likely appreciates a Courier who works so hard to uphold theirs where no one else would.
Or maybe House was desperate, and figured someone would break in to kill him eventually (maybe not Benny, but NCR would have the ordinance, and Legion the cunning to do so). So perhaps he felt the Courier, as the most recent arrival to the Mojave, was the most trustworthy person he could select. A long shot, to be sure, but such was his life after the War began.
Anyways, House now has his Chip back. This is where the fun begins.
12) The House Always Wins, Part 2
We’ve already talked about the nature of the Fortification Bunker, so here I’ll speak of what the Mk II Upgrade means for House’s Securitrons. It means all the assets around Vegas – the assets House was likely aiming for in the first place – can now be defended by him directly. Hoover Dam, HELIOS One, REPCONN, and so forth. Vegas and the settlements around it can be protected and the Bunker ensures he has the numbers to do so.
But, for now, House doesn’t use this. In order to force a clean rout from the NCR (as opposed to a bloodbath), House must catch them completely off-guard. To that end, he must continue to appear as weak as he was before acquiring the Chip, conserving his forces for the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and thereafter. Activating his whole army before then would be far too conspicuous and only serve to complicate matters.
But when the iron is hot? House plans to use his improved and enlarged robot army to raze Caesar’s camp to the ground, flank and eradicate the Legion, take Hoover Dam, Outer Vegas and HELIOS, force a withdrawal from the NCR…and protect Goodsprings, due to the selfless assistance they provided his Courier. Determinantly, he may also make a move on Primm if it proves itself to be highly annexable to foreign powers
The Securitrons are an army that never hungers, never tires, never sleeps and almost never dies. Armoured second only to the Brotherhood of Steel. Enduring second only to the Ghost People. Each one has the capability to engage squads, vehicles, aircraft…as House said himself, “Vegas will finally have soldiers worthy of protecting it.”
13) The House Always Wins, Part 3
We don’t have a lot to say about House and the Boomers. His ending slide with them is the only one that doesn’t explicitly say the Boomers violently kept travelers out of their home. Make of that what you will.
In any case, it’s artillery – a powerful defensive/ siege asset - to combine with his robots (another powerful defensive/ siege asset).
Perhaps it’d be better to speak of the Kings now. House is infamous amongst us for wiping out the Kings in 66% of the outcomes where the player personally let them live. This leaves a bad taste in our mouths and for good reason – it is by far the darkest mark on House’s character that we see all game. I cannot justify it. But I can try explain it.
The Kings rose to prominence as a de-facto government and police force for Freeside after House pulled his personnel back onto the Strip. However, true to Elvis, they are rather rebellious. They care little for “The Man” and everything for “The People”. House is THE personification of “The Man”, and thus represents the Kings’ ideological opponent. Although House does care for the people in the long-term sense, he’s ice-cold and operates from a high-horse of sorts (not that he really has much choice anymore). This contrasts with the Kings, who help their people baby step by baby step, as equals.
House would find the Kings to be idealistic, but backwards and ineffectual. The Kings would find House to be pragmatic, but too much of a control freak. Whilst House allows many freedoms, his core directives as an employer are non-negotiable; His directives thus feel more like ultimatums at times, which is something the Kings find abhorrent as shown in Kings’ Gambit if you get Colonel Moore to back you - They’d rather die than accept an Ultimatum.
Remember that the Kings as a whole are a rainbow of different tribals who refused to work for House, but also refused to leave Vegas and thus suffered for it. They’re mostly hooligans who occasionally do good things for their community under the direction of a compassionate man. Yet, as we see with the handling of the local water pump, their morality is strained when resources become scarce, just like many other factions of note. Still, they are the Chaotic to House’s Lawful.
It’s thus no surprise that fighting breaks out when House chooses to move back into Freeside after a few years. The only way they live is if they decide to take revenge against NCR troops and squatters during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, wherein House deems an occupation of Freeside to be unnecessary. Sadly, that only happens if the Courier does something truly, truly awful first.
This is honestly the only regret I had during my House playthrough.
14) The House Always Wins, Part 4
Contrary to popular belief, House isn’t blind to the events on the Strip (Vulpes was a necessary part of the plan to get the Courier into the Fort Bunker for House anyways).
At this stage, the Courier has proven themselves trustworthy. In addition, they’ve either proven themselves an exceptional diplomat (earned the love of a paranoid, isolationist faction armed to the teeth with rockets and artillery) or a thorough and talented killer (wiped out the paranoid, isolationist faction armed to the teeth with rockets and artillery). House would prefer the former, but isn’t too against the latter (by his own words if you do kill off the Boomers). At any rate, the Courier is given a list of leads and is told to investigate the Omertas and – if it turns out they threaten the Strip – either wipe them out, or regain their allegiance through a change in management. House admits by his own word that Vegas is only his because he worked to put himself in a position to bargain for it. He won’t let anyone – not even the supposed “elite” of his ventures – jeopardize his work.
He saw Benny coming, only miscalculated how/ when it would happen. He sees the Omertas coming, and sends the Courier to check on them before anything can happen.
The only thing on the Strip that slips by House without the Courier’s intervention are the White Gloves returning to cannibalism, although that may have had something to do with the fact that their highest ranking member was opposed to returning to those ways and generally punishes cannibalism with death, only reconsidering if the Courier decides to sneakily feed one of their friends to them.
“Anyways, moving on.”
15) The House Always Wins, Part 5
This quest marks an interesting turning point in House’s ventures. It’s the first time House explicitly instructs the Courier to destroy another faction’s hold in the Mojave without accepting any other alternative, standing in stark contrast to the general hands-off approach he usually takes. Sure, the overall directives were still absolute before, but methods and outcomes were generally open to discussion. But not now. He only does this when he feels exceptionally strong about something. In this case, it’s the Brotherhood of Steel. And boy does he hate them.
He is dismissive towards the NCR.
He is derisive towards the Legion.
He hates the Brotherhood of Steel.
But why?
House calls them terrorists. From the context of a Fallout 3 Player, that’d sound absurd. From the context of a Fallout 1 or 2 player, it’d still sound a little odd, but at least somewhat credible. From the context of someone aware of the Brotherhood War, it makes perfect sense. For those of you who don’t know, it went something like this:
*Just the Brotherhood Now: Hey, what are you doing?
*NCR: Oh, just taking some Enclave tech to study. Gotta increase our Science production.
*BoS: Good. That stuff is mine. Because we trust you so much, we’re going to assume you’re going to just hand it right over to us now.
*NCR: Um, it’s not yours. Anyways, why don’t you want us have it?
*BoS: Because we don’t actually trust you.
And with that, the BoS declared war on the NCR. With superior weapons and armour, the BoS was initially doing rather well, but in the long run the NCR began to cream them because NCR is an actual country with its own infrastructure and logistics. BoS are all crazy-isolationist and thus struggled to replenish numbers. Despite being able to take on many NCR troops at once, the loss of each Paladin set the BoS back immensely as they’d also often lose not only the Power Armour (s)he was wearing, but also a vital splash of their gene puddle. Conversely, the loss of an NCR trooper, or even a dozen of them, had little larger impact on the nation-state as a whole.
Feeling salty from their losses, the BoS did the only thing that made sense at the time.
*BoS: Hey NCR, nice gold reserves.
*NCR: Thanks…?
*BoS:…be a shame if something happened to them.
And with that, the BoS singlehandedly caused the NCR’s economy to tank by irrevocably destroying the gold backing their currency. In other words, Chomps Lewis suffers because some dudes who wear metal got triggered over who gets to keep the Enclave’s toaster. The NCR responded by angrily storming BoS bunkers wherever they could be found. The Brotherhood War still rages to this day, but has now mostly devolved to cat-and-mouse games.
Why is this relevant to House? Consider how dependent he has been (and will be) on the strength of the NCR economy to fund his ventures – without customers, he has no income. No income, no means to recover some of the little resources remaining that are needed for his plans. Consider the extent to which the BoS trashed NCR’s economy. Consider now that the BoS also claims that their goal is to prevent another Nuclear Armageddon. Finally, consider that the BoS displayed total ignorance in what caused that Armageddon in the first place by utterly destroying (or fanatically hoarding) resources on a world that has already almost killed itself over a lack of resources.
The BoS are not only hypocrites. They’re stupid.
And that’s why House tells the Courier they should be killed for being “Ridiculous!” Their ridiculousness gets other people (and even themselves!) killed quite often. As for them being labelled as “terrorists”? If the bombing at Redding wasn’t enough, we get a delightful insight into the matter from Christine Royce.
Bear in mind that she is not only a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, but also a member of the Circle of Steel. This means she represents the BoS’ sense of justice. Remember that.
When we meet her, she had just emerged from an Auto-Doc that had been constantly operating on her without her consent. By listening to the operation through her collar, we hear saws buzzing and frantic breathing, pounding. The procedure of replacing her vocal cords had been happening, over and over, for two weeks. Christine’s traumatized enough by the experience that she palpitates near not only other Auto-Docs, but near any dark enclosed spaces that make funny sounds.
She assumes Elijah trapped her there, and uses that belief to fuel her desire for revenge. If you convince her that Dean did it (which he did)? She forgives Dean instantly, assuming you were nice to her earlier. Why?
“I've... done worse. Much worse... and for more hopeless causes, and I will again.”
Holy cow. Worse than two weeks of non-consensual surgery without anesthetics for most of it? And she’d do it to others again? And she represents the BoS’ sense of justice? Holy cow.
Whether it’s fitting bomb collars to unfortunate prospectors and sending them against elite NCR troops their Paladins are too afraid to fight themselves (which happens if you find their bunker early on without Veronica) or bravely massacring clinics (determinant outcome in I Could Make You Care), the Brotherhood shows itself to be very, very dirty.
And unlike many other factions like NCR, House or even Legion (none are spotless, but I personally detest the third one for Caesar’s rampant Revisionism, amongst other sins), the sketchy things BoS do does not even come with the promise of a future.
Aside from the odd Radical like Elijah, they don’t advance. They steal pre-existing tech and coast off of it, with no real plans to improve. They don’t grow. They only hoard. House, as a self-made man, likely finds that disgusting. House didn’t even inherit his family business. He had to found his own company, build it up from nothing and then buy the family business out.
The Brotherhood? They’re Pre-War military deserters (and their descendants) who used the materiel they stole to go ahead and steal more shit, using the massive initial tech gap between them and the average Wastelander to push people around so they can keep stealing even more shit, THEN act like saints when/if they decide to share some of what they stole with the outsiders they stole from. They treat their man-written Codex as divine scripture and use it as an excuse to not think.
In the same way that Followers of the Apocalypse (who are also dedicated to preventing another Armageddon, by the way) see through the façade put up by Caesar, so does House see through the façade of the Brotherhood. He knows their history too well to buy into their rhetoric.
Using his knowledge of the Brotherhood War, House recommends you defeat them by activating the self-destruct mechanism (another product of the Brotherhood’s great wisdom) installed deep within the Mojave BoS’ bunker before they try repeat their follies upon Vegas. Because this mechanism is activated deep within the bunker, it can be safely assumed that if the Courier gets out in time, everyone else could have too. But they don’t.
Darwin is vindicated once again.
16) The House Always Wins, Part 6
Ironic, isn’t it? A foreign power wants your head on a plate, but here you are protecting their Head of State. House is aware of Kimball’s unpopularity – both within and without NCR territory - and knows how quickly martyrdom could change that. According to projections, Legion had an 83.75% chance in succeeding with their assassination attempt. House didn’t want them to succeed.
Intending to build a positive special relationship between NCR and the future New Vegas FEZ, House sends the Courier to protect Kimball from Legion assassins (so Kimball will be blamed for the inevitable NCR retreat from the Mojave rather than Vegas). Here, he’ll show appreciation to a Courier with powerful NCR relations or utter scorn towards a Courier who alienated them already.
Through dialogue, we know House is beginning to drop hints of his power by sending and controlling one of his Securitrons as far as Hoover Dam in order to prepare Ranger Grant for your arrival. We also find out that House hates having to wait and see what happens. Although he is hands-off, he prefers being able to influence events rather than watching them pan out helplessly (as he has been forced to for so long).
The President’s safety now delegated, House turns his thoughts towards Hoover Dam. At this time, despite NCR Engineer Lawson’s best efforts, the Dam is not operating at full power. House will change that…just not yet. Not until it is uncontestably his.
17) Wild Card: Finishing Touches
This isn’t a House quest, but it gives us an important insight into his character.
“Well, some of Mr. House's projections predict a ‘moderate probability of civil instability subsequent to the NCR being driven from the Vegas region.’ One of the ‘mitigating contingencies’ he planned was to enlist the Followers to provide increased medical aid throughout the region. Just seems like it might help keep things stable when we go independent. Not that I know what I'm talking about!”
No matter what you think of the NCR, it can’t be denied that they have helped bring relative stability to the Mojave. House isn’t oblivious to this, and is aware of the problem involved in making the NCR military withdraw. His response, according to the far-too-nice-yet-honest Yes Man?
Fund the Followers and spread their humanitarian efforts across the Mojave. You’ll never hear about this if you play through House’s questline. You won’t even hear it from Yes-Man if you only betray House at the last minute. The implication there is that House successfully enlists the Followers, THE most selfless and humanitarian group in the setting, without the Courier’s help.
And he doesn’t even make a PR stunt out of it.
The implications of that are enormous.
This was only “one” of the contingencies he planned, too. Makes you wonder what else House put in place to ensure Mojave stability after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.
Anyways, it kinda explains why Arcade feels “disillusioned” with the Followers in his peaceful “Stay in Freeside” ending, since his own feelings about House are less than positive.
18) The House Always Wins, Part 7
The Second Battle of Hoover Dam is looming overhead. With General Oliver’s tunnel vision becoming ever more acute, House sees his time to shine. A human agent is sent to Eldorado Substation to reroute some power from NCR-designated locations to the Lucky 38, jumpstarting its long-dormant reactor. With the Mk. 2 OS upgrade installed, it was now safe for the reactor to operate indefinitely. And so it was done. Vegas now has all the power it could ever need, completely independent of Hoover Dam, Eldorado or even Helios One…but the power generated by those amenities will be needed for other purposes.
19) All Or Nothing
“Perhaps you feel my ideals are unrealistic dreams, but I prefer to think of them as long-term goals of the highest order – goals that transcend generations. Yes, they are far too mammoth for the years of any mortal –of any of us- but we lay the foundations anyways. Nightmares may happen on their own. What we do now may be the only way someone sees good dreams realized within their lifetime.”
Centuries of preparation, waiting and recovering has now come to a head. The plan that was meant to commence before the Great War would soon continue. Whilst Legion and NCR fight over the Dam “like two dogs over a rib – perhaps of their master, long dead…”, House’s agent, escorted by a Securitron, begins the task of infiltrating the insides of Hoover Dam.
Just like for the Eldorado Substation, House gave them an Override Chip (which he had made Pre-War) to allow them to reroute power. This time, it’d be a massive jolt to wake up the Dam entirely…not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of armoured robots waiting beneath Fortification Hill.
House confirms the scope of his ambitions by not allowing Hoover Dam’s generators to be destroyed – unlike Yes Man, he does not give that option, even though he really doesn’t need the Dam for Vegas. House’s dreams go beyond merely keeping his city to himself – it’s just a means to another end.
Upon rerouting the power, House prints the NCR’s terms of surrender, intending his agent to pass it along to them once the Legion is dealt with. Whilst the NCR is still battling on their half of the Dam, House has set Caesar’s camp ablaze, small groups of Securitrons cutting swathes through Legion Centurions with rocket and grenade bombardments.
For those of you who haven’t read those terms, it can be summarized as this:
There’s a lot of debate over whether the initial prices set (5 caps per gallon of water, 5 caps per kw/h electricity) are fair or not. YouTuber Oxhorn made a noble but ultimately laughable attempt at trying to deduce this. By in-game standards, 5 caps for a gallon is great considering less water than that normally costs at least double those caps, if not more. If we go by the thought that 1 cap = 1 bottle of water (according to an old practice amongst the Hub’s Water Merchants IIRC), it’s less great.
Either way, it doesn’t matter. The fine print means House can change the prices whenever he wants, and according to JSawyer, he wants to play economic hardball with the NCR. He doesn’t want them to collapse, but after winning an event ironically mirroring the original USA's Independence War, he’s still going to charge them as much as he feels he can get away with.
20) Conclusion
And that’s that. House either succeeds in taking the Dam, or he dies long before. “All or Nothing” indeed. It should be worth stating that House’s dreams of achieving interstellar colonization is, ironically, something of a gamble in itself. Either his exploratory ships succeed and he hits the metaphorical jackpot, revealing staggering resources with which to truly revitalize Earth…or they fail, and House would’ve simply sent vital resources and personnel into the void to be lost forever.
Until then, Vegas will “continue to be the sole place in the Wasteland where fortunes are won and lost in the blink of an eye.” Things will be stable, if not always warm. I am sorry if I came across as too aggressive at any point. I believe all endings are valid (except the Legion as it’s presented), but House provides the safest long-term solution. In the end, you must decide if the suffering he allows in the short term will be justified by the long term security/ prosperity he is capable of providing.
You must also decide if his shortcomings justify his death. My objective was to make an attempt at writing the outline of House’s life from beginning to end. I hope you enjoyed!
Now, to end this in true Mr. House fashion:
“/// Will revise and finish this up later. Have set the age at death to update automatically. Obit makes salient points but "pearls before swine," of course. Let's hope the ingrates never have cause to read it. Who knows how many of them are even literate!”
You’ve been wonderful readers! Thank you and goodnight.
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